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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: “Sissy” Men Can’t Go to Heaven

jd hall

Christian men, you know how you have a natural disdain for limp-wristed, soft-handed dandies with their coiffed hair, penny-loafers, and man-purses? Guess what? It’s not a natural disdain; it’s a supernatural disdain.

The reason why you have an instinctual contempt for men who double-up on fashion accessories and get manicures is that the Holy Spirit has led you to hate sin. You’re not a bigot when you despise effeminate men, you’re a Spirit-filled Christian. Don’t let namby-pambies tell you that you’re being a fundamentalist; you’re just reaching into your inner discernment and hating the things God hates. It makes you like Jesus, and it pleases God to hate sin.

Almost universally, the females of any and every culture spend a far greater amount of time in their personal beauty regiment than men. Women, because men are more visually impressed, naturally spend more time on their wardrobe, hair, and external beauty. When men do these things, it is right to presume they also are trying to impress men.

In other words, when a man aspires to dress for fashion, he’s acting gay (whether he is or not). The Bible calls it being effeminate, and God hates it. That’s right, God hates even acting gay. And regardless of how many times vapidly ignorant Christians argue that God doesn’t care how you dress, they have to overlook a hundred-plus places in the Bible where God gives explicit instructions on how to dress (including prohibitions about gender-bending in places like Deuteronomy 22:5) to do so.

Men, by God’s design, should be practical in their dress, not stylish. Manliness should be displayed in the outward appearance of men in the same way that femininity should be displayed in the outward appearance of women. While this doesn’t imply one thing or another about things like dresses or slacks, it does forbid men putting off a feminine vibe or women putting off a masculine one.

But most of all, I am sick and tired of being treated like my detestation of skinny jeans or stylish man-scarves is some kind of tawdry bigotry. It’s not; it’s godliness. God hates that garbage, too. In fact, if some men don’t man up a bit and stop prancing around like daisies, it bodes poorly for where they’ll spend eternity.


In some cases, godly men might need to help an effeminate new convert who’s been sissified from a soft-existence in 21st Century cosmopolitan culture learn how to unbend their wrists or how to replace their slippers with a good pair of boots. But that’s hard to do when – increasingly – evangelical leaders are taking their style advice from GQ to fit in with the cool kids who are, by and large, androgynous morphodites.

— Jordan “JD” Hall, pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, Sidney, Montana, publisher of Pulpit & Pen, Effeminate Men Can’t Go to Heaven, July 17, 2020


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    What a pile of horse hockey, in the words of Colonel Potter! Making LGBTQ kids wear what is considered “gender-apprpriate” is a hallmark of “ex-gay” therapy. It doesn’t work, not does any of their other “therapy.”

    There’s an episode of All in the Family where Archie can’t stand one of Mike’s friends who carries a bag, has longish hair and is a photographer. Archie is down at Kelsey’s Bar complaining about Mike’s “fag” friend to this guy who is an ex-pro football player, a real manly man. The ex-ball player asks Archie if he’s ever seen him with a woman. It turns out that the guy is gay and Mike’s friend is straight.

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    dale M

    Heh heh … If U want to dress a slob, look a slob, act a slob, sure, the’re a lot of women out there who also don’t care what they look like either. This is the kind of guy who has never worn a suit because he doesn’t want to make the extra effort for any woman. I’ll take this guy more seriously when he wears animal skins, has waste length hair, drags his knuckles on the ground with a club behind him. Oh, and by the way, we’re descended from true APES. What kind of effeminate god is he worshiping anyway ?? Is this guy wearing a watch on his wrist rather than in his vest pocket ? I see that he gets his hair coiffed. Oh ! And his beard too ! Nice shiny teeth ! Using mint tasty toothpaste ? No real man of Planet of the Apes does that. Does he also wash his clothes with nice smelling laundry soap too ? This guy wouldn’t last 1 day in the wild ! What a pussy ! No offence to any woman out there. If this guy were a real man, he’d be a marine. A marine knows how to dress, not a spot of dirt on his clothes, bed made tight as a trampoline, well shaved and hair kept neat. Join the marines buddy. You’ll be a better man after. And just maybe not be so uptight about how U look. Dress for the women guy ! Get a nice big white properly trimmed beard like Almighty Bruce. You’ll feel better ! Nuff said …..

