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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Women are Emotional and Irrational

say what


I found this comment on Facebook. This man’s opinion is held by many with Evangelicalism. Stupid, silly women, useless except for cooking, cleaning, baby-making, and intercourse on demand.



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    Oh Lord. It was that woman you gave me (btw, what were you thinking – who needs a woman?) that gave me that apple.

    Always blame Eve.

    Oops. Sorry. Got a little emotional there for a moment.

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    It was this kind of teaching that was the straw that broke the camel’s back with regard to fundamentalist evangelical teaching. I was 18, female, and excelled at math, science, logic, abstract thinking, you name it. Everyone who knows me jokes that I am as unemotional as a door knob. So….no.

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      Becky Wiren

      I had undiagnosed health issues that exacerbated my emotions when I was that young. (Although I was also good at math and science.) And I remember people talking about how if you worked in a real business you didn’t get upset blah blah blah. Isn’t that funny? I think it was a facade. People get upset all the time at work and sometimes they hide it, and sometimes they don’t. Some of the worst offenders are people in management, who are promoted to their highest level of incompetence. (Not all but many.) Many in management in factories are promoted due to their ass kissing. But then they treat their employees badly, raise their voices, yell, express hostility, you name it. My husband can tell you stories. And I can too.

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    Umm, the last presidential election saw many men voting with their emotions, the biggest one being fear. Talk about disastrous results, they helped bring on one giant mess from which our nation may never recover. I, on the other hand, logically went and voted for a candidate who wasn’t my first choice, because it was the only rational option left to me. No emotions were involved on my part.

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    I’m empathic. When others suffer I feel the same unless I shield like the Starship Enterprise. Many times in my past I’d get so angry or frustrated I’d lose the use of my words. Years of therapy taught me how to corral those wayward emotions to allow logic and my words through.

    That said, I spent most of my youth focusing on evidence and facts, trying to distance myself from myself. I found my Truth and discovered it applied only to me. Big eye opener, that one. Truth is subjective? Say it ain’t so!

    When I read comments that the womenz have no logics I seriously want to do some smiting, but therapy….

    Folks who dismiss women as only emotions had better watch out. Emotions (which we all have) are like water and will find a way to expose themselves. As I discovered it’s at the worst time and place – think frozen pipes bursting and you’ll get the picture.

    Disparage emotional folk as you will Christian Apologist. I’m sure your time will come to meet yourself up close and personal. Remember to breathe. That always helps.

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