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The Sounds of Fundamentalism: Only Christianity Has First Amendment Rights Says Bryan Fischer

bryan fischer

This is the one hundred and seventy-seventh installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a video clip that shows the crazy, cantankerous, or contradictory side of Evangelical Christianity, please send me an email with the name or link to the video. Please do not leave suggestions in the comment section.  Let’s have some fun!

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism features a clip from Bryan Fischer’s radio program. Fischer is associated with the American Family Association. Fischer makes it clear that ONLY Christianity has First Amendment rights.Enjoy! And then BARF.

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    So this bozo pretty much lost all credibility when he started off by calling Wiccans “Satan Worshippers.” It proves he ultimately has no idea what he is talking about. Moving on from there, how can he say the 1st Amendment was only for Christianity when it’s primary author, Thomas Jefferson, really did not fit the definition of Christian himself? How do people like this get a platform? I honestly do not believe that the Founding Fathers saw America as a “Christian” nation. They wanted a place where religious diversity reigned and no one religion dominated. I say all of this as an Evangelical pastor myself – you just have to read things in that are not there to say something this idiotic. Then when you take a look at more radical individuals who had a huge impact on the founding of our nation you are even more hard pressed to defend this man’s stance. Thomas Paine is one fine example, and for all practical purposes he was a straight up atheist. However, he had a major role in the founding of the USA with his amazing writing.

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    This guy needs to actually read the Constitution. Nowhere dies it give preference to a specific brand of religion. And frankly, this fellow would probably take issue with Catholics taking on title of Christian as well.

    Cute, he doesn’t understand what Wiccans believe…..

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    The man suffers stupidity. He is proudly uninformed. Praise Gawd! He has a right to be as he is but he really is a dullard…

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    It’s interesting to seek out Brian Fisher’s source, namely Joseph Story. Yes at the time the Constitution was written most people did believe that Christianity should get special treatment from the government. This is before the 1st amendment was debated and ratified. Also it should be noted that there will always be a fraction of varying size that wants to eliminate the wall of church and state. This tyranny of the majority is always out there chipping away here and there. And yes breaches of the wall have already occurred. “In God we Trust” is first and foremost the most pernicious breach, because it invites every dominionist to say, “look we’re a Christian nation, look at yer money!” And of course all the various states are putting the IGWT on their state seal and putting it in schools.
    Unfortunately only atheists and nones increasing in number will put an end to it. (But on the positive side it is a direct response to the growth of atheists and nones)

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    dale mcinnes

    The growth of atheists will not put an end to fundamentalism. Mao said that in chaos (poverty and lawlessness), political power comes through the barrel of a gun. He was correct. In a capitalist free society, political power comes through the barrel of the gun of economics. Atheist organizations are not organized. They’re non-profit with their hand out to corporate sponsorship and gov’t tax salvation …. just like churches. If America were 90% atheist, theism would still dominate. That’s because, like religion, atheists depend almost exclusively upon the written word. How many constitutions have been overthrown when the majority perceive an internal threat to their privileged class. You really think that the Patriot Act is harmless?? Internal security always dominates ANY KNOWN constitution. Atheists just once have to be labelled as terrorists. Everything is open to interpretation.

    Want to really create a revolution from within?? Then start believing in Darwinism! Natural Selection by Free Enterprise Competition. Start competing. No atheist organization that I know of wants to compete against religion. They’re strictly all non-profit. And that will be their undoing. Practice what you believe!!!!!

    The U.S. Constitution was written primarily for the many Christian sects in the nation. The Deists and atheists who wrote the constitution did so on behalf of Christianity BECAUSE they were better at it. They were neutral and objective. It was to stop any theocratic blood bath between Christians. They didn’t want what happened in Europe to happen in the U.S. Don’t forget, 95% of the signatures on that parchment were leading Christian advocates. Its their constitution. Not ours.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Atheism will not put an end to Fundamentalism, but skepticism, rationalism, humanism, and science will. While Fundamentalism will never be eradicated, it can be marginalized. We are at least a generation or two away from such a great day — that is if we survive. The rapid increase of nones and the numerical decline of Evangelicals both prophesy of a better day ahead. Maybe not for me or my children, but hopefully for my grandchildren.

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    dale mcinnes

    I am with you on that one Bruce. Yes, Science, not atheism will be the deciding factor. But it still will not give you guys ANY political power. You guys will still have to vote either Republican or Democrat. Both will still bow to religious right wing sentiment. Both will still elect leaders that are RELGIOUS. No choice. A combination of Science and Atheism stands a better chance provided they do so through economic empowerment and education. Then political power will follow in the creation of a political party that is independent of religious sponsorship. Atheism is no more tolerated within the Democratic Party than it is among Republicans. BUT people in general when voting for a Party will always ask the MOST important question to them “What have you done for us?” They want a track record. Economics is our gun. Without that …. it’s like walking into the street of a western town and facing a gunslinger with no gun. You want to blow away the bully?
    (Science/ Education/ Atheism) WITH MASSIVE ECONOMIC RETURN!!!!

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