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Southern Gospel Singer Kenny Bishop is Now a Gay United Church of Christ Pastor

kenny bishop

Kenny Bishop grew up in an Evangelical home in Waco, Kentucky. As a teen, Kenny joined with his father and brother Mark to form the southern gospel group The Bishops. For the next eighteen years, The Bishops traveled the country singing at churches, concert venues, and conventions. I had the privilege of hearing The Bishops sing on several occasions, first at the Gospel Barn in Hillsdale, Michigan and then at an outdoor concert near Berea, Kentucky.

Music by The Bishops frequently wafted from our home during the 1980s and 1990s. My wife and I were raised in churches that loved southern gospel music. We’ve attended numerous southern gospel concerts, and while students at Midwestern Baptist College we attended concerts at nearby Emmanuel Baptist Church that featured The Happy Goodman Family and The Cathedral Quartet. In the late 1990s, our music tastes moved away from southern gospel as we began listening to contemporary Christian music, Christian rock, and praise and worship music. Today, I will, on occasion, listen to southern gospel music on Spotify, even though I don’t believe a word of the lyrics. There is something about the music that reaches me at an emotional level. Polly, on the other hand, prefers that the only time Christian music of any kind is played in our home is when she isn’t there. I find it interesting how each of us has a very different response to music from our past. For me, it’s not that the songs “speak” to me. I find many of songs lacking theologically and intellectually. But, there’s something about the harmonies that appeal to me. Polly? She’s definitely a secular rock aficionado. I love rock music too, but I am not willing to throw all the music away from my past. Does this mean that I am still hanging on to God and Christianity? Not at all. Music affects all of us deeply, often in ways we don’t fully understand. Southern gospel music was a part of our Christian life for over forty years. It should not surprise anyone that this music still appeals to me at some level.

Several days ago, I had a hankering for music from The Bishops. As I was listening, I thought, “I wonder where Kenny Bishop is today?” I knew he left the family group in 2001, began working for several politicians, and went through a divorce from his wife of fifteen years, but I had no idea what he was up to today. I suspected that he was still singing southern gospel music. Little did I know that Kenny had strayed far from his Fundamentalist Christian roots and was now a married gay man and a bivocational pastor at Bluegrass United Church of Christ in Lexington, Kentucky!

Talk about finding the unexpected — a liberal, gay Kenny Bishop. I definitely didn’t see that one coming. That said, I am happy for Kenny and his husband Mason. While I am no longer a Christian, I know that Christianity needs more Kenny Bishops. I have no doubt Kenny was eviscerated for his repudiation of Evangelical orthodoxy and their hatred of LGBTQ people. I know first-hand how it feels to be cut a thousand times by people who once loved you, people who were your family, friends, and colleagues in the ministry. Kenny, it seems, has risen above the anger and judgment and made a new life for himself.  I wish him nothing but the best. He will remain my all-time favorite southern gospel tenor singer. And better yet, he is an example for people who still believe in God, but want to free themselves from Evangelical bondage. For people of faith, there are kinder, gentler expressions of Christianity. As Kenny Bishop’s life shows, one can still meaningfully believe in the Christian God without being Evangelical. While I can’t follow such a path, I don’t condemn others who do.

Let me conclude this post with several videos of Kenny Bishop. Enjoy!

Video Link

Video Link

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Bruce Gerencser, 61, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 40 years. He and his wife have six grown children and twelve grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist. For more information about Bruce, please read the About page.

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  1. Avatar
    Karen the rock whisperer

    As a college undergrad, I was definitely drifting away from the Catholic church. I despised the church hierarchy and the determination to overlook and denigrate the contributions of women to the life of the church. But the local Newman Center, a small Catholic church dedicated to serving the campus Catholic community, had lively, energetic services. The preaching was usually quite humanistic. The music was provided by a dedicated group of student musicians who were damn good. I can still close my eyes and hear them play, some 40 years later. Many of the contemporary hymns were intended for everyone to sing together, but they’d usually have one where they did the singing–and damn, they could sing.

