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Brian McFadden: Major American Cities Out to Attract New Amazon Headquarters

Cartoonist Brian McFadden aptly captures my thoughts on recent attempts by major American cities to attract Amazon to their community. Amazon plans to build a second headquarters, and city officials are falling all over themselves as they chase after Amazon’s promise of 50,000 jobs and millions of dollars of tax revenue.

cities seek amazon headquarters


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    Here’s another tidbit: “Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary said Wednesday he will seek state legislation to install Bezos as the unelected leader (mayor) of Amazon, Ga. — if the company chooses to bring its giant corporate hub called HQ2 to the area.” ~ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Amazon widened the gap between poverty and prosperity in Seattle. I wouldn’t want Amazon headquartering in my city.

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    I’m not clear why Amazon needs a second headquarters. The best thing to do would be to not announce it and do a covert purchase like Walt Disney did when he bought land for Walt Disney World in Florida.

    I’d recommend the Silver Dome site (lots of acreage and at the intersection of both an e-w and n-s freeway), though then you’re going to be dealing with Pontiac ugh.

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