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The Sounds of Fundamentalism: The Democrats are the Party of the Anti-Christ by Jim Bakker

jim and lori bakker

This is the one hundred and sixty-third installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a video clip that shows the crazy, cantankerous, or contradictory side of Evangelical Christianity, please send me an email with the name or link to the video. Please do not leave suggestions in the comment section.  Let’s have some fun!

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism is a video clip from convicted felon Jim Bakker’s television show.

Video Link

Partial transcript:

“The left has become anti-Christ. I’m convinced, if we would have elected the other candidate, we would be, right now, probably packing boxes to move out of our buildings and Christian television would begin to be a part of the end of era of the freedom of Christian television. They don’t want us, we’re one voice that speaks biblically and they don’t like the fact that God’s word differs with what they teach. If we change positions in this country and the other team takes over, you better get ready because all hell is going to break loose and America will not be a religious nation any longer.”


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    The word “huckster” comes to mind. Jim got out of jail and immediately heard God’s voice telling him to continue fleecing the gullible…

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    It is a total mystery to me how Rev. Robertson can see this dichotomy. Why does he think in this way?

    How can the democratic party be the party of the anti-Christ? Personally I’m more a progressive libertarian..but, I’ve known absolutely tons of committed Christian people who are quite progressive (liberal) politically, some even tending more toward socialism.

    On the other hand, there are atheists who are active members of the alt-right

    And, as far as I know, neither the Democrats or the Republicans want to abolish free speech or eliminate religious broadcasting. There are plenty of good people in both political parties.

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    Fearmongering. Make Christians think they are going to take away all their rights if they don’t vote for the “right” people.

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      Sadly, Obstacle Chick I believe you may be right

      I think there are also those religious leaders out there who just have to be engaged in some kind of battle. Rather than to build bridges, and to try to work toward understanding and reconciliation, they seem to delight in stirring up conflict and division , for all the wrong reasons.

      In the end, I don’t think the cause of Christ has anything to do with it. Jesus has become lost in the rhetoric.

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