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The Lies Evangelicals Tell Themselves About Atheists

liar liar pants on fire

It should come as no surprise that eighty-two percent of voting Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump — a pathological liar, the textbook definition of a narcissist. For most Evangelicals, all that matters to them is that Trump is — supposedly — anti-abortion. Never mind the fact that Trump used to be pro-abortion, and he is only now anti-abortion because it plays well with Evangelicals. Trump knows that without the Evangelical vote, Hillary Clinton would now be sitting in the White House. Trump also pretends to support religious liberty and rescinding the Johnson Amendment (which prohibits non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates). Anything that keeps Evangelicals in the Republican fold, the President supports. As he has shown thousands of times of the past two years, he is willing to lie to advance his agenda or attack his detractors. No president has publicly lied as much and as often as Donald Trump. When confronted with Trump’s vile nature, Evangelicals make all sorts of apologies for the man; everything from saying he is an immature “baby” Christian to him being the reincarnation of an Old Testament King. In other words, Evangelicals lie to themselves about Donald Trump. This, from my perspective, is the only way they can sleep at night. If Evangelicals ever have a true come-to-Jesus moment about the President, they would be calling for his impeachment. Instead, they convince themselves that things are not as they seem; that God has some great plan for the President.

I wrote the above to show that it is common for Evangelicals to lie to themselves when confronted with facts and evidence that does not fit their worldview. One need only to look at their theological beliefs to see how lies are routinely used to prop up beliefs that can no longer be intellectually and rationally supported. It’s the twenty-first century, not the sixteenth, yet Evangelicals continue to use past justifications to support their outdated, irrational, anti-human beliefs. In other words, they lie to themselves.

So it is for Evangelicals when it comes atheists. Let me illustrate how Evangelicals see atheists with a screen capture from an Evangelical discussion forum. I can’t remember which forum I found this, but it was either the Fundamental Forums, the Baptist Board, or the Puritan Board — three peas in a pod:

how evangelicals view atheistsA

According to this Evangelical, atheism makes people angry, hopeless, and self-destructive. Sound familiar? This statement, of course, has no grounding in reality. This is a lie the man tells himself; a necessary lie in order for his worldview to make sense. In his worldview, the world is neatly divided into two categories: saved/lost, in/out, black/white, Heaven/Hell. Atheists, then, are lost and headed for Hell. Their refusal to believe in the Evangelical God is a sign of a reprobate mind; people who have been turned over to Satan (Romans 1,2).  Fair enough, I suppose. That’s what the Bible says, right? I can’t fault Evangelicals for believing the Bible; even though they conveniently not-believe-it when it suits them. What people such as myself find irritating is the attacks on our character. Oh, you are an A-T-H-E-I-S-T?  Well, that means you live a life without meaning, purpose, and direction. No matter how often atheists correct this false notion, Evangelicals remain steadfast in their beliefs about atheists. No matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary, Evangelicals continue to lie to themselves about atheists. Why?

Evangelicals are convinced that they are, in God’s eyes, special; that Jesus has chosen to save them by his grace; that everything that happens in their lives is according to this God’s purpose and plan for them; that Heaven awaits them after they die — God’s reward for their faith and obedience. In order for these things to be true, atheists must be viewed as their enemies; people who hate God; people who follow Satan; people who have hopeless, empty lives; people who love to sin against God. Of course, none of these things is true. The evidence at hand suggests that atheists on the whole live lives filled with purpose and meaning. Atheists don’t hate God or follow Satan, because they do not believe either exists.

For Evangelicals, atheists are evil personified. It’s been that way, in particular, ever since avowed atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair successfully challenged the constitutionality of prayer and Bible reading in public schools. From the 1960s forward, atheists have become more vocal about their godlessness, and are far more willing to publicly and legally challenge the theocratic tendencies of Evangelicals. Groups such as American AtheistsFreedom From Religion Foundation, and the American Humanist Association have increasingly challenged Evangelical church and state violations in the courts — and have won. Things are so bad now for Evangelicals that even Satanists — who are atheists — are challenging the preferential treatment Evangelicals receive from local, state, and federal government.

