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Black Collar Crime: Methodist Pastor Jim Irwin Arrested on Drug and Prostitution Charges

pastor jim irwin

Jim Irwin, a United Methodist pastor and the director of Care and Share Ministries in Plymouth, Indiana, was arrested and charged with various drug and prostitution crimes.

WNDU-16 reports:

A Michiana pastor was arrested Wednesday after a prostitution sting.

Police arrested 68-year-old Jim Irwin at his Plymouth home on Charles Street.

Court documents reveal that 3 informants helped police put the Plymouth pastor in jail. He’s facing 5 separate charges, 3 of which are felonies.

Dealing in Schedule I, II, or III controlled substances, Level 6 felony; Dealing a substance represented to be controlled substances, Level 6 felony;  Promoting Prostitution, Level 5 felony; Patronizing a Prostitute, Class A misdemeanor; and Patronizing a Prostitute, Class A misdemeanor.

According to the affidavit for probable cause:

On 8/3/2017 Informant A asked Irwin “what do I have to do to get a room?” Irwin responds “just lay there in front of me naked.”

On 8/9/2017 Informant B was given $50 from Irwin to give to an undercover officer for a controlled substance. He said “That’s your $50, it’s not mine, you’re buying, I know nothing about it.”

On 8/17/17 Informant C was given “two white oval pills later identified as a schedule II narcotic drug as a payment for a sexual act to occur the following week.”

Professional acquaintances were shocked to hear about this arrest happening to a man they believed was a highly respected individual.


Sources tell NewsCenter 16 that Irwin is the director of Care and Share Ministries in Marshall County. The non-profit was started in 2004 to help provide emergency shelter to families when they are in crisis.

As of Thursday night, a sign reading ‘Care and Share office is closed due to illness’ is taped to the door of the Marshall County Care and Share. The organization is a client of United Way.

“It was shocking to learn the allegations,” said Jeff Houin, President of the Board of Directors for the United Way of Marshall County. Obviously our relationship is with Care and Share Marshall County Incorporated as our member agency, it’s not with any one individual.”

Irwin was in jail as of 9:10 p.m. on Wednesday, with a $60,000 cash bond.

The probable cause affidavit refers to multiple encounters between Irwin and various cooperating sources.

The charges filed against Irwin, now public record, are attached to this article.

According to a LinkedIn in Irwin’s name, he was also a pastor at Maple Grove United Methodist Church. NewsCenter16 contacted the Northern Indiana Superintendent who said Irwin was not a pastor at the South Bend church, but his wife was until just over a year ago.

Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Pastor Eddie Hilburn Arrested on a Prostitution Charge

eddie hilburn

The Black Collar Crime Series relies on public news stories and publicly available information for its content. If any incorrect information is found, please contact Bruce Gerencser. Nothing in this post should be construed as an accusation of guilt. Those accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.

Eddie Hilburn, an associate pastor for The Woodlands First Baptist Church in The Woodlands, Texas, was arrested yesterday on a prostitution charge.

Click 2 Houston reports:

A pastor in The Woodlands was arrested on a prostitution-related charge.

Eddie Hilburn, who is an Associate Pastor at The Woodlands First Baptist Church, is charged with prostitution.

Hilburn, 52, was arrested on Wednesday.

The church released a statement that read, “The Woodlands First Baptist Church is still gathering information regarding our staff member Eddie Hilburn. We can assure you that a statement will be issued once all facts are known, and administration has had an opportunity to review them. We appreciate your patience in the meantime, and we continue to look to God for guidance.”


ABC-13 added:

Hilburn appeared in court Thursday morning just hours after he had been arrested in a hotel.

Charging documents allege Hilburn paid an undercover Harris County Sheriff’s deputy $80 for sexual activities. Soon after the alleged money exchange, deputies moved in to arrest him.

According to Hilburn’s bio page:

Eddie began serving at The Woodlands First in July of 2012. He has served as Senior Pastor of churches in Texas, has planted a church in Wisconsin, and has served as student pastor.