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    Ot seems like this guy’s deity has his priorities out of line. This diet is more concerned about skinny jeans and bags than he is about protecting people from sexual abuse, deadly diseases, or natural disasters. Maybe this deity is just a bitter failed fashionista.

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    MJ Lisbeth

    I am not, nor have I ever been, a “sissy man.”

    Pastor Hall, if your God hates the “sin” of ” men putting off a feminine vibe or women putting off a masculine one,” what was he thinking when he allowed me, a female, to be born in a male body?

    I know this much: It takes balls to be a woman!

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    I, for one, should not shed a single tear if the word “effeminate” were eliminated from the English lexicon. It implies, ” feminine, which is a bad thing” but classically there is no analogous word “masculine, which is a bad thing.” Because there is no robust agreement amongst individuals as to what behaviors exactly would classify as “effeminate,” trying to even nail that down becomes a subjectivist goat rodeo.

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    dale M

    I don’t get this guy’s “prissy thing” … He’s not trained to go to Hell …. like War, where one can get limbs torn off, psychologically rattled, see some pretty awful soul crushing things. Explosions everywhere! No. This little Prissy wants to go to heaven where the lions lay down with the lambs (because they’ve been detoothed, declawed). Then he gets to wear a nice clean white dress … uh … robe, sparkles in his hair, angel wings like elementary school children putting on a manger play or something. Oh … lets not forget that harp he’ll be playing in his nice coiffured hair and long flowing dress. Its safe there. Let the real men play where it isn’t safe …. where life is a constant challenge in its continual attempt to crush your soul.But this isn’t what makes a man a “prissy”. I don’t mind wearing a long robe AND listening to a professional play a harp. No. no. That’s not it at all. In time of War, this is the type of guy that is an armchair general, like Trump, disparaging veterans who go through hell. He would abandon his loved ones and his country on a whim. This is a true prissy. Just ask him straight out. When the RAPTURE comes, will he abandon his country and join that alien force in the sky who promises complete destruction to all those who would protect today’s America? Would he fight for America or join the enemy? He belongs to a fifth column, ready to be activated to kill Americas freedoms. He would join the enemy because the enemy offers him a “prissy” heaven with all its ‘prissy’ rewards. Every traitor has swallowed that line. He’s no different from the rest of Trump’s prissies. Let the women teach him about what it is to stand up and be a man. He’s long overdue.

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    Green Eagle

    There is nothing more “effeminate” than making your living blabbing about religion and conning suckers out of their money. I wonder if this guy preaches in “a good pair of boots.”

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    John Arthur

    Hi Bruce,

    Anyone attending this hater of guy’s church should flee from all this hate. Hate never heals broken relationships. Hate never ennobles, uplifts or inspires others to be generous, strong, kind or compassionate. This gay basher is a disgrace to Jesus who is said to have told his disciples : Love your enemies. Be kind and compassionate to others, even to those you regard as ungrateful and wicked (Luke ch.6). But bashers of so-called effeminate men and gays cherry pick other bible passages so they can hate. They create a god in their own likeness.

    This bible basher unfortunately is conning his congregation with his hate, but there are, unfortunately, suckers in every religion who seem to love this sort of thing and tithe their money every Sunday so that guys like this guy can become wealthy. Their god is a tyrant, not a loving person. May love and kindness see the end of evangelical religion which is so often a religion of hate!

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    Hello there and I just want you to remember the first words that you heard when I lead you through the eye of the needle.

    Rest of bizarre comment with sexual innuendo deleted.

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