How to Start a Non-Chartered Christian School in Ohio

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From an ACE Pace

Here is what you need to do to start a Christian school in Ohio.

  • Start a church
  • Start a Christian school as a ministry, an extension of the church

That’s it.

I kid you not, that’s it.

No rules, no regulations. No curriculum requirements. No teacher requirements. No notification requirements.

The Ohio homeschooling rules are more extensive than the rules for a non-chartered religious school.

Does this mean all non-chartered Christian schools are educationally deficient? Of course not, BUT many are.

Many Ohio non-chartered Christian schools are owned and operated by Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) churches. The schools are viewed as an oasis away from the world, from the evil influences of humanists, secularists, atheists, socialists, Catholics, Southern Baptists, and communists.

By the way, about the first step: start a church? Starting a church is as easy as saying “we are a church” and you are the pastor. According to state and federal law, a church is tax exempt because it is a church. Many people wrongly assume a church must file for 501(c)(3) status to be tax exempt. 501(c)3) status is NOT required for tax exemption. It does confer a few extra benefits, like being allowed to send mail as a non-profit, but it is not needed for a church to be tax-exempt.



  1. Angiep

    That cartoon is just disgusting. Is the teacher saying the child will die young if she doesn’t obey her parents? And why are her parents so “wise” (what does that mean to a child anyway) if they end up being wrong? And then this cartoon child just angelically tells the teacher how wonderful she is. I would have serious concerns if I observed an actual child behaving this way….

  2. Aram McLean

    Oh man, those ACE comics were like another level of hell in my PACEs.

    1. Kittybrat

      Those cartoons are really just the icing on the brainwashing cake!

  3. Kittybrat

    So, no oversight, no accountability, and no pesky regulations. Sounds like a perfect recipe for abuse.

  4. Steve



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