    One Sunday,just for the heck of it, I attended the local parish church Mass. What a difference! The music was provided by a pianist and a guitarist, and everyone–priest, musicians, congregants–all just seemed to be going through the motions. Bleh.

    So, I actually think those Newman Center musicians tacked about three years onto my professed Catholicism.

    • Avatar

      Karen, your Newman Center sounds so much like mine! And it was about 40 years ago, too, when I practically lived at the Catholic Center at UGA.

  2. Avatar

    Good for him that he was able to find happiness eventually, but I can’t imagine what he must have gone through in the process.

  3. Avatar

    Wow so sad to hear that he turned away from God to be gay for is he doesn’t turn his ways he won’t enter into the Kingdom of Heaven I don’t care how much gospel you sing or preach you must live it holy..for sin will not enter into the kingdom of heaven it’s wrong and it says in the Bible that it’s a sin in many chapters..God didn’t make Adam and Steve he made Adam and Eve…I can imagine what it done to his dad Kenny and his brother Mark it saddens me to know that Satan got ahold of him…

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      If “sin” cannot enter the Kingdom of God, neither you nor your fellow Christians will go to Heaven when you die (Romans 3). Or maybe it is just certain sins that bar people from Heaven. It is those evil LGBTQ people that will burn in Hell, not the good porn-surfing Baptists who only engage in Jesus-approved married heterosexual intercourse — missionary position only.

      • Avatar

        Any other gays (or an ally) out there, like me, might want to sing some southern gospel virtually? I sing baritone and play a bit of piano. I did it in my youth and really miss the harmony.

    • Avatar
      Alma Markham

      I agree with you for the Bible teaches against this life style. When watching some of the Bishops on Youtube, there is such an anointing that seems to fall on them when singing. I love to hear them sing. I can’t believe Kenny can turn his back on all this. While I don’t agree with his life style, No sin cannot enter into the kingdom, but God is a forgiving God. I pray for Kenny each Time I hear and see them singing on Youtube.

  4. Avatar

    I stumbled upon this post. We do all sin. I’m so glad we have a loving and forgiving God. Life isn’t always easy.
    I love the stories and messages in Gospel Songs. What encouragement!
    I pray for Kenny.
    Bruce read the OT prophecies again-written by prophets in different periods of time without much access to each other. Their words fit together like a glove.
    What is the calculated percentage or probability that these prophesies would come true? Yet they have and are! Ex. There’s 333 concerning Jesus.
    33 were fulfilled just on the day Christ died.
    It’s an exciting read.: ))
    : ))))
    May I suggest you please read: God’s Word, final, Infallible and Forever by Floyd mcElveen? God’s Word is true: ))

    • Avatar
      Becky Wiren

      Renee–Bruce has read the entire Bible numerous times. Now he’s an atheist shining a spotlight on the horrible cult of fundamentalism. Also: there is no scientific proof of any of the happenings in the Bible, no creation, no exodus, at least, not before the Babylon captivity. There seems to be indications there was a man named Jesus, but no proof of resurrection. You can’t use the Bible to prove the Bible! (This is why I’m okay with people believing or not, but I prefer universalism.)

      Here’s the thing: faith is great. Wanting to do good is great. But fundies aren’t interested in real good. They are interested in bullying people who don’t believe the same way and calling it love. If fundies and evangelicals gave up political power and truly began to love their fellow man, Christianity would be a net positive for the world. So far, that isn’t happening.

  5. Avatar
    Don snider

    Jesus never said anything bad about gays. The Bible is full of stuff added like Fish on a Friday. When they wrote about the end they said that two women working in the field one is taken.. they also say two men in one bed… one is taken. So one goes to aheven. They also say don’t wear clothing of mixed weave..I’m doomed!

  6. Avatar

    In 1 Thess.1 when Christ reveals himself from heaven which will be soon you and all the reprobates will suffer the “ETERNAL” LAKE of FIRE 4EVER separated from Jesus Christ. You and sodomites like Kenny whom you support will have Eternity to suffer unending destruction. It shall be more tolerable for Sodom in that day. Matt. 11:24

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Works for me. As long as we aren’t anywhere near people like you. You’re the proverbial bad neighborhood. Who wants to live there, right?

