Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Bus Driver Ulises Moreno Accused of Rape


Ulises Moreno, a bus driver for Decatur Assembly of God in Decatur, Arkansas, stands accused of repeatedly raping a church girl.

THV-11 reports:

A man who works as a van driver for the Decatur Assembly of God has been accused of raping a young girl several times over the past two years, according to CBS affiliate KFSM.

On Wednesday, police arrested 30-year-old Ulises Moreno in connection to the rape charges.

The girl, who is younger than 15, told authorities that Moreno raped her so much “that she had lost count of all the instances.”

She said that the most recent attacks happened during March and April. During the alleged incident in April, Moreno was driving the van where he molested her while he was still driving. She said he stopped the van to rape her.

Moreno has denied touching the girl “inappropriately” and claimed he didn’t know why she would say that.

According to the affidavit, the church’s pastor, Kirk Anderson, said that Moreno drove one of the vans every week.

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