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Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Elder James Stangle II Charged with Soliciting a Prostitute

james stangle ii

James Stangle II, lead elder at New Life Assembly of God (New Life Church)  in Circleville, Ohio was arrested Wednesday and charged with soliciting a prostitute.

ABC-6 reports:

A lead elder for New Life Church was arrested by police and charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Plain clothes officers were working a busy part of the city when they busted James Stangle II in broad daylight Wednesday afternoon. Stangle was later released from the PIckaway County Jail.

Nobody answered the door at the Stangle family home. Neighbors said they were shocked that Stangle was arrested. “They have been pretty private and to themselves other than I guess probably church people coming over to see them,” said Kenny Hunt who lives across the street.

Nobody of New Life Church would talk on camera about the arrest. But the lead pastor Tim McGinnis said the following statement:

My name is Tim McGinnis, lead pastor of New Life Church. The church is aware of the alleged situation, and will fully cooperate with authorities. There is no other evidence except for information that is available to the general public to make any further comments regarding the alleged charge. We fully support the judicial process and believe truth prevails. The alleged charge did not take place on church grounds and was not associated with any church activity. We support Jim, his family and everybody involved with our prayers. New Life will continue as a growing fellowship to promote the love of Jesus to our hurting community.
Hunt said he thinks people of faith should be held to a higher standard.

“I have nothing for ministers. He is just another man that had an urge and decided to try to get it satisfied other than at home,” said Hunt.



Bruce Gerencser