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The Sounds of Fundamentalism: Vote for Donald Trump by John Hagee

john hagee

This is the forty-second installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a video clip that shows the crazy, cantankerous, or contradictory side of Evangelical Christianity, please send me an email with the name or link to the video. Please do not leave suggestions in the comment section.  Let’s have some fun!

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism is a clip from an endorsement video by John Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. While Hagee does not mention Trump by name, it is clear that he is endorsing The Donald.

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    I wonder if he has read any bit of the bible outside of revelation and daniel. He might not like some parts, especially the parts talking about being kind to strangers and immigrants, how if you live by the sword you die by the sword, giving unto ceaser what is ceasers etc. Also after that blood moon fiasco and all the other times his end of the world predictions failed, shouldn’t he be stoned as a false prophet. Lets see if there is anything else I should mention, oh yeah, I’m sure some other end times wingnuts will probably say he is one of those false prophets that have infiltrated the church in the last days and that he is a sign of the end of the world because TRUE CHRISTIANS ™ know that the hour and day of jesus’ mythical second coming isn’t known. Enough about that cargo plane of dogshit out of hong kong, trump and hagee deserve each other they both belong in a circus with hagee being a fortune teller and trump the the clown in the elephant costume from dumbo?.
    Bruce thanks for posting this it gave me a good hearty chuckle

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    On his church’s website, there is something called GETV. I said, what the hell, and clicked on it. I happened on one of his sermons about the “final game of thrones”. Naturally, lifted from revelations. What a hoot! Sadly, people lap up this crap about you better be right with god or you’ll suffer in the last days and for all eternity. This guy is sick. Although, I will say, his son Matthew has a nice singing voice.

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Bruce Gerencser