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The Sounds of Fundamentalism: “Saved” Ex-Mormons Mock Their Former Beliefs

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This is the one hundred and twentieth installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a video clip that shows the crazy, cantankerous, or contradictory side of Evangelical Christianity, please send me an email with the name or link to the video. Please do not leave suggestions in the comment section.  Let’s have some fun!

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism is a video clip produced by Mormons who saw the light, rejected Mormonism, and embraced “true’ Christianity. These “saved” Mormons mock their former beliefs, thinking that they are now enlightened and have found the true path to salvation. I find it amusing that they fail to see that all they have done is trade one crazy religion for another. Many of their points of mockery could just easily be applied to “orthodox” Christianity.

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    I don’t know all that much about the Mormon church but what I know I mostly read from ex-mormons and it is pretty bad. This one blog I occassionally read is by this young woman who went through hell in that church. Most of her family are still mormons but at least they still get along to some extent.

    Her opinion just never counted in that church even when she was abused and raped. The religious leaders basically just kept saying she had to work harder as the problem couldn’t be her husband or her church’s teachings. Of course not, since they were so perfect….. (sarc)

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