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Tag: Serial Killer

Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Porn Causes Brain Damage, Turns People Into Serial Killers

jesse morrell

Did you know that Pornography Causes Brain Damage?

It’s neuroscience. There are lots of reports on it.

The brain compensates for the over indulgence of a porn addict by creating less dopamine receptors in his brain.

The result is that it takes more to arouse him.

Addicts go from soft porn, to hard porn, to eventually things like rape porn, bestiality, child porn, etc.

To compensate for less dopamine receptors in their brain, they start to wire in their “aggression drive” into their “sex drive” and start doing things like choking, spitting, slapping, bondage, etc, to get aroused.

That is why the path of pornography has created many rapists and even serial killers.

— Jesse Morrell, Biblical Truth Resources, Pornography Causes Brain Damage | Neuroscience Report, June 27, 2019

Bruce Gerencser