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Tag: Roaring Brook Baptist Church

Black Collar Crime: Pennsylvania State Police Raid Roaring Brook Baptist Church on Allegations of Misconduct

Roaring Brook Baptist Church

The Black Collar Crime Series relies on public news stories and publicly available information for its content. If any incorrect information is found, please contact Bruce Gerencser. Nothing in this post should be construed as an accusation of guilt. Those accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.

Pennsylvania state troopers raided Roaring Brook Baptist Church in Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania as part of an investigation into “allegations of misconduct within the church.” Dan Brubaker is the pastor of Roaring Brook Baptist.

Bob Kalinowski, a reporter for The Citizens’ Voice, writes:

State police on Wednesday raided a Hunlock Creek church as part of an investigation into “allegations of misconduct within the church.”

Police served a search warrant at Roaring Brook Baptist Church on Pritchards Road.

Troopers would not say what they were investigating , but they were seen hauling two computers away from the church as evidence.

Pastor Dan Brubaker was seen leaving the church with a copy of the search warrant.

“I can’t respond. I’m not answering any questions,” he told reporters.

Police would not reveal the nature of the allegations. They said the search warrant was sealed for 60 days and no one was immediately arrested.

Sgt. James Dunleavy, station commander for thee Shickshinny state police barracks, said troopers were acting upon a complaint received.

ABC-16 adds:

State police raided Roaring Brook Baptist Church in Hunlock Township in Luzerne County just after 10 a.m.

“I’m shocked. I’m literally shocked.”

A neighbor who lives across the street from Roaring Brook Baptist Church is trying to grapple with the sight of state police raiding the well-known church in Hunlock Township shortly after 10 a.m.

During the raid, investigators seized two computer hard drives. State police would not release any information as to why the raid of the church took place.

“We’re here today at the Roaring Brook Baptist church to investigate allegations of misconduct within the church,” said Sgt. James Dunleavy, Pennsylvania State Police. “At this point in the investigation, we’re not prepared to make any statements as to the particulars of the allegations. The court has sealed the search warrant for the period of 60 days.”

The search warrant is sealed and police would not say who might be under investigation.

Newswatch 16 knocked on the door of the churches’ pastor, Dan Brubaker, but he had no comment.

“I’m not talking to the news media,” Brubaker said.

That neighbor who lives across the street tells us that the church has an excellent reputation. She couldn’t believe what was happening this morning.

“As far as I know, it’s excellent,” Linda Archavage said. “They have so many people going there. My dad used to go there. We have senior things over here and all. He’s very involved with all of the church members. I’m just speechless as far as it goes.”

One man received a call from somebody informing him that there was a police presence here at the church. He says that he was surprised to hear that news because the area is considered safe.

“Once in a while, we have problems with people breaking in because it’s a country church and it out here,” Arden Delkanic of Hunlock Township said. “It’s a pretty honest community. We usually don’t have any problems around here.”

According to the church’s website, Roaring Brook Baptist is:

Are an independent church
Encourage inner spiritual growth not mere outward action
Have an informal atmosphere in services
Do not expect nonmembers to contribute financially
Seek changed lives through Christ
Are committed to correct doctrine
Emphasize prayer
Let the Bible be our source of doctrine

The church’s website lists five reasons people attend Roaring Brook:

Friendly, caring, informal atmosphere
Good practical Bible teaching
Ministry for children
A godly pastor who loves the Lord and is committed to presenting God’s Word in a meaningful manner.
They don’t beg for money. Giving is to be due to love for God.

And finally, the church’s website has this to say about Pastor Brubaker:

Pastor Dan has a love for God’s Word and for people. He is gifted with the ability to present God’s Word in a practical manner for daily living. He is convinced that problems and struggles can be resolved through understanding and applying God’s Word. This conviction is evident in the clear manner in which he teaches God’s Word. He regularly spends much time in the study of God’s Word and prayer. He seeks to provide instruction rather than preaching “at” people. He teaches God’s Word due to his love for individuals.

Bruce Gerencser