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A Tour Through Our Yard January 15, 2015

I took a brief walk through our yard today. Brief, because there is about six inches of snow on the ground and I have no boots. Here are a few of the pictures I took while circling the house.

wood ornament

Brr. It’s cold and snowy out here. My bones feel like wood.

snow in boughs of pine tree

Snow in the boughs of the 50 foot pine tree that sits in our front yard.

japanese flowering cherry tree

Snow on Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree

Snow on our Japanese Flowering Cherry tree. It did not flower this year due to a late freeze and it dropped its leaves in the middle of the summer. We fear it is d-e-a-d. In about ten or so weeks we will know for sure. If it is dead, I plan to turn it into a woodpecker haven.

winter 3am ney ohio 2015

Winter 3 AM, Ney, Ohio 2015

Not related to the yard tour. I shot this photo a couple of nights ago at 3 AM. The sodium light gives the street a yellow tint. I shot this picture out of an open bedroom window. Thank you to Polly for holding the curtain back while standing there in her PJ’s freezing her ass off.

Winter and the Feral Cat

Six weeks ago, I wrote a post about a feral cat we were trying help. What follows is a pictorial update of how the cat is doing half way through winter. As you will see, he is quite sassy and fat. Several times a day, he wanders over to the cat house to get something to eat. Sometimes, he will stay for a few minutes, other times he stays for a few hours, especially if it is snowing.

His mother is doing well and she also frequents the cat house to find something to eat. The kitten is quite independent now, but, from time to time, I will see them chasing each other through the snow-covered yard. We also have a number of other feral cats that stop by at least once a day to feed at the Gerencser Buffet®.

feral kitten

Feral Kitten

black feral cat

Black Feral Cat

Our newest visitor. Eerie eyes that say, take my picture and you will have seven years of bad luck.

feral kitten 2

Feral Kitten

feral kitten 3

Feral Kitten

That’s Bethany’s feet in the background. She is the ONLY one that the cat will come close to.

feral kitten 4

Feral Kitten

feral kitten 1

Feral Kitten

feral kitten 6

Feral Kitten Watching a Cardinal

Oh, Mr Cardinal, please come just a little closer so I can eat you for lunch.

feral kitten 7

Hey, that Fat Redheaded Guy is Taking my Picture

feral kitten 8

Feral Kitten, What’s that Noise?

feral kitten 9

Feral Kitten

feral kitten 10

Feral Kitten

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