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Black Collar Crime: Catholic Priest Lorenzo Guidotti Berates Rape Victim

father lorenzo guidotti

Italian Catholic priest Lorenzo Guidotti is not accused of rape, but he does stand accused of being a Grade A asshole for berating 17-year-old rape victim. Here’s what he had to say:

“I mean, honey, I am sorry, but 1) you frequent Piazza Verdi (which has become the asshole of Bologna!! […] 2) You get disgustingly drunk! Why? If you participate in the (sub) culture of mayhem, it’s your fucking business if the morning after you wake up who knows where.”

“After the mistake of getting drunk, who do you walk away with? A North African? Notoriously, especially in Piazza Verdi, very gentlemanly, all professionals, teachers, people of culture, good people.”

“Honey, at this point waking up half-naked is the least that could happen. I’m sorry, but if you swim in the piranha tank, you can’t complain if when you get out, you’re missing an arm.”

“Should I feel pity? No.”

Guidotti rightly faced outrage over his comments. Here’s part of his “apology”:

“I wish I could meet her [the victim’s mother]. I understand when she says that this is not Christian charity, but I did this with all the charity possible because we are getting used to news of rape. If no one helps our young people, because of complete imputability, then young people must help themselves, by staying away from mayhem. This is what I meant, but I said all the wrong words.”

priest rant against rape victim

Bruce Gerencser