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Every year or two, I ask readers to submit questions they want me to answer. That time has arrived once again. Any question. Any subject. Please leave your questions in the comment section or send them to me via email. I will try to answer them in the order received.

I look forward to reading and answering your questions.



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    Revival "I Lie for Jesus" Fires

    How much sleep is being lost that the babies are gonna live in Arizona? Baby killers having a fit.

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    How do you feel the ‘argument from reason’ is going? YouTube is awash with atheist presenters, much of it pretty poor, but there’s a core of really convincing channels, very moderate in approach, and with ever increasing subscribers. I’m thinking especially of the likes of Genetically Modified Skeptik, or Alex O’Connor Cosmic Skeptik, and Rationality Rules. Previously Matt Dillahunty and Atheist Experience was perhaps the main source, but Dillahunty’s abrasive style and the awful quality of the phone ins surely put many people off, and there was certainly little in the way of developing nuanced arguments.

    Anyhow, I feel that the argument from reason is now so overwhelmingly in favour of the atheist case that I feel apologetics is almost dead in the water, but perhaps it’s simply that I’m immersed at ‘the wrong end of the pool’. What do you think?

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    Maybe not a topic you want to weigh in on, but I personally enjoy your take on any subject, religious,or not. So, if you could travel out of the USA, which countries or cultures would you – and Polly and Bethany – like to visit first?

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    Do you have a good relationship with all of your kids? Did any of them ever express resentment or say they’re damaged from being raised IFB (due to fear of hell, sexism, homophobia, general shame, etc)? Do you think it’s possible to still spend time with family members who are still hardcore believers when you’re raising your own kid differently without it damaging your kid?

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    Cubs Fan

    I have a question. Two actually

    As an evangelical pastor did you ever engage an atheist?

    And if it were possible for you to time travel back to the 70’s and 80’s and talk to your younger self what would you say to him?

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    I’m sure you have answered this a million times. Were you completely ostracized by your former congregations? And Christian friends?

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    John S.

    Hi Bruce. Have you ever read or studied non-canonical texts such as The Gospel of Thomas, the Didache, The Shepherd of Hermas?
    What is your thought on alternative universe Christianity, for lack of a better term? I mean how things might have turned out had some or all of these books had been included in cannon, or if say the Reformation had never happened or the Pope had listened to Martin Luther, etc.
    I only ask because this is a subject I ponder quite often.

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    I’d like to suggest an interesting possibility for Black Collar crime. The Coley McCraney case who was convicted of the 1999 cold case murder of two high school girls. He was working as a truck driver but also was a part time pastor. (Actually more like a bishop at his church, whatever that means)

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