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Losing Patience with Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask Americans

What follows is a short video by atheist Seth Andrews. After watching it, I told my wife, “I approve this message.”

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    Many articles on so-called “vaccine-hesitancy” mention white evangelical Christians as a major constituency of vaccine refusal. I guess the idea is that any science must be denied, since otherwise dinosaurs would have to exit the ark. Here’s a representative quote from a US News & World Report article:

    In the ensuing months, inoculation numbers have climbed significantly – with a few persistent outliers: among them, white evangelical Christians, whose vaccination refusal rates have remained high even as similar figures for other groups have fluctuated or decreased. The difference underscores how religion has emerged as a key fissure between those who will get the shot and those who refuse.

    The irony of course is that this very adversity exposes, as usual, the poor philosophical and empirical footing of a “literalist” biblical worldview. How this undermines any so-called witness. Such a tiny, tiny god, unwilling to let people live through a vaccine. Very sad. Avoid.

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    One of the characters mentioned in the Seth Andrews video used to visit Ralph Wingate JR.’s church in Normal Illinois every few years. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. would give lectures on bible prophecy while at Calvary Baptist Church in Normal, Illinois. Jimmy DeYoung might have started giving talks there beginning in the early 2000’s and the last time he was there was in 2012. I noticed that after Ralph Wingate JR. stopped being pastor there that Mr. DeYoung never made another appearance at that particular church. This Jimmy DeYoung would travel throughout the United States giving lectures on Bible prophecy. He did not confine his speaking circuit to churches with the Baptist label. He once gave some lectures at an Independent fundamental church of America congregation in Eureka Illinois. the place was Liberty Bible Church and that took place in March of 2019. At least in Mr. DeYoung’s case he managed to live until the age of 80, which was a lot older than some of the other characters mentioned in Seth Andrews video. At least two of the people mentioned in the video died before the age of 50, and none of the rest of them lived to see their 70th birthday.

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    This man used to give interviews on the Prophecy Today radio program that Jimmy DeYoung sr. broadcasted on the weekends, This David James was affiliated with the Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake New York. I have never been to that place but I believe it is located in the Adirondack mountain region of New York State. . David James had been a missionary in Hungary and he would travel to other nations for missionary work. He died at the age of 63 and I believe that the cause of death was coronavirus.

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