No Body Here, Says Business Sign

Polly and I recently traveled to southeast Michigan to visit Sterling State Park and the surrounding area. Here’s a sign I saw on a local business in Monroe, Michigan.

no body here

I am happy to report that there was no body at this business. I do wonder though, should I have called the business and made an appointment to leave a body? My body? Polly’s body? A random body?


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  1. Steve

    A local clothing store here (a money laundering operation if there ever was one), has a similar sign; it says “if there’s no one here, call my cell” & of course, there’s never anyone there.

    Also of note: the guy that runs this “store” is a local pastor; or should I say “was” until his church folded; maybe that was a laundering operation, as well

  2. ObstacleChick

    Is the appointment required for leaving a body or for picking up a body? Neither is clearly defined.

  3. Troy

    Maybe they have trouble with a cyclops…


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