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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Incest Caused by “Immodest” Dress

gerald collingsworth

The entire eighteenth chapter of Leviticus is on nakedness. Although most Christians still consider bestiality as being wrong, they no longer consider homosexuality as being wrong or dressing improperly as being wrong. Many see nothing wrong with dressing scantily. Many see nothing wrong with mixed bathing, yet God calls it an abomination. How many cases of incest have taken place in homes where passions have been inflamed by immodesty among family members? How many boys and girls have been raised in homes that practiced immodest dress and now live lives of promiscuity?

— Gerald B. Collingsworth, Independent Baptist, Right Living is Not Legalism, May 18, 2019

Gerald Collingsworth is the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church (an IFB congregation) in Mogadore, Ohio


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    Scary that this person is so ignorant. They’ve obviously got a major thing going in their own mind with “immodesty” and so see it everywhere and see it as the cause of everything they most detest.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    I have noticed a tragic relationship, a coupling of outright stupidity with delusion. What I wonder is if the stupidity and delusion come first and make Christianity seem okay or are they born in the Christian virus pool, after jumping in… Get baptized and say anything that comes into your head! The Bible supports it all! Gerald B. is about as dim as a light gets before it it is called dead of night. How do you find these people, Bruce???

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    Thank you for making this info available online. People from this church keep coming to our door and the community isn’t too happy with them because they were approaching children in the parks here in Tallmadge without their parents present and preaching to them. Now that I’m certain what kind of church this is, I’ll answer next time they knock and let them know not to ever come back. There’s no space for bigoted hate mongers in my world. These people are relentless. They come often. I guess their church isn’t doing so great. Also, I’m glad you made it out of that world. Good luck to you ❤️

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Bruce Gerencser