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Black Collar Crime: Hebrew Israelite Steven Carty Arrested and Charged With Sexual Assault of a Child

steven carty

Steven Carty, a Hebrew Israelite, was arrested today and charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

Authorities have accused a 47-year-old man of sexually assaulting his teenaged wife, who is a member of a group that believes they are direct descendants of biblical Israelites, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

The unidentified 14-year-old girl’s mother, another member of the group, also was arrested on charges of endangering a child.

According to the sheriff’s office, the 14-year-old female told a doctor that she was married and sexually active. She said she had been “married” since she was 13. Police were notified of the situation on June 5 by Child Protective Services.

Sheriff Troy Nehls said during a Thursday press conference that he found the girl’s ordeal to be a “very disturbing, disturbing case.”

The sheriff’s office identified Steven Carty, 47, as the “husband” and charged him with aggravated sexual assault of a child. The girl’s mother, Cherry Jamila Payton, 39, was charged with endangering a child, a state felony.

When CPS officials interviewed both the teen and her mother, they described themselves as Hebrew Israelites, African-Americans who believe they are descendants of ancient Israelites.

The mother apparently supported her daughter’s marriage to Carty because of their beliefs, according to Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office spokeswomen Caitilin Espinosa.

Espinosa said the young girl did not have a traditional marriage ceremony, but the teen believed she was married because of her cultural beliefs.

“She didn’t get married in front of pastor or priest,” Espinosa said. “It was a cultural thing that she believes she was married.”

There are thousands of people across the country and other parts of the world including the Caribbean, Africa and United Kingdom who consider themselves Hebrew Israelites, according to The Associated Press.

Members usually dress in colorful clothing, refrain from birth control and also believe in polygamy. There are several meeting places for Hebrew Israelites across Texas including in El Paso, Houston and Dallas.

Their spiritual leader, Ben Ammi Ben Israel, died in Israel in 2014. He believed that some African-Americans were descendants of the biblical tribe of Judah and migrated to West Africa after the Jewish Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70 in Jerusalem.

In the 1960s, the leader said he had a vision from the angel Gabriel to return to West Africa. He led a group of people back to Liberia, which became the starting point of the worldwide belief system.




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    These are lies. The Israelites are not followers of Ben Ami. Israelites believe in the bible. Israelites know that the Father name is Yah. The name of the messiah is Yahoshua.

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      Well now MowriYah, it seems to me that Israelites are as confused as everyone else when it comes to religion. Things become so much easier to understand when you lose god from your life, whatever name you care to use.

  2. Avatar
    Wesharal YIsrael


    ALMIGHTY God, we come to you knowing that you are the God of our forefathers. You have called us from among the world to be your people, You have set us apart with one intention and one intention only, and that is to be set apart from the world and to be Your people, Holy and dedicated to you. Yes, we have sinned a great sin, we have gone after other gods, gods that cannot feel nor hear, gods who cannot help, gods that are not touched with the feelings of our infirmity. As a result of our sin, you have allowed our enemies to enslave us, and inflict on us all sorts of atrocities. As we confess, please forgive our many sins. Our forefathers and mothers have been raped, we have lost our God, our identity, our language, and our land (Israel), We have been killed all day long by the people who have enslaved us and by their security forces, while justice is far from us. We call upon You ADONAI, we call upon You YAWYEH, we call upon you ELOHIM, the God of our Fathers. We are tired! yes we are tired of the scorns and ridicules that come our way. While others pathways are paved with gold, ours are paved with sufferings. Our children were thrown to the alligator by our enemies, were hanged and they even made fun of their evil deeds by referring to them as GATOR-BATE and LYNCHING. They robbed us of our identity to the extent that we have completely lost our way, serving their gods and rejecting You, the only wise God. Hear our cries O’ Almighty God and come to our rescue. We tried to build ourselves together and they use their weapons to abolish what we have built. We are TIRED O’ God, You and You alone are our refuge. Come swiftly and avenge us, deliver us from our enemies. Restore us back to the land that they have stolen from us. We long to be a people once more, restore the twelve tribes, the tribes that You have said that they are the APPLE OF YOUR EYES. Almighty God, even the Churches, the institution that calls themselves, followers of Christ, your Son, shows prejudice against us. SWIFTLY MOVE AND REVEAL YOURSELF STRONG, LET THEM KNOW THAT WE ARE YOUR CALLED OUT ONES and not some man made Europeans, who have no knowledge of Your LAWS. We promise that You delivering us will allow us to assemble back into our land, where we will offer the sacrifices of praise unto You. WE ARE TIRED!!! DRY BONES, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD, COME ALIVE!!!!


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      Hey mate, I don’t deny you’ve been wronged but don’t think for a second that appealing to a totally imaginary god is going to help.

      Don’t start beating yourself (just you, everybody speaks for themselves, nobody else) up over ‘sins’. We all do it, all the time, but they aren’t sins, they’re just life. Mind you, rape, murder, sex with kids, and a whole host of other things are wrong, but they aren’t ‘sins’. That’s a meaningless word that should be banned. If people have done those things then they need to be dealt with, but don’t think that appealing to god gets these people off the hook.

      I’m also a little concerned about the sense of vengeance that comes through your magic spell. By all means wish for a better life, look for acceptance, look for tolerance, but never, ever, hope that your enemies are somehow going to suffer the same way. I call this the eleventh commandment (which I suspect you’ll ignore as readily as you do the other ten).

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    IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

    KNOW THY SELF was carved into stone by the Ancient Egyptians as both a lesson, and a reminder. Integrity is what holds (y)our mind, (y)our health, (y)our life, and every kind of community [society] together. Before you fan the wind beneath (y)our wings, learn which way is up.

    The goal of perfecting “a weak imitation of white” has destroyed the minds of many melanated [black] people. [White] America is so deep into the belly of this beast not entirely of their own making that the only exit left is through the demon’s ass.

    Where there is no integrity, there is no need for dignity. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. Life was everlasting long before “the church” found a way to package, and sell “it.” Intension is to (y)our spirit what bone marrow is to (y)our skeleton. If (y)our belief system supports any kind of slavery [mental, physical, doctrinal], (y)our religious mindset is still immoral.

    Some “things” must be absorbed. An expanded consciousness “can-knot” be stolen, imitated, transferred, memorized, recited, denied, or destroyed. “It” can only be masked, or “whited out” by The Blind Dead who see what they want to see and hear what they are supposed to already know.

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      This comment from Ebonita has me truly perplexed. I assume she (“ita” suggests she) was being tormented by demons as she wrote!

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