In reaction to what Evangelicals believe is a frontal assault on Christianity, they go out of their way to paint their atheistic enemies as bad people. Atheists are called all sorts of names and tagged with all sorts of reprehensible behavior. Sure, there ARE atheists who are awful people, but talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Evangelicals have enough bad behavior going on in their own ranks, right? Evangelicalism is roiling with sexual abuse scandals and other sex crimes perpetrated by so-called men of God. Evangelicals have lost any sense of high moral ground, and are now considered the most hated religion in America. Many younger Americans believe Evangelicals are a hate group — people who despise LGBTQ people. Yet, despite all of this, Evangelicals continue to lie to themselves about atheists (and other non-Evangelicals). After all, if atheists have lives just as good and as meaningful as Evangelicals, why be a Christian? If atheists demonstrate the “fruit of the Spirit” without believing in said Spirit, what does that say about Christianity? If atheists love their spouses, love their children, hold down jobs, and contribute to their communities, what does that say about the claims Evangelicals make for their lives being “transformed” by the power of God? It seems to this atheist that Evangelical Christianity doesn’t offer anything that can’t be found outside of religion. Once the Bible with its Bronze Age foolishness loses its authority and power, people are free to craft meaningful, purposeful lives on their own terms. This scares the shit out of Evangelicals. And instead of accepting the fact that atheists are every bit as good, moral, and ethical as Evangelicals are, they lie to themselves as the man did in the above quotation.

There was a time when I would try to correct such false notions about atheists. I have, however, come to the place where I realize that until Evangelicals are willing to stop lying to themselves and are willing to see things as they are, there’s no hope of changing their minds. As long as their pastors preach thundering sermons and write scathing blog posts about the “evil” atheists, their lies will be reinforced. Who are they going to believe? Atheists, in their own words, or their pastors? Until Evangelicals come to the place where they rationally and skeptically weigh what their pastors say, they will continue to believe the lies that are told about atheists. There’s nothing we atheists can do about this except to continue living our lives in ways that give atheism a good name.

About Bruce Gerencser

Bruce Gerencser, 61, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 40 years. He and his wife have six grown children and twelve grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist. For more information about Bruce, please read the About page.

Bruce is a local photography business owner, operating Defiance County Photo out of his home. If you live in Northwest Ohio and would like to hire Bruce, please email him.

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  1. Avatar

    We’re commonly described as evil, violent, hateful, rebellious, feminist, angry etc etc. We need to just attend their church which is different and wonderful. But also, we have NEVER read the bible, so either x-tians will chuck a few cherry-picked verses at us, or urge us to read it and we’ll convert instantly. As Neil Carter said, many of us read the bible, studied theology for years. we didn’t reject x-tianity because we were lukewarm, or not True X-ians, we worked our socks off for god..only to discover…it…didn’t… was all a myth.

  2. Avatar

    Bruce, your article reminds me of went on during the hearing on TV, Wednesday. Mocking the messenger was in hopes of negating the message. Even a few Bible verses were thrown in there. Never ever mentioning that possibly or believing, for even one moment…that their own praised & worshiped agent could possibly be in the wrong.
    As for evangelicals…Any attempt, on their part to minimize the errors of their beliefs, might be a small sign that the defect is at least acknowledged, but until bubble popping happens to them, I don’t count on it.
    As for that screen capture…OMG! Let one count the ways to debunk the talking points!
    As I’ve said before, When the underline premise is untrue, everything built on it…is also untrue.

  3. Avatar

    I have given up on evangelicals. One simply cannot have a conversation with them about religion without salvation, sin, hell, Satan, and the like entering the conversation. You may as well talk about Harry Potter and horcruxes and Voldemort to me for all the basis in reality it holds.

    I am having conversations with a few close, trusted progressive Christians, and even they are initially taken aback when I identify as atheist. They usually say something along the lines that I am going too far. When I explain it that i cannot prove the existence or nonexistence of deities but i think the evidence points against and I don’t hate religion (just extremist fundamentalism) they are ok with it. Then I reveal I grew up in an extremist fundamentalist form and describe my journey, and they are more accepting and less shocked. I guess I just want them to realize that one can be an atheist without being hateful, mean, bitter, and condescending.

    But evangelicals? Forget it. Their minds are made up already.

  4. Avatar

    I wish to boastfully confess that as somebody who cannot admit any decent proof for God, I do not believe Paul in his hallucinations and voices. Further, I boast the very real, sometimes painful ability to question the punishment paradigm held so dear among believers. Without the shackles of belief, one is able to really change harmful behaviours and observe real world outcomes; thereby make decisions to, for instance, begin to respect children as human beings instead of hitting them and training-them-up.
    One can see by way of adopting respect for innocence, the harm one has done in the past by blindly listening to the old old story. One can even, as Bruce shares, say sorry and make some kind of restitution in the real world, the here and now. The amazing grace of being simply human far outstrips the hymn of slave-traders and those who seek to be harmed in their guilt.
    Christian, can you believe that your faith actually allowed and encouraged you to vote for Donald Trump to be your God-given leader? Is your America great again? And finally, can you share with me where in the Black Book God says America should be first instead of last, for instance…

  5. Avatar

    I think it’s just Evangelicals showing their true colors. Atheists can’t be controlled with fear of hell/eternal judgment, so Evangelicals take it as a personal attack. The vitriol I saw them spew after Stephen Hawking’s passing was absolutely disgusting.

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