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Quote of the Day: Willie Nelson’s “God”

willie nelson

I think God is love, period. There’s love in everything out there — trees, grass, air, water. Love is the one thing that runs through every living thing. Everybody loves something. The grass loves the water. That’s the one thing we all have in common, that we all love and like to be loved. That’s God.

— Willie Nelson, Rolling Stone, The High Life, May 2018


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    He’s wrong, and in saying that I refer to perception. When we look out of a window on a sunny morning we can easily be tempted to think that we are seeing nothing but beauty, and that perhaps there is a god who created this, just for us.

    The reality is very different. The grass is lovely and green because the light reacts in such a way as to create the effect green. Same with the blue sky, and all the lovely flowers. It’s warm, but that warmth is a fickle thing; too much and we suffer thirst through drought, too little and we freeze. And watching wildlife it gets even worse. The only animal that doesn’t worry about where its next meal is coming from is mankind (and that assumes you live in a modern society). Birds flying gracefully are simply looking for smaller animals, and insects, on which to feed, whilst those small animals are ever fearful of becoming bird food, whilst themselves looking for smaller creatures on which to satisfy their hunger. Insects lay eggs inside other insects, and sometimes animals, then the offspring hatch and feed from the inside of the ‘host’. Yes nature is wonderful.

    Incidentally, I’m not a nihilist in all this. I can switch off from these thoughts, which I do most of the time. Now and again, however, I think things need to be said for what they are.

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    At least Willie Nelson isn’t trying to convince everyone that his God needs everyone to do exactly as it wishes or the God will destroy everyone with hurricanes, fires, etc.

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    @Ezra, I have been referred to as a nut, crazy, and a maniac and don’t deny those descriptions, but i have never been called a bigot. I would like to know evidence of my purported bigotry to I can try to rectify anything that would give someone that idea.

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