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No New Posts Until After April 1

I am taking a break from writing. I will continue to approve comments. I plan to resume writing sometime after April 1.




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    Yulya Sevelova

    Well, Bruce, I’m glad you’re going to take a break and try for some rest. It’s something I can use too. You know we’ll be waiting with anticipation for April to get here. Until then, it’s going to feel rather weird, until you’re up to posting again. I haven’t had the chanc to mention MRI scans, and the reactions to the eyes used for contrast imaging, not ev n knowing about the chemicals until today. Caladium and another one beginning with G. The Galadium I’d toxic, but most are not asked if the want the eyes injected for the tests, and though I’d think an allergy test should be done first, most doctors just race ahead because of cost effectiveness. I was reading about Chuck Norris almost losing his wife this way. Crippling symptoms occurred to her brain and body, so for all of us, buyer beware. I’m going to check the names of these eyes to make sure I’m spelling correctly. I’ll post them below. So, take care,and we look forward to you posting next month. Peace out, Y.S.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Gadavist and Gadolinium are the two main contrast eyes for Mark’s and Mara’s, and some who had severe reactions to the above chemicals say the body struggles to detoxify itself,and weak kidneys will be terribly stressed. And these substances can deposit into organs and bones, the brain, so at least get tested for sensitivity,allergic reactions, before proceeding with that,if possible. Other types of dye could have some Gadolinium added,so ask about it. I found all this in the video s under ” Chuck Norris Retired” on Google,You Tube interviews popped up. The comments from those who had bad reactions were quite the wake- up call,very educational.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Sorry for the typos in the above posting for MRI and MRA scans that came out as Mark and Mara ! The phone autotext again !

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    Also “contrast eyes”. I had the fleeting mental image of those cats you sometimes see with irises of two different colors. (If I ever get cats with eyes like that I shall have to remember to name them Mark and Mara.)

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Have a rest, yes… Good idea… As Spring bears down on us, the gardens loom up and demand, demand! I wander the periphery and mumble at last year’s detritus: Get thee behind me!
    Coincidently, I have to drive six hours east to help out at a Red Cross site for a couple of weeks and will be driving back on April 1st.
    I take the blog with me on my travels though and so will be checking things out from near Alberta.
    As you shift into resting (you are going to rest?), let me thank-you for the Publican Heathen writings. It so helps when the details are offered. You must sometimes be impressed by how your Great Commission allowed and encouraged you to tangle with other pulpiteers, all actively begging to discover more ways to harm self and others… I mean, help of course! I know I am humbled most by my own shallow battles like this: I see how important is to know that truth is not strict obedience to the one and only but exists as a ‘proof’ only valid as long as I can test it to be so. I regret being a dummy, regret praying to be made more and more of a dumb-down.
    Reading your life experiences here helps me, Bruce, so thank-you again for encouraging my humanity without belief! Jolly R&R!

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