Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Lori Alexander Glories in Ignorance

lori alexander

Women, do you know that God’s chain of authority is for our good? Yes, women are more gullible than men. Recently, my husband and I were out front with a few couples from the neighborhood chatting in the street together. Ken brought up that I had been deceived into thinking my brand new iPhone was “free” by the salesman. Then my daughter saw that we were being charged $25 more a month until the $650 phone was paid off! One of the wives said that she would have easily been deceived in this way, too, but said her husband never would have. My husband would not be either, but he was out of town and my phone broke so I needed a  new phone and they guy assured me that my monthly costs wouldn’t go up. I am wondering if the Apple sign of the bite into apple is a sign to remind their salesmen that women are more easily deceived…

Men are for our protection, women, in more than one way. God created them to be our protectors and not as easily deceived as we are. Women were created to be soft, trusting, and nurturing in order to be home and raise children. Women coming out from under the authority of men has caused chaos!

I mentioned in the chat room that I cringe every time I see women as policemen, firefighters, or in the military. They are dressed as men and act masculine but they aren’t men! They have been deceived into thinking that they can do a man’s job as good as men can but they can’t. Men are the ones who are to be in the protective roles in culture. This doesn’t make us second class citizens. It makes us women who should be thankful for their protection.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Are Submissive Wives Second Class Citizens?, April 9, 2019


  1. Carolne

    She would be hilarious if she wasn’t serious. She attracts a lot of clueless women and ugly, ugly misogynistic men of the red pill variety.
    Very scary people.


    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Yep. Her writing sounds like satire, but it’s not. I genuinely feel sorry for her.

      My wife and I had similar views at one time. But, we grew up, and I realized that it was not good for Polly to have Bruce lording over her. It’s taken us a long time to free ourselves from this psychologically crippling nonsense. Our marriage remains a work in progress.

      Polly went back to school, graduating from a nearby community college. She is now a supervisor where she works. We are a long, long way from our barefoot and pregnant days. 😀

      1. Caroline

        Congrats to you two. I can’t imagine living the lifestyle described by Lori Alexander and company. If a woman wants to stay home with children and that is her sincere choice, she should. But no one should be criticized or ridiculed for choosing something else. I was fortunately raised in a home with religion, but also with the freedom to pursue my own beliefs without being abandoned emotionally by my family. My biggest problem with religious zealots is that they refuse to change with the times. How boring to live such a stagnant life!

    2. Hugh D. Young

      This is where I’m going to break with all the ‘agree-ing’ I’ve done thus far on this blog post. ‘Red Pill Men’, yes I am one of them, are men who have seen what the more recent waves of feminism have done to the male-female relationship from first date, thru divorce, and many other societal factors, are awake and aware, and are not afraid to call it out for what it is- There has been a lot of dispicably selfish behavior on the part of WOMEN towards MEN, and yet we generally, at least in SECULAR CULTURE, still tend to get the bad rap for everything, while women tend to get a FREE PASS on it all. In fact, it has been SYSTEMATIZED to a very large degree in Western cultures! That, along with MGTOW have grown into movements with large enough numbers of men that methinks there is something to it, rather than just a bunch of us ‘losers who can’t score’ crying about it! While I may indeed fully acknowledge that I am a CARD-CARRYING ‘LOSER’ WHO CAN’T SCORE due to a variety of contributing factors, there is PLENTY of sociological evidence backing the stance we have taken, and it cannot be easily waved off, or dismissed.

      I thought some CLARIFICATION was necessary here…….thank you.-

      1. Brian

        Well, Hugh, I hear what you are saying but completely reject it as people-hating crap. And the whack-job turkey video you post here is just about on the level of Lori’s work. Think about that, Hugh. You love to listen to your Red Pill Lori because it makes sense to you but to me it is more Lori. Men love idealistcally and women are in it for what they can get? Man, Hugh. You want a free iPhone?

        1. Hugh D. Young


        2. Hugh D. Young

          Nah,I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU, ‘PISS POT SCOTT’, OR X-CHEE-INSANITY AT ALL. I KNOW I’M RIGHT. I have enough anger & hate in my ‘soul’ to alienate just about everyone, and that IS A-FUKKEN OK with me. I have enjoyed Bruce’s writing and insights on the various matters, and find his story informative & inspiring. But being able to post here is not so precious to me that I’m going to ‘tap dance’ or hold back what I have to say for ANYONE!! You ‘WHITE-KNIGHT, BETA PUSSIES’ just defend these women for the same reason men always have- THE POWER OF SEX THEY HOLD OVER US! Once I realized that I had lost at that GAME, I had nothing to further lose and wasn’t gonna fuck around anymore. I’m sure not going to respect, or be nice to them because they’re ‘good human beings’.TRUTH is a bitter pill to swallow; I know, as I’ve had to do it a number of times in my life. But it really will set yuh FREE….Maybe just about the only thing ‘Thee Buy-Bull’ got correct.

