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Quote of the Day: Reason Disproves the Existence of a Benevolent, Merciful God

james haught

Reason – logical thinking by intelligent minds – proves clearly that the compassionate, all-powerful god of religion cannot exist. Simple logic clinches it, as follows:

When a woman is dying of breast cancer, or a child is dying of leukemia – and relatives pray desperately – why does the alleged god let most victims die? If the god cannot save them, he isn’t all-powerful. If he could, but doesn’t want to save them, he’s heartless, not all-loving. He’s a monster.

The same logical conclusion applies to tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, plagues, epidemics, famines, floods, and other horrors that kill multitudes. If a god could stop the tragedies, but won’t, he’s evil.

And the logic applies to cruelties of nature. Why would a loving god design hawks to tear rabbits apart, boas to crush pigs, cobras to kill children, etc.? Only a fiend would devise a system of ruthless predator-killers.

Reason cannot disprove the existence of an evil god, but it wipes out the benevolent father-creator claimed by most churches. The only intelligent conclusion is that such a loving god cannot exist.

— James Haught, Daylight Atheism, Logic Disproves All-Merciful God, October 3, 2018


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    I agree any Being that can watch all this suffering and do nothing is evil and not worthy of our worship and love. I sometimes get scary thoughts that there is a god, and he really is an evil son of a bitch, but I think it is better to try and focus life on love and compassion and leave ideas of evil gods in the rear view mirror.

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    how could anyone believe the god of the bible is benevolent? he committed genocide and drowned every one but noah and his family. he constantly tells the israelites to kill any other ites. he advocates rape as a betrothal ritual. screw up and you get eternal damnation. everyone heard the prayers of the people on abacos. did he save them> nope. if he exists, he is a dick

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    The OT God showed himself to be a monster many times (the flood, genocides, etc). Then you have the Psalmists trying to suck up to this monster telling it that it’s loving and powerful. In the NT this monster supposedly takes a part of itself, calls it his son, makes it live as a human, let’s other people torture and kill it, then supposedly brings it back to life so that those who believe this cockamamie story don’t suffer the eternity of torment that the God created for puny little humans. This God is definitely a dick beyond all dicks. (Hey, I just came up with an idea for a new Psalm…..)

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