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Religion, Death, and the Afterlife: St. Catherine of Alexandria, Columbia City, Indiana

st catherine of alexandria columbia city indiana 2018 (6)

As many of you know, Polly and I travel the highways and byways of Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southeast Michigan looking for photography opportunities. I have developed an interest in how we as Americans — particularly Midwesterners — memorialize life and death.  Of special interest is the various means religious people use to remember the dead. This interest might seem odd for someone who is an atheist, but I am attracted to roadside memorials and cemeteries. From time to time, I plan to share a few of the photographs I’ve shot while stalking death.

I shot these photographs at the St. Catherine of Alexandria in Columbia City, Indiana.

st catherine of alexandria columbia city indiana 2018 (5)


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    I wish you could see some of the huge cemeteries in Brooklyn, NY. They’re so big they have separate sections that you can see as you drive past on the highway. You will see the Chinese section, the Jewish section, the Christian section, etc. You can see old mausoleums, statues of Angel’s and such, stars of David. Of course, there are the modern above ground buildings housing more dead bodies due to diminishing space. It is interesting how NYC has dealt with its dead.

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    Umm. Where is the monument in memory of all the women who have died because they couldn’t access a safe abortion? And the one in memory of all the women who died before their time because their bodies were worn out by too many pregnancies?

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