      Why all the anger and hostility? Just because someone is gay? In a same-sex relationship? What is really driving your hatred of LGBTQ people?

    • Avatar

      Cool story, bro. Needs more dragons.

      In related news, why hasn’t the Hubble telescope managed to pick up that dragon in Revelation that’s supposed to knock one-third of the stars out of the sky with its tail? Unless it has faster-than-light drive onboard, it won’t get here for at least 13.7 billion years. 😀

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        Yep, the spell only works if you believe in magic. ? OMG, the scary Bible. Meh. ? Not sure what Eric hoped to accomplish.Maybe Bishop was one of his idols?How many times have we seen Evangelicals turn on their idols? Ugly behavior.

  7. Avatar
    Jerry B

    Okay to those of you judging Kenny for coming out, shame on you. This is a lot of why I am turning away from evangelicals. I’m so sick of you holier than thou scumbags who judge someone based on what their sexuality preference is. Last i knew people have the right to be whatever they want and not be afraid what others think.

  8. Avatar
    Glen Gillenwater

    I can’t say it doesn’t hurt me deeply to find out that Kenny is gay, I listen to them for years sing. But as the bible dose teach one man to be married to a woman he did not tell Noah to go find a man replenish the earth he had to be married to woman in order to do that. So kenny if u read this I still love u and loved to hear u and Mark and your day sing I can’t support u any longer or listen to your songs.

  9. Avatar

    Glen, why would it hurt you that anyone you followed or cared for is gay? What possible impact could their being gay have on your life? Why do you feel the need to preach to the person by telling they are wrong, going against god, and apparently against humanity since they can’t “replenish the earth”? Then follow,all of the insulting, homophobic language with “I still love you” as if it has any truth or real meaning? Shouldn’t you love a person for who they are, and not who you want them to be? Everything you said really seems very self serving.

    While it’s true a gay man cannot reproduce without a woman, many lesbian women have and are doing their part to “replenish the earth.” I also know many gay men who have adopted children, maybe even some of those children that you saved from abortion but ignored after they were born. By your logic anyone who decides to stay unmarried or chooses to not have children are also not following the proper bible teaching.

    I can’t speak for Kenny but I would expect he is much happier now, and is more free of his sin than he ever was under the christian faith

  10. Avatar

    Oh stop being so bloody precious. Wagner was a favourite composer of the Nazis because he was an out and out anti-semite, but I can appreciate his music (most of which is incredibly boring!). This life’s all you’ve got. Stop wasting it.

  11. Avatar
    Bobby Jones

    1 Cor 6:9,10 states, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Gal 5:19 says, “Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Rev 21:8 says, “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur…”

    Your issue, as well as Kenny’s is not with Evangelicals, but rather with God! I am praying for the both of you right now.

      • Avatar
        Jessie Castleberry

        Bruce God don’t have to show up. He is every where and He has givin us his word to live by. I commend Bobby for telling all these things that God has said about homosexuality and unclean living. God loves us each and everyone. He will open the gates of he’ll and all these that.defile themselves with this harlot into it. He’ll is very real and he is trying to get all that live this worldly life to except his word, the only real truth.

        • Avatar

          If God is everywhere, it also means God is the worlds biggest pervert. It also makes him the worlds biggest shit or most powerless God as he either cant stop predators from abusing children or refuses to. If someone loves someone else, they would try to alleviate suffering and god either refuses to, causes it, doesn’t care or doesn’t exist. He is not worth worshipping in either case. Also cancer in children, a loving God would never allow that.

        • Avatar

          Further proof that religion really affects the ignorant. He’ll not hell? Except not accept? Givin not given? And the correct grammar is, “Bruce, god DOESN’T have to show…” Your gibberish is about as cohesive as your book of fairy tales (that’s the bible in case you can’t figure it out.)

  12. Avatar

    Ok Bobby, my problem with god is no problem. It’s kinda like voodoo, you have to believe for it to have any control. It’s very clear that god either doesn’t exist or doesn’t give a fuck. But if you have any influence at all, send them my way, I have a few things for which I plan to hold god accountable. While your at it, maybe ask god why they avoid me…is god afraid of someone pointing out their evil ways?

