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Abortion and the Religious Right

abortion right wing

The above comic, drawn by Don Addis, was recently featured on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s website. I thought it nicely summed up attempts to outlaw abortion by Evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics. These zygote worshiping zealots will not rest until abortion (and birth control) is outlawed and criminalized.

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    I personally don’t like abortion and certainly think it needs to be strictly regulated ( notice I didn’t say banned etc) however it simply kills me how that Evangelicals oppose the very thing that would end so much abortion; universal health care. Some of them also oppose birth control. Lastly they hate gay people but who is less likely to have an abortion than a gay person? This all makes no sense.

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    If the religious right get their way and somehow abortion in almost all cases is made illegal, then what does the HOP have to stir up that voting block? Or, as polls are showing that those who identify as evangelical Christians are dropping in numbers, will the GOP allow abortion to be outlawed as a parting gift and move on to another issue? I don’t see that the GOP can allow such a powerful tool for them to be taken away at this point – but if they don’t seize the next Supreme Court opportunity to strike it down, the religious right will have a shit fit. The GOP made their bed and must lie in it, but seriously, what other issue do they have left in their arsenal to excite their religious right base? Racism, xenophobia, and white nationalism I guess? Not as powerful a narrative as evil Satanic Democrats killing babies as the far right like to describe it.

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    As you say Elliot “ We should all stay single”. I don’t agree with this but it’s your choice, and that is your right. Just as women have the choice as to whether or not to have an abortion.

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    Fundamentalist Christians believe all life is precious, yet also claim that the vast majority of mankind is destined for hell. Can we really say life is precious if the majority of mankind is better off never having been born

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