Schooling a Millennial on the Importance of Punctuality and Respect for the Time of Others


What follows is a conversation I had with a local millennial about an item I had listed FOR SALE on Facebook Marketplace. You can call this: Curmudgeon Bruce Meets Clueless Millennial.

importance of punctuality (1)

importance of punctuality (2)


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  1. przxqgl


  2. Becky Wiren

    “I had no way to get hold of you” idjit who is right then getting hold of you LOL!

  3. ObstacleChick

    So…he momentarily forgot how to use technology but suddenly remembered when it suited him?

  4. Steve

    Classic entitled American

  5. Stephanie

    As a millennial, this drives me crazy. I can’t stand being late from myself or others. If it can’t be avoided COMMUNICATE! Then again, I have been described as an old soul so not in beat with my generation in some aspects.


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