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The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Trump Voters Part One

evangelical support for donald trump

Millions of Evangelicals plan to vote for Donald Trump come Election Day. Supposedly, Evangelicals are people of principle, people who resolutely believe and practice the teachings of the Bible. Yet, these very same people plan to vote for a man who is the antithesis of everything they believe. I realize that many Evangelicals wanted a President Cruz or President Carson, yet in primary after primary Evangelical voters carried Donald Trump to victory. It seems that Evangelicals value political power more than they do Biblical principles. Evangelicals have even gone so far as to convince themselves that Trump is a Christian.

What happened to the people who, at one time, said they would only vote for a man who had a Christian worldview? Surely they know that Donald Trump is a misogynistic, narcissistic, adulterous liar, a man who, as John McCain before him, is using Evangelicals for political gain. Readers might remember, in an attempt to pander to the religious-right, McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. I say chose, but what I really mean is that Evangelical power brokers forced McCain to add the former Alaska governor to the ticket. By choosing Fundamentalist Mike Pence as his running mate, Trump, in McCain-like fashion, is betting his political future on Evangelicals voting for him on November 8, 2016.

Millions of Evangelicals plan to vote for Trump regardless of what The Donald says or does. These Clinton haters and closet racists have been stewing for eight years now, forced to endure the indignity of living in country led by the Kenyan-born, Islamic sympathizer Barack Obama. These gun-toting, Jesus-loving voters would vote for Donald Duck if it meant ripping the helm of the U.S. government out of the hands of Democrats.

Millions of other Evangelicals have convinced themselves that Trump, once elected, will be sympathetic to the issues that matter to them. These people seem to be oblivious of the fact that past conduct is a good rule by which to judge how a candidate will act in the future. Trump is a thrice divorced skirt-chasing sociopath who rarely attends church. I have yet to hear one statement from the mouth of Donald Trump that remotely suggests that he has any idea about what means to be a follower of Jesus. I highly doubt he reads/studies the Bible or prays. Trump’s statement about having no need to ask God (or anyone else) for forgiveness should tell Evangelicals all they need to know about Trump’s moral and ethical compass. Despite all of this, millions of Evangelicals still plan to vote for Trump.

If Evangelicals want to be true to their so-call Biblical principles, it seems to me that they either should abstain from voting, vote for a third-party candidate, or write-in a God approved candidate. Instead, millions of Evangelicals who zealously hate President Obama and presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton plan to vote for a man who is the least qualified major party candidate in modern American history.

A month or so ago, scores of Evangelical leaders met with Donald Trump. When I read the pro-Trump comments made by men such as Tony Perkins and James Dobson, it finally dawned on me that many Evangelicals have sold their souls to the Devil. Once Hillary Clinton trounces Trump in November, the proverbial writing will be on the wall for the Republican Party. If Clinton wins the election, this means that Evangelicals have been unable to deliver the goods for three presidential election cycles — four if you consider the election George w. Bush stole from Al Gore.

After three straight losses, I wonder if Republican party leaders will finally wake up and realize that Evangelicals can’t deliver on their promises. As long as the Republican Party is being held hostage by the NRA, Evangelicals, and the Tea Party (Many Evangelicals are also members of the NRA and the Tea Party.) they will continue to lose general elections. Of course, from a Democratic perspective, this is wonderful news. But the Democrats have problems of their own, issues that were pushed to the forefront by Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. Democrats are just as doomed as Republicans if they fail to truly understand the social and economic angst that is fueling the unrest that has turned into protests and violence.

In many ways, we are reliving the 1960s with its protests and violence. If we as a people do not quickly learn from the past, we most certainly will repeat it. What has happened in recent weeks is but a preview of the bloodshed and outrage to come. Blacks have had enough. Police have had enough. Millennials are restless. Political leaders have their heads up the asses of corporate donors. There is increasing economic despair, a widening gap between the one percenters and everyone else. The United States is involved in numerous wars in the Middle East and is fighting secret wars in Africa. Drones continue to rain death upon terrorists and innocent civilians. The CIA, NSA, and the FBI continue to spy on American citizens, using tools sanctioned by President Obama and Congress. Increased word battles with Russia and China warn of a resurgence of the Cold War.

