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Pastor Keith Ogden Upset Over New American Girl Doll

american girl doll logan

Keith Ogden is the pastor of Hill Street Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina. Recently, Ogden expressed his outrage over American Girl’s newest doll. You see, this new doll is a boy, and Ogden thinks “This is nothing more than a trick of the enemy to emasculate little boys and confuse their role to become men.” The Citizen Times reports:

A move by a national doll manufacturer to add the first boy to its lineup has one local minister in a tizzy.

The Rev. Keith Ogden  of Hill Street Baptist Church sent a message to more than 100 of his supporters and parishioners Wednesday titled, “KILLING THE MINDS OF MALE BABIES.”

Ogden invoked Scripture as he criticized the American Girl company for its debut of Logan Everett, a drummer boy doll, who performs alongside Tenney Grant, a girl doll with a flair for country western music.

Logan is the lone boy among American Girl’s vast cast of characters, and the company sees him as both a way to please longtime fans as well as a new addition who will appeal to a broader audience.

“This is nothing more than a trick of the enemy to emasculate little boys and confuse their role to become men,” the minister said in the e-mailed statement he sent at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday after watching a segment about American Girl on “Good Morning America.”


“There are those in this world who want to alter God’s creation of the male and female,” he wrote. “The devil wants to kill, steal and destroy the minds of our children and grandchildren by perverting, distorting and twisting (the) truth of who God created them to be.”

Later that morning Ogden told the Citizen-Times that he doesn’t think that boys should play with dolls, that he thinks American Girl’s move will confuse children.

“Now you are going to have little boys playing with baby dolls and that’s not cool,” he said. “We need to get back to our old values and morals.”

Ogden said churches need to stand up and speak truth to power as the community wrestles with gender identity and changing values, especially as it relates to youth programming and activities. The Boy Scouts of America, last month, for example, announced that it will allow transgender children to enroll in scouting programs.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Ogden said. “It’s not natural for a boy to act like a girl. It’s not natural for a girl to want to be a boy. …You’ve got the government and people who placate this mess instead of telling little boys they can’t change their biology.”

American Girl, however, says it’s just meeting customer demands and expanding its market.

“A boy character has been a top request from our fans for decades,” said spokeswoman Stephanie Spanos, adding that along with two new historical characters the toy line this year will introduce more dolls with modern story lines than at any time in its 31-year history.

“We’re hopeful Logan will appeal to both girls and boys,” she said. “For boys, we know Logan can speak directly to them and give them something unique and special to call their own.”

The brown-haired, gray-eyed Logan doll is 18 inches tall, and has a set of drums to accompany Tenney.

Mattel, which owns American Girl, saw its sales surge last year following its introduction of a more diverse doll selection.

OMG, what’s next? Finding out that Ken never really loved Barbie because he was gay? Surely, the end of the world is at hand!


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    I guess action figures arent a form of dolls then. Only people on the fringe or those with deep insecurities would care about this. Im all for it and glad that mattel decided to this anyway. Plus there is always that one scene from spaceballs with dark helmet.

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    I only have one sibling, my brother, and we either both played with our friends or together. When we played together we either played with my brothers lego’s or playmobil’s, with his toy cars, or with my barbies. It was fun; toys were just toys and the stories we played were our own. We liked the different toys because they were different. With lego’s you could build houses and castles, the playmobile’s had lots of horses to play with and the barbies cool clothes, soft hair, and a wedding horse and carriage.

    We played circus with the barbies, putting in some stuffed teddybears and we had cord dancers, and animal tamers and so on, barbies dancing on horses. And yes, we were not allowed to visit the circus – occult, don’t you know – which is exactly why we played it. 🙂

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      Melody clearly reveals the evil essence of dolls and toys without even realizing the devil has taken her over entirely! Look at the evil rituals she and her friends created with dolls and so-called toys. The Devil uses these objects to claim our children, to encourage wild and uncontrolled imaginings when instead they could memorizing Bible verses! Dolls in pants? How obvious must the devil be??? Keith Ogden is a Godly lighthouse trying to lead the lost to safe shores. Burn Barbie and shred the teddy bears of the evil one! Melody needs an exorcism! 😉
      (I’m preying over all you atheists and Barbie-users.)

      • Avatar

        Should I be worried? You’re preying on me! 😉

        Oh, yes the evil of toys. You know, some toys could make you occult and summon demons for you, others could turn you gay. The power these toys have is unimaginable…..

        Oh, wait, it is unimaginable….

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    I don’t see what the problem would be with a BOY doll. I can see why people have been asking for it, after all how can girls have adventures without boys around? At $105 a pop the typical American Girl doll purchaser is well heeled and in a lot of cases are collectors.

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