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Samantha Bee Shows Evangelical Trump Advisor Paula White is a Con-Artist

donald trump and paula white

Thrice divorced Evangelical pastor, evangelist, and female Elmer Gantry impersonator Paula White was recently given an adviser’s position in the Trump Administration. Slim, blonde, and attractive, White is President Trump’s favorite preacher. Of course, she is.

Last night, comedian Samantha Bee did a segment on White’s theology and her checkered past. Readers should find the following video informative, funny, and downright horrifying. That Paula White is anywhere near the White House should shock Republicans and Democrats alike. Unfortunately, Democrats have bigger fish to fry and Republicans love Jesus too much to ever criticize one of the Evangelical God’s sexy, anointed servants.

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  1. Avatar
    Hugh D. Young

    ..….and yet these people have nary a clue, despite their Awe-Zummmmmm Gawwtz’ threats of eternal damnation, as to why increasing numbers of Americans can’t/don’t take them in the least bit seriously anymore. I guess they must feel they are truly anointed, as they don’t seem to be in least little bit concerned about Jesus’ supposed dire warnings to rich folks, and their’ having even less of a chance of making it to Hephenn, than a camel passing thru a needle eye, or some shit or another like that…..NOOOICE!!

  2. Avatar
    Becky Wiren

    My impression is that, after seeing White with Trump, I surmise they’re sleeping together. I mean, a good-looking woman like her as a con artist? Undoubtedly they have a great deal in common.

  3. Avatar
    Melissa A Montana

    Way back in the 80’s, I had an elderly aunt who sent money to these charlatans. Unfortunately, there will always be people who are eager to follow and donate to them, whether religious or secular (see the Trump cult merchandise.) From what I’ve seen, certain people have a pathological need to belong to a group, and con artists like her really know how to exploit them.

  4. Avatar

    Your tax dollars at work America. The only thing I take seriously about evangelicals anymore is the fact that they get off their asses and vote. They vote for toxic politicians and regressive policies while claiming credit for social progress while forgetting that they were dragged kicking and screaming to just tolerable acceptance of said progress.

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