Ken’s Furniture Says Happy Birthday to Jesus

Ken’s Furniture is a local business concern located in Defiance, Ohio. Polly and I have bought several items from Ken’s over the years. Great people, fair prices, and outstanding service.

As is common here in rural Northwest Ohio, businesses love to give a shout out to Jesus during the holiday season.

kens furniture happy birthday jesus

Owners of the store said an employee misspelled Jesus. The sign has since been corrected.


  1. Ami

    Stuff like that cracks me up, even without the misspelling.
    Do they think ‘Jeses’ is going to be out cruising Main St. in his Honda?
    Or the posts on Facebook… ‘Dear Jesus I claim it in YOUR NAME?’
    Do they think he’s surfing the internet??


  2. Sam

    That kinda stuff really doesn’t bother me, I do find it slightly amusing though. It’s their sign and as long as they don’t discriminate against others with different or no beliefs it isn’t an issue. I’m sure there are at least a few people called Jesus (pronounced differently) who have a birthday today, “happy birthday Jesus” is so innoxious that unless they clarify it is for the biblical Jesus no one would know who they wished a happy b’day too.

  3. khughes1963

    Interesting that Ken’s Furniture’s sign is missing the “u” in Jesus!

  4. Steve

    Maybe that was short for “Jesse”, a possible childhood nickname of Jesus?

    A plausible theory?

  5. Melody

    Even the rocks will shout….

    Looks like the furniture will too ! 😉


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