    While you spew your scriptural judgement and veiled bigotry toward me, you might pause to consider that the section “ enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy” probably has one or more items that apply to you. Since they are all on the same list, I guess your problem is with god and not me.

    You also might want to look up that story about judgement, specks and planks. Or the sheep and goats story. I know it’s Jesus and not Paul, but his words are important too.

    Just in case your miss the point, it is evangelicals that create problems for me, look down on me, spew bigotry at me, try to convince me to change, or attempt to use laws to take away my existence s a non binary person. God has never uttered one word to me. So, yeah, bigots like you ARE the problem, as your words above prove.

    So, go to your church, hang with your members, and leave me alone. My life has a total of zero impact on you nor is my life any of your business.

    • Avatar
      Jessie Castleberry

      Dear sage I really real for you. Even though you spew out hatred for God and his people he still loves you and He commands all Christians to love you. I don’t know what or who has turned you from God so terribly bad but I pray before you leave this world that you will see Gods light and decide his love is so real. Us Christians are not perfect but we are forgiven be cause we have believed and we have asked God for forgiveness and professed.our sins to him. Like the their on the cross beside Jesus who ask Jesus to remember him when Jesus came into his kingdom. Jesus told him today thou shalt be with me in paradise.

      • Avatar

        Jessie, you can’t feel for me because you know nothing about me, I don’t hate your god because your god does not exist. Even if I assume, as you do, that your god exists, then they have chosen to ignore me. Either way, it doesn’t matter, as I won’t waste time hating a supposed god.

        But yes, I do detest many Christians, and you perfectly portray the reason why. You claim you god tells all Christian’s to love me but apparently you failed to read all of my post, where I said “ Just in case your miss the point, it is evangelicals that create problems for me, look down on me, spew bigotry at me, try to convince me to change, or attempt to use laws to take away my existence as non binary person. God has never uttered one word to me. So, yeah, bigots like you ARE the problem, as your words above prove.”

        Which, to be clear, means you. You took the time to read my post, judge me as damaged and sinful, then lecture me “in love” on how I can still be saved -meaning my life can be changed to live by the rules as you define them.

        You are the problem here, not me. I did not find you or your posts and feel compelled to tell you how you are wrong or hateful toward people not in your faith. You are the one who chose to judge and correct me. But now that you are here I will clearly expose your hate and bigotry for all to see.

        I am willing to coexist with Christians and leave them to their belief, if only they would be willing to coexist with me and let me be the person I am. But as you clearly exemplify, it is just impossible for people like you to do so.

      • Avatar

        “ Us Christians are not perfect…”

        Now there Jessie is the understatement of the year! The problem is you don’t even try to be perfect, or even just a little better. You preach ‘God loves you’ but you don’t mean it. You’re full of hate, totally lacking in compassion and empathy for people who don’t share your instincts.

        • Avatar

          And to be the angry grammarian it should be, “WE christians…” Have to love how they spout off so much hate and vile and then claim they love you and want to help you. The cognitive dissonance sure is strong with this one.

  13. Avatar
    P Turnbow

    I am a Christian…. Only God has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong.. the ONLY way to get to Heaven is thru reading and studing HIS WORD.. not just certain scriptures.. but the WHOLE bible and PRAYER!!!… my heart breaks for the gay lifestyle because i believe in what His word teaches me.. its SIN.. u cant whitewash it and make into something GOD WANTS and APPROVES OF all each of us can do is do our best to live as God has taught us and pray for the sin of the world…

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      You say “Only God has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong,” yet you pass judgment on fellow Christian Kenny Bishop. Hmm . . .

      Further, do you believe, obey, and practice every law, command, and precept in the Bible? Of course not. No Christian does. So, what’s the real issue? I suspect LGBTQ people make you feel uncomfortable. Instead of trying to figure out why, you throw some Bible verses in their direction, saying they are sinners or they are not “real” Christians. Why are people like you so obsessed with the sex lives of others? Does who Bishop loves and has sex with affect you in any way? No. So, this is about YOU, not Kenny Bishop.