Throw all these things in a pot, season them with global warming, and there is no doubt that we have entered a dangerous time, one that could easily be turned into uncontrollable wildfire. Does anyone honestly believe that Donald Trump can handle these things, that he can lead us through the current political and social minefield? I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Ohio primary, but now that Clinton will likely be the nominee, I must put the needs of my country first. A Trump presidency would be disastrous, turning the United States into butt end of a joke. Hillary Clinton may not be my first choice for President, but I know she is a seasoned politician who knows what matters. Republican leaders, cheered on by Evangelicals, have done their best to destroy Hillary Clinton, yet, here she is, still standing. Regardless of the facts concerning Benghazi or her misuse of email, Clinton knows how best to lead the United States forward during difficult times. I can’t think of one way a Trump presidency is better for America. Despite promises from Republican operatives that Trump will “change” after the election, he continues to act like a petulant child who has never had anyone tell him NO! Do we really want such a man to control the U.S. military and have access to nuclear launch codes? With all the turmoil in the Middle East, do we really want Trump to have the keys to the car? I know I don’t.

So I ask you this, Evangelicals: without mentioning your hatred for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, please give me one good reason why ANYONE should vote for Donald Trump.

The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Trump Voters Part Two


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    Becky Wiren

    Researchers found one good predictor for Trump voters–if they are authoritarians. Donald is an authoritarian and so are the Evangelical Christians. So even though bad, Trump appeals to them all the way.

    We have to hope that there are more people who look at Trump and reject him. Because I really don’t think he can govern. And people saying he’s going to quit, well, that would be great. But I think his narcissism will lead him to take this thing all the way.

    • Avatar
      Doug Trouten

      That authoritarianism thing turned out to be a research error — the journal that printed the much-cited study has issued a correction.

  2. Avatar

    I think one of the worst things modern evangelicals have done is politicize their faith. It’s bad enough that you could picture Jesus wearing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt and carrying around an AR-15. When I study the Bible more than anything I see Jesus, Paul, John, Peter and other New Testament authors apolitical at best. Jesus, Paul and Peter specifically call for disciples to be obedient to the government authorities. None of them tried to upset the political landscape of their day. They pursued a spiritual path instead of a political one.

    In the 21st century, evangelical Christians insist on a Christian president. We should realize that the USA is not a theocracy. In fact, the Founding Fathers (some of whom were Christian, many of whom were deists, and even some like Thomas Paine were atheistic) never intended one’s religious affiliation to be a litmus test for the presidential office.

    Honestly, as an evangelical, I would have no problem voting for an atheist as President if I thought he had the right qualifications. I can separate my politics from my religion. Maybe that’s what we need. Someone who is apathetic to religion altogether to sit in the Oval Office and therefore be uninfluenced by anything but his patriotism and love of America. Right now I cannot defend voting for Trump or voting for Hillary. The greatest injustice I see is that in a country filled with many intelligent and talented people these are the two it comes down to. The truth is we are transforming into an autocracy, where only the privileged and rich elite ever really have the chance of holding high political offices, and that to me is truly un-American.

  3. Avatar

    Picking a president (especially in 2016) is a lot like when my Mother would say pick the vegetable you hate the least. But evangelicals have a very good choice in Trump who panders to their interests at every opportunity.
    Imagine a Trump presidency…Trump wants to be “Head of State”, he pines for a vanity position that will satisfy his narcissistic ego. The minutia of governing will be left to über evangelical Mike Pence.
    As you point out they didn’t get their man in the primaries, but I wouldn’t call them out for hypocrisy, just as you aren’t a hypocrite for voting for Clinton.
    To me Trump is like an unidentified mushroom. He could be delicious, he could make you a bit sick, he might put you in the hospital, or he might kill you. My suggestion: don’t eat the mushroom.

