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Quote of the Day: The American Declaration of Independence Dethrones God by Robert Ingersoll

robert ingersoll

The Declaration of Independence announces the sublime truth, that all power comes from the people. This was a denial, and the first denial of a nation, of the infamous dogma that God confers the right upon one man to govern others. It was the first grand assertion of the dignity of the human race. It declared the governed to be the source of power, and in fact denied the authority of any and all gods. Through the ages of slavery — through the weary centuries of the lash and chain, God was the acknowledged ruler of the world. To enthrone man, was to dethrone God.

— Robert Ingersoll, Individuality, 1873


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    I agree with the comment policy.

    I’d just like to point out the the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are two different documents. The title of your post addresses the Constitution. The quote from Ingersoll refers to the Declaration of Independence.

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    Justine Valinotti

    I find it astonishing that so many people believe that the US is a “Christian” nation, when the First Amendment quite explicitly forbids the government from endorsing (or restraining) any religion. In fact, that is the only mention of religion in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. (The latter document does refer to a “creator” and says that all men are created equal, but doesn’t specify who or what the creator might be.)

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