    • Avatar

      Mr. or Ms. Turnbow, anyone is free to judge anyone or anything. I, for instance, judge you to be a superstitious homophobe.

      Don’t like the gay lifestyle? Don’t date a person of the same gender. Problem solved!

    • Avatar

      Your heart should be breaking for the discrimination and hate coming from your Christian churches. Christians have done everything in their power to control, regulate, and eliminate gay men and the entire LGBTQIA+ community. This continues even today.

      If Christians had their way, they would lock up all people in the LGBTQ community. Some preachers even call for execution from the pulpit. Churches cover up, ignore, excuse, or forgive preachers who assault men, women, and children, but consider any LGBTQ person as the scourge of the earth. The language used by Christians when referring to LGBTQ people is horrid, especially from people,who are called to love and care for others.

      So you might want to get your house in order before judging others as sinners.

  14. Avatar

    response to Sage: You are painting all Christians with the same brush. Kenny is a pastor in a Christian church. I attend a different church in the same denomination. We are still Christians but are accepting of LGBTQ. In fact, my pastor and her wife are part of the LGBTQ community. Please do not generalize to the point of including all of us in your assumptions of some. By the way, I myself am heterosexual, but very open minded and accepting of other lifestyles. After all, what most of what we are referring as lifestyle and sexual preferences is not a choice but something we are born with.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser


      No she is not. You don’t know her well enough to make this assumption. I primarily write about Evangelicalism. Sage’s responses, I believe, are to Evangelicals who commented on this post. Forgive her (and me) for not modifying the word Christian every time we use it. It’s so tiresome to parse the tribal directory every time we talk about Christianity. We get it, some Christians are LGBTQ friendly. However, 99% of the Christians who comment on this site are anti-LGBTQ —- hateful, mean-spirited bigots.

      Let me make a suggestion James: ask Sage to share her story with you.

      As far as Kenny is concerned, you do realize that millions and millions of Evangelical Christians don’t believe he’s a Christian; that he is going to burn in Hell for his deviant behavior. Did you read the comments from your fellow “Christians” on this post? Surely you can see THEY are the problem, not Sage.

      Thank you for commenting.


    • Avatar

      Congratulations to you, James, you are a Christian who accepts LGBTQ in your church. You also feel it is important to stop here and lecture me on how I treat people who are part of a group that discriminate against me and, yes, even wish to eliminate my existence.

      Of all the people in this conversation, you picked me, and attempt to correct me. Did you take any stand against the Christians who see my existence as vile? Wait, let me read your post again… no, you did not.

      Do you see the problem here? Instead of telling your fellow Christians that they are wrong and need to stop with their bigotry, you chose to call me out and say “not all christians!” And still you remain silent on their comments!

      So, to respond directly, I am not “painting all Christians with the same brush.” I have a very serious dislike of evangelical and fundamentalist Christians who see me as vile, perverted, or an abomination. These people will never be treated well by me until they stop sending hate my way. If they don’t like it, then they can fix it by stopping their bigotry.

      I know some Christians who care for and defend the LGBTQ community. While I disagree with their religion, I have much respect for their stance. I coexist with them. I wish more Christians were able to live in this manner. Just as my existence has no impact on them, their beliefs have no impact on me. We can respect each other and coexist with no issues.

      I also know some Christians who support LGBTQ people, have friends in the community, or may even have a family member that is queer. But these same people remain silent in the face of the bigotry, hate, and threats from their fellow Christians.They see other Christians spewing hate, but do not call them out or attempt to stop the hatred. I wish these Christians would stand up boldly and loudly to denounce their fellow Christians, but instead all I hear are crickets.

      I do not know where you fall in these last 2 groups, but I do know you called me out instead of your Christian brethren.

      So, James, please allow me to offer you a scenario. You are out for a walk when you encounter a crowd. You stop to discover that a non-binary person who is being loudly and publicly accosted by an evangelical, who has decided that they must be confronted, told they are an evil sinner, bound for hell, who has fallen for Satan’s lies in the hedonistic lust to chase their disgusting desires of the flesh. As this bigot spews his hateful rhetoric, you notice some in the crowd are vocally supporting him.