In addition to graduating from East Texas Baptist University, Eddie also earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

At the Woodlands First, Eddie coaches other staff members as they live out their calling, leads the reFresh Wednesday night event, and occasionally preaches on Sunday. Eddie feels like he wins when the other staff members win.


On January 8, 2018, CBS-13 reported:

A pastor in The Woodlands who was arrested last summer on a charge of soliciting a prostitute pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year of probation.

Eddie Hilburn, 53, was arrested at a hotel in July 2017 during a sting operation.
READ MORE: The Woodlands pastor charged with prostitution

According to charging documents, Hilburn paid an undercover Harris County Sheriff’s deputy $80 for sexual activities. Soon after money changed hands, deputies moved in and arrested him.

Hilburn served as an associate pastor at the Woodlands First Baptist Church. After he was released on bond from the Harris County Jail, Hilburn resigned from his post.


Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Principal Thomas Mullins Arrested in Prostitution Sting

thomas mullins

Thomas Mullins, principal at First Baptist School of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, was arrested Wednesday and charged with soliciting prostitution.

Paul Bowers, a reporter for The Post and Courier, writes:

The principal at First Baptist School of Charleston has resigned following his arrest on a charge of soliciting prostitution Wednesday afternoon.

Head of School Thomas Mullins, 67, of Murray Drive in Hanahan, had served as the leader of the private downtown school since 2002. He was previously a principal at North Charleston High.

“Our hearts are united in prayer for Mr. Mullins and his family,” First Baptist School leaders said in an email to parents. “The Board will be announcing plans for the future leadership of the school soon. In the meantime, the Board is unanimous in expressing appreciation to Tommy Mullins for his outstanding service to Charleston County Schools for most of his career and to First Baptist School since 2002.”

According to an arrest report from the North Charleston Police Department, an undercover officer was posing as a prostitute as part of a sting operation around 4:10 p.m. Wednesday and made contact with Mullins in his car near the intersection of Remount Road and Buskirk Avenue.

The report states that officers arrested Mullins on a prostitution charge when he solicited sex from the officer for money. Police later found whisky in an open cup in the car’s console and charged Mullins with an open container violation.

Reached by phone Friday, First Baptist Church Pastor Marshall Blalock said Mullins’ arrest came as a shock to school leaders and that he was “heartbroken” for Mullins.

The email to parents, which he co-signed with First Baptist School Board Chair D. Harrison Carter, credited Mullins with piloting dual-credit courses at the school, expanding enrollment, building a new James Island campus, promoting excellence in athletics and promoting racial diversity.

“First Baptist School is grateful for the many contributions Tommy Mullins has made to bless our students and their families over these past fifteen years,” the statement said. “Now as he takes the next steps in his life, the First Baptist family extends love and support to the Mullins family. We want to assure our alumni, parents, students, faculty, and church of the continuing strength of First Baptist School and our commitment to providing a Christian education in an environment which glorifies God.”

Black Collar Crime: Two Evangelical Pastors Arrested and Charged with Sex Trafficking

zubin parakh and jason kennedy

Jason Kennedy, children’s ministry pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee and Zubin Parakh, the creative pastor for Lifehouse Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, were arrested last year on charges on human trafficking.

Channel 8-Knoxville reports:

After a three-day investigation, nearly two dozen men were arrested on charges related to human trafficking, including Jason Evan Kennedy, a pastor of children’s ministry at Grace Baptist in Karns.


Church leaders said Kennedy was hired two-and-a-half years ago. Church administrators got a background check on Kennedy and it turned up with no issues at the time. It did not indicate any previous problems. Church leaders believed Kennedy was a good fit because he listed a children’s pastor as a reference on his application. That pastor affirmed Kennedy had no issues in his background.

“We are praying for his family and will continue to provide the services of our ministry to them,” read the final statement in the church’s release.


According to a police report, Kennedy responded to a ad via text message. The report says Kennedy was made aware that there would be two girls present, one was 15 years old. He negotiated $100 for a half hour of sex with both girls.

He was told to go to a gas station on Merchants Road for further instructions. Then he received instructions to go to a hotel room where the girls were.

