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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: The Stupidest Apologetical Argument I Have Ever Read

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I found this gem on a Reformed Christian apologetics forum. As soon as I read it I fell on my knees and . . . laughed my ass off. Sorry, no salvation for Bruce. Come on Christians, you are going to have to do better than this.

apologetical argument to reach atheists



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    I think he should try it out in real time on a Real Live Atheist. I volunteer. Or one of my kids would do it. They haven’t heard many apologetic arguments, so this would be good practice for them. I could watch, as I enjoy their WTF looks when I tell them stories of my evangelical upbringing.

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    Steve Johanson

    Why would god provide gifts for me his “enemy” while allowing his children to suffer. Christian children can be found starving with out shelter clothes or security around the world but it makes logical sense for this god to provide for an atheist.

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    Is it bad that I saw one of those “are you a good person?” tents at the fair and I wanted to go in, knowing what is was just to mess with them? You can thank my friend for stopping me.

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    The hollowness of Christian apologetics is one of the things that has pushed me from the faith. I used to be an “expert” at apologetics. I was teaching a theology class at my church and I thought as part of the final exam, I’d play the part of the atheist / unbeliever and see if the class could convince me of the existence of God. I never did the lesson. I realized that I could destroy any argument they had in favor of God. It was part of a real turning point for me.

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