      Do you:
      1) stand listening to the diatribe, then, when the non-binary person leaves, follow them, offer to walk with them, and take the opportunity to tell them they are loved as they are, and would be welcome in your church.

      2) stand listening, then step in to protect the non-binary person by leading them from the crowd. As you walk with them, you tell them they are loved and accepted as they are, and are welcome in your church.

      3) stand quietly listening to the bigotry of the speaker and his supporters until everyone leaves. You want to make sure the non-binary person is ok. Then you talk to the non-binary person to tell them that you accept them, as does your church, but you heard what they were saying to the Christian bigot, and tell them they shouldn’t assume all Christians are the same, because you are different.

      4) step in and put yourself between the non-binary person and the bigot, the loudly call out the bigot and their supporters, telling them you too are a Christian and their hate is unacceptable and ungodly. Then, as you walk away with the non binary person, you tell them that you hate that they suffer this kind of bigotry and use that walk to simply offer support for them with no mention of your beliefs?

  15. Avatar

    your comments cut me to the bone… how far people have strayed from God Almighty… all i can say is to be GAY is wrong.. to be proud of being an atheist , how low can one be .. it just hurts.. my prayers will always be for myself as a christian who sins daily but knows forgiveness is just a prayer away..and i strive to be better… my prayers are for the gays and atheists also…one day WE ALL WILL BOW before God… and answer for our sins..

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      How low can anyone be to make personal attacks on people different from them? How does someone being gay or atheist materially affect you? How does Bishop’s gayness or my atheism “hurt” you in any way?

      My prayer is for Christians to mind their own fucking business and stop the self-righteous bullshit.

      You have no evidence for the claim that we will all bow for God and answer for our sins. God doesn’t exist, sin is a religious construct, and the only god I bow to is my wife.

    • Avatar

      All you have to do is go live your life and leave us to live ours. I don’t care if you are a christian and believe in god and you should not care who or what I am. Christians always want to change me, but all I want to do is coexist. Why is that so hard for you? Why does everyone have to live by your rules

      Is it really so hard to live your life and let others live theirs??

      • Avatar
        Jessie Castleberry

        Sage, could you for just a moment please try and realize we only appeal to you as Jesus did to see his truth. He is the one that sends us to you thru his love to try and convince you that he loves you. We can do nothing of and in our selves. Only he can change you and only if you believe in him. He does love you so much. Jesus gave his on life for that you might believe and receive him. He would rather you believe and except him so you might live with him in eternity but he won’t force you to. It hurts him and us to see people deny him and go to he’ll for eternity.

        • Avatar

          Jessie, you’re a fucking idiot if you think you can trust a god that would create an eternal hell. If that pathetic mythology were actually true, through the entirety of your sojourn in heaven you would perpetually be one “unapproved” thought away from an express-elevator trip to the hot basement.

          And if we cannot change ourselves, neither can we be held responsible for our actions. Therefore, your evil little god-thing is 100% responsible for all suffering that occurs in the hell that it created.

          Why do you worship an infinitely evil god, Jessie?

        • Avatar

          To quote myself “ Is it really so hard to live your life and let others live theirs??” Clearly your answer is yes, it is very hard.

        • Avatar
          Ben Berwick

          Jessie, could you try and understand for a moment that your actions and words, no matter the intent behind them, are not demonstrations of love. Sage does not need to change and does not desire the acceptance of the Church in order to live their life in whatever way they see fit. Nor do they require the acceptance of the Church or any other form of religion. Respect this, please.

    • Avatar

      So Pamela, suppose there is a God and you die, stand before him, and he says ‘sorry luv’, only gays and atheists allowed in here’? What’re you going to do then?

    • Avatar
      ... Zoe ~

      Well Pamela, God will be lucky to have you at his side on “bowing day” because you appear to be chuck full of holy judgement.

      In the name of the father, the son and Pamela.