The report says he stated he wanted to have sex with both girls he thought were inside. He put the agreed upon $100 on the counter. He removed his pants and then law enforcement took him into custody.

“Our work is not finished. We want to make sure there is no safe place to hide for criminals who would victimize the most vulnerable among us. We want anyone answering an ad for sex to think that a TBI agent and a Knoxville Police officer may be on the other end of that line,” said TBI Director Mark Gwyn.

Kennedy is charged with human trafficking and patronizing prostitution.

TBI Director Mark Gwyn says another man, Zubin Parakh, responded to ads specifically indicating he was looking for underage girls to have sex with. Parakh was listed as a “Creative Pastor” for Lifehouse Church in Oak Ridge.

Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and officers with the Knoxville Police Department worked together to arrest or cite 32 people on charges related to human trafficking. Twenty-three of those arrests were of men trying to buy sex from a prostitute.

“These are men from our community. They include an engineer, a volunteer firefighter, a landscaper, a student. These are people we work with and live with,” said Gwyn.


During the investigation, undercover agents posted ads on, including an ad posing as an underage girl. Three-hundred people made contact in relation to those ads. More than two dozen people made contact in relation to the ad of the agents posed as an underage girl.

“What so many people in our community don’t quite understand is that human trafficking is a demand driven crime. And that demand comes from every single part of our society, including those parts that we’d all like to believe are not part of the problem,” said Trudell.

Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Pastor A. Livingston Foxworth Busted in Prostitution Sting


A. Livingston Foxworth, pastor of Grace Church of All Nations in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was arrested Tuesday during a  prostitution sting.

The Boston Herald reports:

The prominent Boston minister who blessed Gov. Charlie Baker after he was elected to the Corner Office was caught soliciting a prostitute during an undercover police sting that also reeled in nine other would-be johns, authorities said.

A. Livingston Foxworth, the senior pastor at the Grace Church of All Nations in Dorchester, was arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court on a single charge of paying for sexual conduct. He was released without bail after a brief appearance.

Foxworth gave newly elected Baker and his wife, Lauren, a blessing in November 2014 during a Grace Church of All Nations service.

“Gov. Baker is saddened by this news and is confident the courts will examine the facts and reach an appropriate decision,” said Lizzy Guyton, a spokesman for Baker.


The pastor and his attorney, Hassan Williams, declined to comment yesterday.

Foxworth and nine other men were busted in the Tuesday afternoon sting, according to authorities. Detectives from the Boston Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit conducted an “undercover online investigation into ­illegal sexual services being offered for a fee,” according to an incident report.

Detectives posing as a female on the infamous online classified ad website were contacted by Foxworth and the other men, according to authorities. Foxworth agreed to pay $150 for sex and went to an address on Pine Street for an illicit rendezvous, according to police.

Once he arrived, detectives called the number Foxworth provided and it started to ring, a police report states. He was placed under arrest, and his cellphone was placed into evidence, according to authorities.

“Human trafficking exists because sex buyers make it profitable,” Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said in a statement. “Part of our strategy is making clear that there are social, financial, and legal consequences for that behavior in Boston and Suffolk County.”

Williams tried to convince BMC Judge Thomas Horgan to drop the charges and give Foxworth a civil infraction but Suffolk prosecutor Jessica Meyer pushed back.

“This is a matter that your honor has arraigned for almost 10 other defendants today and no action was taken with them regarding a civil infraction,” Meyer said.

Horgan agreed with Meyer, and Foxworth is now slated to return to court July 26.

Foxworth’s bio states:

Archbishop Foxworth is married to Karen L. Foxworth and he is the father of six children Elizabeth, Kevin, Anthony, Ricky, Brandice and Jeremy, and the grandfather of six children.

He received his Biblical and Pastoral training through Moody Bible Institute, and has been pasturing Grace Church of All Nations for 35 years. He was consecrated to the Bishopric at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Paul in Boston, Massachusetts in May, 2007.

