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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Lori Alexander Has to Ask Her Husband Who to Vote For

southern league against women right vote
1920 anti-suffrage poster. Lori Alexander agrees with the text of the poster.

People all over America will go to the polls in a week from tomorrow and vote. I have heard women proclaim that people had to fight and die for women to have the right to vote as if this were a God-ordained right. This isn’t true. There was never any civil war over this issue nor is it a God-ordained right. Women “fought” (meaning they left their homes, raised their voices, and shouted for their “rights”) for the right to vote since they felt they knew better than men. They didn’t trust men to lead them in the right way. They wanted to be leaders and run things.


What are my thoughts on women voting? I have been asked this frequently. I am not a fan at all. Women overwhelmingly vote Democrat. They vote for big government to take care of them which means higher taxes and more laws and regulations which means less freedoms. They vote for free health care and abortions. They vote for leftist policies which are highly destructive to the family and culture. Socialism hasn’t worked any where that it has been tried.

Do I vote? Yes, I vote to support my husband’s vote and try to overturn a vote that is against all I believe in. I encourage conservative, Christian women to vote for life-affirming principles, smaller government, and more freedoms. I know that voting or not voting is not a sin in any way and each vote is not that meaningful. I am saddened by what our country has become. The Southern Women’s League was right in trying to prevent the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Men are becoming more feminine and women are becoming more masculine. What good can possibly come from this? Men were created to lead. Women were not.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Warnings Against the Feminization of America, October 28, 2018


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    Is this silly woman for real? If she thinks socialism hasn’t worked she should go visit some of the countries with high happiness ratings, such as Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, or Norway. These countries would be ‘socialist’ in her view, but actually operate in a socio-captalist way, in that they encourage enterprise and self help, but use the ‘profits’ from that to put in place safety nets, such as welfare benefits or healthcare.

    I think also it’s enlightening that she brackets abortion and free healthcare. Whilst I absolutely support a woman’s right to choose, I can also say that the issues are different, or at least can sensibly be viewed differently. Universal healthcare is expensive, though actually much less than the existing and broken US system. It is the best way of trying to keep people out of poverty and it’s hard to see why it resisted so strongly in the US. Hopefully, if there’s going to be any benefit from the disastrous havoc being wreaked by Trump, it’s that just maybe American voters will say ‘never again’ leaving the door open for someone like Bernie Sanders (though clearly not him personally, given his age).

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    Fuckin’ A I don’t trust men to lead me in the right way. Look at Trump. Look at the legions of men in power accused of sexually abusing other people. As long as I have breath, I will fight for equality for ALL people, regardless of their genitalia or color or beliefs.

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    Can’t read this woman’s hateful anti-women screeds any more. My mother has some similar views but at least doesn’t broadcast them all over the internet. This kind of thinking is very damaging to the daughters of women like this, you grow up hearing that (in short) women don’t know what’s best for them, that they are ignorant, self-obsessed, vain, immoral. And, simultaneously, that men’s behaviour (however unpleasant, abusive, criminal) deserves a free pass.

    My sympathies are with Lori’s female relatives. I hope they get to learn that no-one (woman or man) has to accept this toxic nonsense.

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    You do that, Lori. Meanwhile, women such as myself will continue to promote the common good of all people, including women like you.

    Also, I notice her not-so-subtle suggestion that a person’s vote doesn’t count. I don’t know about the stats on that, but I do know that apathy will lead to even more people like Trump getting into office.

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    Brian Reitz

    She sure opens her mouth a lot for someone who thinks she is forbidden by her creator from leading or teaching or doing anything other than pump out babies and wait on her husband.

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