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Quote of the Day: The United States is the Most Warlike Nation on Earth

jimmy carter

We’re supposed to be a ‘Christian’ nation are we not? But we are known throughout the world as the most warlike country on Earth. And I would say almost all the wars in which we’ve been involved, have been unnecessary.

So if God’s kingdom was on Earth, we would live totally at peace with each other. Maybe that’s an individual choice too. Not just between nations not being at war, but with a friendly attitude, or a loving attitude to other people that are different than us.

— Jimmy Carter, June 23, 2019


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    President Carter, it aggrieves me that a former POTUS has bought the lies that the USA is a Christian nation. We were established as a secular nation that offered freedom to practice one’s religion without government mandating a state religion.

    But yes, we do stick our weapons into other countries’ business.

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    Bruce, outsized place, yes. The majority of Americans do identify as Christian. But….our Constitution was designed to be secular. And I do get touchy about the fundamentalist Christians trying to force their particular version of Christian ideas/rules on the rest of us just because historically the majority of the population identified (even nominally) as Christians. It’s one of the things that gets me up on my soapbox (which is good exercise I guess).

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    the right wing religion in our government has created disaster for over 50 yrs now. it accelerated in the 70s and 80s w/the likes of jerry falwell and his ilk running our govt. we currently give Israel millions to wage war on their neighbors w/no accountability because American Christians believe the bible says so. we ignore our poor and wage war all over the world because the bible says so. the American church believes such rubbish yet they are still ruining our nation. why are we still allowing this? why are us taxpayers still subsidizing religion? I don’t object to a basic decent form of generic Christianity, but this mess we have running things must be stopped. the only way I know is to educate our kids and vote every time.

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