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Frozen Embryos: If Life Begins at Conception . . .

3 day old human embyro
Three-Day Old Human Embryo. Why He Looks Just Like his Father.

According to anti-abortionists/forced birthers, life begins at conception. At the very moment the sperm and egg unite, a new life is created. Anti-abortionists are intractable when it comes to their position. Life begins at conception . . . end of debate.

Let me tell you a story . . .

This story takes place at the We Make Life Possible Fertility Clinic, owned by Dr. David Tee, a renowned gynecologist, fertility expert, and archeologist.

Sue gave birth to a beautiful baby girl through in vitro fertilization. Her baby girl is one month old. Sue stopped by the Fertility Clinic to show off her newborn to the clinic staff.

While Sue was there, a huge explosion rocked the place and the clinic was engulfed in flames. Later speculation on World Net Daily, Charisma, Protestia, and TheologyGynocology, suggested a supporter of Barack Obama/Joe Biden/Nancy Pelosi/Kamala Harris/AOC was behind the attack.

John, named after John the Baptist, a forced birth activist, happened to be passing by the clinic when the explosion took place. John went running into the clinic hoping to perhaps save someone from the fire.

John had been to the We Make Possible Life Fertility Clinic before. His wife Purity had problems conceiving, and not wanting to wait on God to open her womb, she went to the clinic for non-vaginal-sex fertilization. While the treatment was successful, Purity miscarried a few months into the pregnancy.

John knew the clinic stored hundreds of fertilized eggs (embryos) in a freezer. As he rushed into the clinic, John saw Sue huddled in a corner with her newborn daughter trying to get away from the fire. John thought, “Surely I should save these two.”

John thought for a moment, asking himself What Would Jesus Do? Suddenly, he realized the fire was going to destroy all the frozen embryos. John told Sue and her baby Sorry, maybe Jesus will come to rescue you, and he rushed to the freezer where the frozen embryos were stored. Through John’s heroic effort, hundreds of frozen embryos were saved. Sadly, Sue and her newborn daughter were burnt to death.

Who among us would fault John? After all, he acted according to the greater good. Who wouldn’t save two hundred lives at the expense of two lives?

The above story follows the logic of the life-begins-at-conception viewpoint to its illogical conclusion. There is no difference between two hundred embryos and Sue and her baby. Life is life. It makes perfect sense for John to save the frozen embryos and not Sue and her little one. Surely John would be praised for saving the two hundred embryos, right? If the clinic is unable to reopen, perhaps the frozen embryos can be put up for adoption. After all, EVERY embryo is a life.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    The important thing to realise about the anti choice brigade is that they do not believe that which they preach. They couldn’t care in the least about abortion, despite their sentimental type nonsense such as ‘baby killers’, as demonstrated by the propensity of religious leaders and their followers for procuring abortions when circumstances arise. Religious people, at least those of the kind described on this blog, enjoy being angry. They are usually thin skinned, with chips on their shoulders so big it gives them backache. They feel resentful of those they perceive as looking down on them, especially those in the secular world. So abortion has become their rallying cry, their way of seeking revenge on those they see as better than them. They’re yelping like mad as states that try to impose draconian anti abortion laws are constantly thwarted by the courts, by judges who understand that the majority of the population of the US supports the right to choose. The reality is that the ‘abortion clinic conundrum’ as described here is, on the whole, way beyond their mental capabilities of reasoned discussion.

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    When did forced-birth extremists ever let logical arguments het in the way of their zealous control lust?

    It’s never been about caring for lives, it’s always been about controlling them.

    A couple of years ago, a friend I grew up with who is still evangelical though she is of the rare 20% who is anti-Trump asked the question, shouldn’t we be pro-contraception to reduce the number of people who might end up in hell one day? Boy, did she get jumped on!

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      OC, I had a discussion with a pro-lifer on Facebook. We were talking about reducing unwanted pregnancies, and I mentioned that taking birth control dropped the number of abortions dramatically. Well, the dude said, “But we don’t want women to just have sex, that’s wrong!” In the end it is about controlling women and their reproductive choices, stopping those slutty sluts from having wild sex. Never mind that men are responsible for 100% of pregnancies, and they are the ones who slept with those women.

      • Avatar

        BJW, that dude said put loud the fact that high-demand religions are ALL about controlling women’s sexuality. Period. That’s the core of it! They can’t have women being autonomous human beings!

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