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How Jack Chick Views Climatologists

chick the flood
The World According to Jack Chick.

Jack Chick is a fundamentalist Christian cartoonist. If you spent any significant time in the Evangelical church, you’ve heard about “Chick tracts”. In the 1980s, the Baptist church I pastored in Somerset Ohio handed out thousands of This Was Your Life tracts, Chick’s most famous tract. If you want a cartoon representation of the crazy thinking of many Evangelicals, just read a Chick tract.

According to Wikipedia, Jack Chick has sold over 750 million tracts. One such tract is the gem titled Global Warming. Enjoy!chick climate

chick climate 2


Using  5 cents as the cost of one tract, Chick has made $37,500,000 from the sale of his tracts. Tracts currently sell for 16 cents each. Bulk orders of 1,000 or more tracts receive a 15-25% discount. Orders of 10,000 or more of a single tract receive a 50% discount.  Chick also sells books, tee shirts, DVDS, and comics. While little is known about the 91-year-old reclusive Jack Chick, it’s clear that he has made a nice living preying on the fears and ignorance of Christian fundamentalists.

Complete list of merchandise available from Jack Chick.


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    The fundamentalist approach to climate change, and evolution actually, probably all science in fact, is rather like I feel watching one of the remarkable magicians who appear on television these days.

    I was watching a chap called Dynamo last night. I don’t watch these types of show often but when I do I’m truly astounded. I cannot understand how they can possibly do what they do, and it occasionally crosses my mind that maybe he really does have supernatural powers. Then I remember that there’s no such thing as ‘supernatural’ (or at least no evidence yet adduced) plus he’s always at pains to point out that these are just conjuring tricks.

    The fundamentalist approach is consistent with my initial astonishment, but fails to move on to the evidence. The ‘evidence’ for climate change is what counts. It’s no good saying ‘but how could this be?’, they need to ask themselves how they address the very clear evidence that now exists, and see if they can reconcile that with their worldview. The fact that they won’t wouldn’t matter except for the fact that American Republican politicians feel the need to pander to this foolishness.

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    Chick tracts are so amusing. There is a Youtuber Morrakiu who reads them adding profanity and commentary that brings them to their true comedy apex. I love how Chick renders villains and professors. Especially funny in these is Pelosi and Al Gore. And that isn’t “Gaia” it is the Venus of Willendorf. It is a fetish for the ideal woman 25,000 years ago.

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