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Found on Facebook: Modesty is Like an iPad Cover

modesty is like an i-pad cover

I am speechless. I know, hard to believe.

Modesty is like a hub cap, I say.  Please add your pithy modesty is like ________ to the comment section.

Thanks to Suzanne for spotting and capturing this Evangelical gem.


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    Modesty is like a turtle shell. It is supposed to cover you, and you take it everywhere you go. It is supposed to be more than just a covering. It also helps define you and gives you an identity. Sometimes you are glad to have it. Sometimes you feel like tossing it, if you could only separate yourself from it, and frolick happily hither, thither, and yon to either the shock and dismay, or surprise and pleasure, of all you encounter in your travels. And there are those who are convinced you need something better, and who can sell you something better, if you can only figure out how to get out of the one you’re in and into the one from the sales pitch. Then again, what do I know? I am Oscar the Grouch living like a heathen in a trash can, just waiting to pop out and deliver my lines of dialogue while I have the camera’s attention, maybe.

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    Oops, I better go cover up my screen before I go to work. I wouldn’t want to decrease my value if a square inch of skin is showing. People might think I am a $2 whore.

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    Michael Mock

    Modesty is link a Sherman tank: it’ll keep you safe on the streets, but it makes it damnably hard to get into a decent nightclub.

    Modesty is like a self-defense seminar: it sounds good and it can cost a lot, but it doesn’t really protect you from anything.

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    Michael Mock

    “Dad,” said the daughter, slowly shaking her head. “When you asked me why I put a cover on my iPad, I talked about how it makes it look fancier. When I told you about the screen cover, I said it was because it offered a layer of physical protection – impact resistance, in fact. If we try to apply that logic to my clothing choices, then I need to be looking for something like a bulletproof prom dress.”

    Dad was mute…

    “I’ve been meaning to bring this up for a while, actually,” the daughter continued. “Because you really, really need to work on your metaphors.

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    @ Michael Mock

    I thought nearly the same thing. If “modesty” functioned like iPhone cases it would involve women wearing body armor not just covering their skin.

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