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The Sounds of Fundamentalism: Evolution is a Lie From the Pit of Hell by Paul Broun

paul broun

This is the one hundred and eighteenth installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a video clip that shows the crazy, cantankerous, or contradictory side of Evangelical Christianity, please send me an email with the name or link to the video. Please do not leave suggestions in the comment section.  Let’s have some fun!

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism is a video clip from a sermon preached by then U.S. Representative from Georgia, Paul Braun at the 2012 Liberty Baptist Church Sportsman’s Banquet in Hartwell Georgia.  Braun, by the way, is a medical doctor, proving yet again that Fundamentalism has the power to make smart people dumb as rocks.

Video Link

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  1. Avatar

    A physician who doesn’t believe in embryology.

    (Blink . . . Blink)

    So then where, exactly, do babies come from?

    And those creepy deer. Are they the audience? It looks like someone went crazy with the stamping tool in Photoshop to create that background.

  2. Avatar

    So he thinks Gen 1 is literal?

    So presumably he thinks that:
    1. There are vast waters above the dome we call the sky

    (Before he claims this is the water cycle)

    2. That between the water of the sea and the water above the sky sitting in the sky are the sun, moon and stars?

    It’s all in Gen 1 folks, someone should tell Paul Broun.

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