    • Avatar

      Cyndi, the only ones we ever need to repent to are our fellow humans, if and when we do them wrong, and unless we make tangible restitution to them that repentance will ring hollow.

      And there is no “or” in “Repent or perish”. “And” fits better, because everyone perishes eventually. Literally everyone. There is no evidence for eternal life, so make the most of the life that you do have. If your superstition-fueled homophobia prevents you from enjoying music you previously liked, it’s your loss rather than Kenny Bishop’s.

    • Avatar

      Cyndi, I wonder if you’re also throwing away all the sermon tapes and books by pastors who are caught in sin, like adultery and covering up for sexual abuse?
      I wonder if it’s only homosexuality you’re feeling especially icky about?

    • Avatar
      Jessie Castleberry

      Cyndi, you’re reacting the wrong way. You don’t have to throw away his tapes. That doesn’t show him love. You do have to pray for him though.

      • Avatar

        Jesse, you are way late to the party. Your replies to year old comments are not doing your cause any favors. If you want us to take your beliefs seriously, you need to prove the Bible is what you say it is. No you cannot use the Bible to prove itself as that will negate your arguments. Now, plenty of commenters here are believers and many are atheists and many somewhere in between. We can agree to disagree but preaching at us will not get you far here or out in the world either with those you are attempting to convert. You may also want to just consider that you may be wrong, questioning your beliefs is a healthy process. Curiosity may have killed the cat but certainty breeds arrogance, bad attitudes, and a total lack of respect for others.

  16. Avatar
    Jonni Lynch

    I’m incredibly late to comment on this story but I felt I must. My mother really enjoyed Southern Gospel Music and being from Kentucky, we had a great deal of groups to choose from. Though raised in the church, I was a classically trained ballerina and had decided that the church, at face value, talked about love and acceptance, but truly did not mean it. Especially as I was exposed to more and more diversity in the theater. To make mom happy, I’d go with her to see The Bishops. I instantly liked Kenny. I found him witty and sensitive and of course very talented. We saw them frequently (at a church where the minister was later jailed for embezzling LOADS of money from the congregants #eyeroll) so I was able to talk to him casually and just intuitively felt something was different about him from his family. I liked him so much I even went to a tiny little church in rural Kentucky to hear him preach–which was very Fire and Brimstone– and I was sorry to see he wasn’t as open hearted as I’d thought him to be. Later I felt like it was an overcompensation. Then there was a very public (in the Southern Gospel circles) divorce due to “alleged affairs”, and he sort of fell from their grace, I guess. I had long moved on. I was far too liberal for organized religion to really take though I liked the “community” of it. Seems now, like Kenny, I was trying to make it “fit” me instead of trying to find the place where I wanted to fit. I just happened to think of him for some reason yesterday and ran across this story and I’ll be dimmed if it doesn’t all make perfect sense now and I’m thrilled for him. I’m SO glad he found grace–and love–first in himself and now again in his faith. I’m still working at that latter part and don’t know if it will ever resonate but more power to Kenny and to those like him who bring the salt and the light.

  17. Avatar
    Cynthia Williams

    RE: In reference to my former post……..Luke 13:5…. JESUS words, not mine. “I tell you, Nay: but,except ye repent,ye shall all likewise perish.

  18. Avatar
    Jerry Butler

    New kid on the block and in all honesty, Even though I am a Christian, I am not going to judge Kenny because of his lifestyle. He’s an adult who made an adult decision and for those who are judging Kenny, I have but one question, who among you can honestly say your life is perfect and sinless? I rest my case. Do I agree with his decision? That’s not my decision to make. The one thing that really bugs me about Christianity is the fact that everyone seems to get their kicks shoving our beliefs in people’s faces. What happened to loving people and respecting the rights & beliefs of our fellow man? Bruce, Thanks for letting me vent a minute.

  19. Avatar

    Any other gays (or an ally) out there, like me, might want to sing some southern gospel virtually? I sing baritone and play a bit of piano. I did it in my youth and really miss the harmony.

  20. Avatar
    Charity Bowles

    If you do a little google searching, you’ll also probably find a liberal, gay Depp Britt of the Cumberland (Boys) Quartet.

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