Currently, Archbishop Foxworth serves a congregation of over twelve hundred members and is training pastors within the Pentecostal Episcopal Church (PEC) reformation to establish multicultural congregations throughout the United States and internationally. He is also working with uni-cultural ministries ie: Haitian, African and Latino to establish a Multicultural Christian Fellowship. This vision is in its infancy, pastor stands on the Word of God and believes that ALL things are possible and ‘we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.’

Pastor Bruce the Moral Crusader and the Exit Two Whore House


During the seven years (1995-2002) I pastored Our Father’s House in West Unity, Ohio, I waged several crusades against those who ran afoul of my Fundamentalist moral code. One such crusade took place in June of 1997.

Williams County is located in the far Northwest corner of Ohio, bordered to north by Michigan and to the west by Indiana. The Ohio Turnpike runs through the northern part of the county. Travelers exiting on Route 15 (Exit Two) find several motels and restaurants. Being a three-hour straight shot from Chicago — with lots of car and truck traffic — Exit Two was an ideal place to locate a house of ill repute.

One day I was out and about and I noticed that there was a new business at Exit Two — The Queen Spa. Owned by Korean families from Chicago and Toledo, the massage parlor featured women of Far Eastern ethnicity. Once I ascertained that this new business was actually a front for prostitution, I morphed into Pastor Bruce the Moral Crusader and set my sights on putting the Exit Two whore house out of business.

The first thing I did was write a letter to the editor of The Bryan Times. In the letter, I alleged that the massage parlor was actually a house of prostitution. I called on the Williams County Sheriff to immediately investigate and close down the massage parlor. Christopher Cullis, the editor of the Times, called and told me that he could not print my letter as written. Since none of the massage parlor workers had been arrested and charged with prostitution, Cullis asked me to remove from my letter the prostitution allegation. Cullis’ request, at the time, irritated the heaven out of me, but I now know that he was trying to shelter me (and the paper) from legal liability in the event the prostitution claim proved to be false. (If I remember right, the Times was running weekly ads for the Queen Spa.)

I also decided to make sure that EVERY pastor in Williams County, along with every licensed massage therapist and elected official, knew that a massage parlor had set up shop at Exit Two. I sent out a hundred or so letters, hoping that the recipients would join me in forcing the Sheriff to close down the parlor. A total of five pastors responded to my letter, and only one of them was willing to join me on the front line of Bruce’s battle against prostitution.

A week or so later, the phone rang and Sheriff Al Word was on the other end of the line. Hmmperhaps he got my letter, I thought. He did, and boy was he NOT happy with me. Unbeknownst to me, The Williams County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, was running an undercover sting operation, hoping to arrest the massage parlor owners and workers. Since this was an ongoing operation, the Sheriff asked — in a voice that said, I’m telling you, STOP IT! — if I would PLEASE ratchet down my crusade against the massage parlor. And if you will do so, the Sheriff said, you can go along with us when we make the arrests. I quickly said yes.

The Sheriff called me the night before the arrests and told me to meet him at the motel across the highway from the massage parlor. The Sheriff and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation had set up shop in a room that allowed them to observe the front door of the parlor. At the appointed time, officers entered the parlor, making two arrests —  Korean prostitutes aged 45 and 52. One woman was charged with promoting prostitution and the other was charged with solicitation. Law enforcement seized numerous items, including unused condoms, $5,000 cash, credit cards, checks, and food stamps. Yes, several “customers” had paid with checks and food stamps.

At the time of the arrests, Sheriff Word said, “The goal was not arrests. The goal is to get it [the massage parlor] out. We don’t want that here.” Thanks to Sheriff Word, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and Pastor Bruce, the Moral Crusader, the Queen Spa was no more. I thought, at the time, that I had won a great victory for Jesus. Sadly, I didn’t give a moment’s thought to the women who were arrested. I regret that I was more concerned with maintaining an air of moral superiority than wondering why these older women were working as prostitutes. Both women looked much older than their age. Drugs? Forced to prostitute themselves? Whatever the reason, all that mattered to me was making a public stand against immorality.


The Queen Spa opened and closed several times between the events detailed above and January 1998, when it was shuttered for good. (December 31, 1997 Bryan Times, January 8, 1998 Bryan Times)