  4. Avatar

    I’m of the firm opinion that both George W. Bush elections were stolen. Florida was the problem in 2000 and Ohio(sorry Bruce) in 2004. Both of the states Secretary of State, who are in charge of the elections in each state, were political campaign heads for the Bush campaigns in both states. I am a 20 plus year veteran election judge for the City of Minneapolis. I have been a regular judge, as well as precinct chair and co-chair. In just a cursory research on both elections, there was enough irregularities in both states for the presidential portion of their elections to be in question.

    I’ve also been just astonished by the continuing efforts by Republicans nationwide to engage in voter repression. From gerrymandering to pressing for voter ID’s, it seems that they only win by repression and control. While Dem’s are far from perfect, they are at least not pushing to prevent eligible people from voting.

    Also I’m probably one of the only ones here who has a “fanboy” pic with one our Secretaries of State. 🙂

    • Avatar
      Becky Wiren

      I’ve wondered too. And I think it’s possible. But the elections can only be stolen in somewhat subtle ways, by one or 2 states being flipped JUST enough. And of course the voter ID stuff. With Hillary’s tremendous electoral college advantage, the GOP would have to do a lot more of the voter ID repression. And that pisses people off! And then you get all the POC voting as hard as possible.

    • Avatar

      I distinctly remember that in 2004 the CEO of Diebold, the company that manufactured the voting machines used in Ohio, said, “Diebold will deliver Ohio for Bush!” And the battleground state just happened to turn out to be… Ohio.

  5. Avatar

    I sat at my workplace and admitted my belief several weeks ago: Donald Trump is going to be the next president. He has played America like a cheap card shark and the USA, so long under the spell of that good ol’ stew of empty-headed patriotism, Gawd-virus and difficult ‘times’, has eaten up his show. Now, with the leadership, he will wax ‘poetic’ with fairy-tales and heavenly guarantees. I don’t like it any more than a whole lot of Americans but I have long had this terrible gut sense. Listen to what Michael Moore is now saying:
    Dear sweet Jeebus wants you all to be great again (sic). Get ready for a good Trump thump.

    • Avatar
      Becky Wiren

      I refuse to give up my country to Trump. And just because Michael Moore predicts Trump is going to win doesn’t mean he will. I do think it’s going to be a pretty damn painful season of campaigning though. (Especially since it’s been pretty horrible so far.)

      Did you hear about how Trump’s campaign asked Kasich if he wanted to be Trump’s VP? All Kasich would do is run the country while Trump ratcheted around, “making America great.” Probably by giving speeches. Now, look who his VP pick is. Someone who is even farther to the right of Kasich. (And Kasich is a committed Christian against abortion.)

    • Avatar

      I refuse to concede too and I live in Indiana. Pence is the worst possible pick to be Trump’s VP. I’m willing to bet that there are many, many IFB preachers out there that stand to the left of this overly-polished turd from the reactionary right. There are so many dog whistles in practically everything he says, it’s no wonder the far right is salivating, just like they’ve been trained to do since Nixon and the Southern Strategy. It still fucking works.

      I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories, but having watched Republicans up close and personal for 5 decades, this shit may go all the way back to 1964 and Goldwater, with his fear of the same people who control the Republican Party today. They got wind of what he had said and saw a battle plan. They have systematically worked to move the party further and further right until we have reached the present state, where the new platform and Trump’s acceptance speech are the far right’s authoritarian wet dream. with Pence as the Morality Police and Trump as Enforcer-in-Chief.

      Trump is exactly the kind of dictator-in-waiting the Dominionists want– no morals of his own but willing to enforce whatever dictates the charlatan who grabs his ear can convince him of.

      Please, please please, let us all convince at least one more person apiece to go to polls so we have a chance to prevent disaster come November.

  6. Avatar

    Thank you for writing this. It’s a good read.

    It’s so patently obvious that Trump doesn’t care one way or the other about the big evangelical issue: abortion. They know that full well, and now they can’t deny the other elephant in the living room.

    He’s had multiple women describing his sexual assaults with little attention being paid to them. Now his own revolting words corroborate exactly what these women describe.

    Yet the only major group not abandoning this creepy perv are the evangelicals. They say they hate being the target of derision. Can they not understand WHY they are the target of derision after their creepy support for this loser?

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