          1. Brian

            Hugh, you have begun to plumb the depths of your rabbit hole. I do hope you will be willing to take it to a real (and that includes non-Christian) therapist. You have to have a fundamental, basic care for yourself to do that and there you might work through your huge hatred of self.
            I appreciate your involvement here but on this particular matter, get help. You are so so fucked.

          2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)


            You’ve said your piece. I can’t imagine anything else you could say on this matter. You know most readers of this blog disagree with you — as do I. Beating the proverbial dead horse will gain you nothing.

            I wish you well.


      2. Caroline


        My father abandoned my pregnant mother and three children for a variety of selfish reasons and never looked back. I don’t hate all men even though that might be a good reason to. He is one guy out of many who I’ve known in my life and I know he doesn’t represent the majority. Marry or don’t, but don’t paint all feminists with the same brush. There is no way I’d go back to the days of clearly defined gender roles. My husband is just as disgusted by men who blame women for all of society’s evils as well. (You might not do that, but Lori Alexander sure does.). I don’t recall anyone here calling you a ‘loser who can’t score’.

    3. Hugh D. Young

      Perhaps this will assist you in understanding the position we take, if you will give it a FAIR listen, and think- through.

      1. Neo

        I wasn’t sure what a Red Pill Man was, but I found the definition on Urban Dictionary:

        “A phenomenon by which a virgin male realizes he is a pussy, pays a prostitute to have sex with him, and then decides that he hates women because it’s somehow their fault that he’s a pussy who had to pay to get a woman to have sex with him.

        A man who has swallowed The Red Pill will spend most of his time discussing rape strategies with other “alphas” and complaining about how he was held down and castrated by the femnazis in his life. He will also frequently throw temper tantrums anytime a woman he is interested manages to escape his attempt to rape her or, even worse, chooses a “beta” over him.”

        That about sums up the sentiment in this video.

        1. Hugh D. Young

          ….aaaaaaaand I’m not in the least bit surprised being the total GENIUS that you is, that you would use UD as a serious source of ‘enlightenment’. Carry on, Wotson.-

        2. Hugh D. Young

          BTW…Between you and Brian thus far….I expect this, and it merely proves why us guys who have taken the Red Pill, formed this movement, and stick together. Nobody cares about the plight of the straight male in Western Cultures. NO, I don’t want anybody’s ‘tears’, but it all just proves our point very well…..thanxxx!-

          1. Scott

            No Hugh, what you have proven is that MRA’s/Redpill guys are utter assholes. You guys behave like jerks and then act surprised when nobody cares and tells you guys to go the F**k away.

            This is why Christianity is in such a crisis at this point. We are pointing and laughing at both you and Lori and your opinions and religion.

            Have a quick trip to insignificance and extinction.

          2. Brian

            I wonder if the sexist horseshit of Christianity has found a new way to fuck you up, Hugh. Because that is all your garbage sexism is, a virus. And I would hazard to point out to you that the female aspect of this blog has largely and generously seen fit to pass over your disgusting ignorance without blowing you to smithereens. Do you think that is a plot too, Hugh, and they are quietly planning to get you? I am so tired of dumb hatred and hurt men who succumb to denial that allows them to make global statements about one sex or another. You insult men too but that is another story.

  2. Karen the rock whisperer

    Fortunately most women who are police officers, firefighters, or military servicepeople have a clue, unlike this fool.

    If I had been taken by a salesperson like that, I would be fiercely ashamed…and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’d had the contract explained to her clearly three times, but didn’t listen. I’ve never had a hard sell at a phone store, but then I do my research and go in knowing exactly what phone and plan changes I want.

  3. ObstacleChick

    I cringe every time I read something written by Lori Alexander.

    Do you think Lori and her followers have just convinced themselves they are ignorant and weak resulting in a self fulfilling prophecy, or are they really just ignorant and weak and believing that God made women that way is an excuse to remain that way?

  4. Maloyo

    She was such a dumb ass (I’m not as polite as Bruce) that she didn’t realize iPhones aren’t free, yet her DAUGHTER saw that she was being charged $25/month more. Her DAUGHTER! She didn’t see it and won’t give her daughter credit for having a brain. Shaking my head!

  5. angiep

    What a sweetheart of a husband she has, making fun of her in front of the neighbors. Maybe that is her true gullibility: to actually believe he has her best interests at heart.

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