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Bruce’s Ten Hot Takes for April 10, 2024

hot takes

Almost 200 aid workers have been killed in Gaza since October 7, 2023. This is unconscionable.

If Donald Trump was not on the 2024 ballot, Joe Biden would not get my vote. His immoral inaction over Israel’s war against the Palestinian people is a bridge too far for me.

Biden plans to give Israel $18 billion more in weapons of mass destruction. Bernie Sanders is right, Israel should not receive a nickel more in U.S. aid as long as they are waging indiscriminate war against defenseless Palestinians and withholding/hindering humanitarian aid.

Studies show increased DNA tests reveal incest more prevalent than thought. Is anyone really surprised by this? I suspect the same can be said for an increase in people finding out that their biological father is not the man who says he is.

Hillary Clinton tells voters who are upset over Biden-Trump rematch to “get over yourself.” Sorry, Hillary I’m still pissed over your feckless 2016 presidential campaign. Taking pot shots at Democrats who want better candidates and principled policies is driving people away from the Party. You’ve been warned.

Major League Baseball ⚾️ has started. Hope springs eternal. Will this be the year my Cincinnati Reds make a deep playoff run? Please God . . . 🤣

Arizona Republicans said they wanted a total ban on abortion, and the Supreme Court gave them one. Now they are distancing themselves from the very thing they wanted. Why? They fear being voted out of office by angry women who are tired of men controlling their reproductive rights.

Don’t believe one word Trump says about abortion. He will literally say anything to get elected. I guarantee you, once elected he will give forced birthers exactly what they want.

Our kitten, Petey, the Ferret, is six months old. We are currently living through the cat equivalent of the terrible twos. Last night, Polly put leftover garlic bread in a bag and left it on the kitchen counter. Come morning, garlic bread was spread all over the kitchen/living room floor. The bag? Petey took it upstairs. Never a dull moment.

Wonder and awe for this atheist was seeing and experiencing the total eclipse on Monday. God is nothing compared to this.

Bonus: Polly started her new job last week at Sauder Manufacturing in Stryker, Ohio. She is working first shift in their sewing department. This was an inter-company move, so she kept all her benefits, albeit with a $160 a week play cut since she is no longer a manager. We survive, to live another day.


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    I am glad Polly got her job, but I wish she didn’t have to take a pay cut.

    As for Biden: I feel the same way. The one and only reason to vote for him is that Trump is his opponent. But then again, how many politicians with national name recognition, aside from Bernie Sanders, would have treated Israel any differently?

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    I’m happy that Polly found employment with benefits. Hopefully, finances will be less of a headache.
    As for Israel, support from our government is so entrenched, it would take a major overhaul of Congratulations and the State Department to change anything. Even Obama got sucked into the system instead of shaking it up.

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    I’m so glad Polly can still work, albeit less money which still hurts. My son was out of work for a few months and that involved short term help for him. He’s back to work and I know he will pay me back, as he has been responsible for his bills for years. We were shook up over my husband’s cancer diagnosis so that made everything harder. Now that Bob has a treatment plan, we are more optimistic.

    Anyway, Polly is such an awesome person she deserves even better. But keeping those bennies really helps!

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      Bruce Gerencser

      We will survive. Need to make some financial changes, but I’m confident everything will work out.

      Our thoughts are with you and Bob. Here’s to hoping the treatments work and offer Bob more time to live. Cancer, not fun. 😢😢❤️❤️

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    I’m glad that Polly has a job, but sorry that she had to take a pay cut. That sucks.

    Hillary Clinton continues to do nothing to endear herself to voters.

    I can’t believe I am a middle-aged woman living in a time where I had more rights and agency over my life than I did 2 years ago. What the actual fuck? Who are these fuckers that continue to strip women of equality? I am sick of this shit. I hope women rise up en masse to vote in November, giving a clear indication that we are done with this shit. I am sick of hearing “let the states decide” – fuckers, that’s what happened before the Civil War – states were able to decide whether people with brown skin coukd have agency over their lives. How did that shit turn out? Fuck that.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    I have to say that what Israel really needs is a regime change ! Not just the Iranians- that Netanyahu is about to do it again,any minute. It’s not enough for Biden to tell Netanyahu that if he attacks Iran, he’ll go it alone. Up to now, Netanyahu acted rogue anyway. Iran’s eager to unleash everything,and they do have a defense treaty with Russia. Few American leaders can stand him. It seems like when it comes to the economy, it’s on a trajectory that’s independent of what Americans want or need. Tesla shouldn’t be allowed to lay off 14,000 workers, just to be ” more profitable.”. Neoliberalism is entrenched in our employment structure. Party doesn’t matter. No doubt that is why Polly has to take this new job and start over . Hopefully, after being there a while, she can be noticed and promoted to manager again.

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    “If Donald Trump was not on the 2024 ballot…”

    “Our kitten, Petey, the Ferret,…”
    Our Kitten Wyatt can retinly be observed carrying a full sized potato under the dining-room table – what the heck is he going to do with it?

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