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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Lori Alexander Chastises Millennials for Not Having Children

lori alexander

Is it sinful for married Christian couples to decide they are not going to have children if there are no medical or health problems? Yes, I believe that it definitely is sinful since God commands young women to “marry, bear children, and guide the home” (1 Timothy 5:14). Therefore, if they intentionally decide not to have children, they are disobeying this command. God also commanded His children to be fruitful and multiply and tells us that a man who has a quiverful is blessed. Before birth control, all Christian couples who were able to have children had children and the Church taught against birth control for many years after it became available in America. The Church clearly knew that children were a blessing and to be treasured as such.

Some don’t believe it’s a sin if Christian couples don’t have children. My question to them would be: Is it okay for all Christian couples to not have children then? (No one has answered me with a yes or no on this one when I’ve asked.) Of course it’s not okay for all Christian couples to not have children when one of the main reasons God gives for getting married is to be one flesh and out of becoming one flesh, children are conceived. God is the One who created sex and it is good when saved only for the marriage bed to bring pleasure and to bear children.

The only way that married couples can decide to permanently not have children is to use birth control or abstain completely (which is not biblical according to 1 Corinthians 7:5). Please study the roots of birth control and the desire to eliminate the black population. (Study specifically Margaret Sanger) Hint: birth control has evil roots and is not from God. Birth control has eventually led to the slaughtering of millions of unborn babies and the devaluing of children’s lives. Many mothers don’t even want to raise their own children anymore. They prefer their careers instead.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Married Christian Couples Deciding Not to Have Children, October 13, 2018


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    What does the lady want from me? I’m single, even in the secular sense of not “shacking up” with anyone besides roommates, which I need to pay my bills. I make well above minimum wage but doesn’t do much when rent here in the good old northeast is like $800-$1000 for one room with NO utilities. Oh yeah and some of the highest property tax in the country. Guess, first off I’m sinful for not getting married, gotta work on that!! I’m 28!! My eggs are drying up and my body has been exposed to the evil birth control hormones!! I find it funny cause I may never have children. It’s not something that’s really motivating for me. I like the idea of traveling, studying, getting my self in a better financial place. Ya know, selfishness.

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    “My question to them would be: Is it okay for all Christian couples to not have children then? (No one has answered me with a yes or no on this one when I’ve asked.)”

    I’ll answer her: Yes, it would be okay.

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    As I am an atheist, I don’t really care what Lori or her deity or her ancient texts say to do. All that aside, my husband and I discussed and planned the number of children we thought was responsible financially. After we had our 2nd child, we agreed that 2 would be enough for us based on financial and emotional/psychological reasons. After paying our 1st semester of college a couple of months ago, we see we made the financially responsible choice. Plus, both of our kids have received attention from us that they wouldn’t have received had they had more siblings. So if we sinned, we did it in a well thought out manner, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

    Plus, Lori doesn’t consider the financial and emotional hardships a large family can bring to some people. Not everyone is suited to parent a large brood. But she yhi is her deity will magically fix all that….

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    I really enjoy reading Lori’s work because she affirms time and again how our Christianity is designed to harm us from top to bottom! Her self-serving dildo argument regarding Christians having children is just the same old dumbo-jumbo that used to be used for homosexuality: What would happen to the world if we approved of same sex marriage? Well people could disappear from the face of the earth!!! You see that, don’t you simpletons? Sex between same sex partners means NO MORE BABIES.
    These God addicts cannot accept any moderation in matters of life. Lori says, with a big smart smile: Is it okay for all Christian couples to go childless? No, Lori, it is not okay but you know, its a fucking great idea, don’t you think? 😉

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    This sadden and angers me all at the same time. You see in 1 Corinthians 7:8 Paul says it is better for the unmarried to stay unmarried. So if that is a divine command, in order to be most pious, Christians should stay single and celibate all their lives and have no children. Was Paul married? How many children did Paul have? Does that make him a sinner? Jesus never married or had children. Was that technically a sin? Honestly it goes back to the principal of conflicting ideas, philosophy and theology throughout the Bible. Lori drives me crazy with her junk.

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      ^ This.

      If I may make an addition, the Bible is full of bizarre and contradictory statements. To be fair, it’s not surprising since it’s written by several different human authors from different eras, and they surely had conflicting opinions. It’s definitely not written, or “breathed,” by God. At best, if anyone is interested, he or she can accept parts of the Bible that may seem helpful or insightful.

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    Childless Gen-Xer here, and with each passing day I am more and more glad that my significant other and I chose not to leave any offspring on this rotting, dying rock. I work with a number of millennials and I would say at least half of them have decided not to have children, and it has nothing to do with defying Lori’s nasty little god. For some of them, economics play a role; they are drowning in student loan debt, and it simply costs way too much in the USA (thanks to our shit wages, our shit healthcare, our shit childcare, and our shitty, grossly neglected and underfunded public schools) to give a child any kind of decent upbringing. But a lot of them have also chosen to stay childless because they know this planet is doomed. They know that some of the brightest scientific minds on the planet have determined that it is too late to do anything about climate change, and there is a very good chance that humanity will be extinct in the next 100 years. Why bring children into a world where they are destined to live through massive natural disasters, the total breakdown of civil society, and constant war, famine, and disease before they die horribly?

    Honestly, I want to cry every time I look in the sweet little faces of my nieces and nephews because I know the horrors that await them in the next few decades, horrors that could have been prevented if we didn’t have so many stupid humans in this country (and this world) who don’t believe in science, and instead listen to horrible Christian shitheads like Lori Alexander. I wish I believed in Hell, because Lori and her kind deserve to burn in it. Thanks to them and their followers, who believe religious lies instead of science, humanity is doomed. No one should be having children, period.

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    Somebody commented on dear Lori’s page about how birth control is a modern thing, apparently only since 1930. I would have commented as follows, had it not been the comment would never have seen the light of day (I hope Bruce will allow a little vulgarity)

    In days of old
    When knights were bold
    And durex weren’t invented
    Men wrapped a sock around their cock
    And babies were prevented!

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    Deborah Freeman

    Although I am Christian, I certainly do NOT agree with Ms Alexander’s rather shallow ideas. First of all, Margaret Sanger’s pioneering into birth control came from her watching her mother, and other women, die from the exhaustion of bearing child after child, plus having to take care of the many they already had. Secondly, I believe that the decision to have children, and how many to have, should be left to the individuals involved. It brings no glory to God to se a huge family that is malnourished, poorly dressed, with inadequate medical care, and NO chance for a good education. Thirdly, people like Ms Alexander needs to take her nose out of other people’s business!

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