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Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog. Today, we reached 35,000 comments. I planned to make a big deal over who left comment number 35,000. Unfortunately, that commenter was “Dr.” David Tee/David Thiessen/Theologyarcheology. Dammit, bad karma or God sending me a message, right? 😂Tee is banned from this site, but I do edit his comments and show them as deleted. Hopefully, he will have stopped commenting before we reach 40,000.

Thank you helping to turn this blog into a community. ❤️


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      MJ Lisbeth

      So David Tee was number 35,000. And DJT became President. And Haiti has its history. And you, Bruce, have such health problems. Hmm…And people still believe in the justice of their God?

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    Nah, nah baby. When will you respect others and play by the rules? You know, like you demand with the Bible.

    Had to get the plunger for this comment, but it’s gone.

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      I, “Dr.” David Tee/David Thiessen/TheologyArcheology, demand a dick measuring contest between me and Bruce Gerencser, the John Holmes of atheism. I know this is a fight between a brad and railroad spike, but I want to be “nailed.” just like the dead Jesus.

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        You know, Bruce, I’m at the point where I think, with this dude and countless others, with Trump supporters, with all of these narrowminded pissants, is: they are just trolls. Happy to troll and as long as they can inflict pain on others (which they call love), they feel strong and happy and certain. Have you seen pictures of lynchings? Smiling, happy white people delighted they were able to destroy others, namely Black people. When I read this stuff and see pics, I fear humanity is screwed.

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    Its clear David can’t sense sarcasm or humor. Then again fundies version of fun involves worship and talking to the ceiling and banning anything actually fun. Congrats on the 35,000+ comments, though the cruel irony of who it was sucks. Someone insert an yzma gif now.

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