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Dr. David Tee’s Response to McKinnon Mitchell’s Documentary on Kent Hovind

dr david tee

McKinnon Mitchell is working on a documentary about young-earth creationist and convicted felon Kent Hovind. Hovind attended Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan in the 1970s, as did my wife and I. Hovind attended a couple of years before we did. As best I can tell, Hovind was at Midwestern the same time Polly’s father was (1972-76).

McKinnon contacted me looking for information about Midwestern, Emmanuel Baptist Church (the church students were required to attend), and the college’s president and the church’s pastor, Tom Malone. I was more than happy to talk with McKinnon about these things. What follows are two videos: one of my full interview with McKinnon and the other of my interview edited for use in part one of the documentary. I thought readers would be interested in seeing and hearing these videos.

Video Link

Video Link

Fake Dr. David Tee, aka David Thiessen, TheologyArcheology, TEWSNBN, wasted no time in condemning McKinnon’s documentary.

Tee wrote:

If you do not know the name, Kent Hovind goes by the moniker Dr. Dino and he is an IBF member and someone who has preached against evolution for many years. He did do a 10 year stretch in prison for tax issues but that is over and done with.

The other day we went looking at BG’s website and came across this post-My Recent Interview with McKinnon Mitchell and the post contains a documentary that Mr. Mitchell is putting together to attack Mr. Hovind.

We will thank BG for letting our two posts stand untouched (we haven’t checked recently) and what we said in those comments still stands. We did wonder why Mr. Mitchell asked to interview BG for this documentary. We had to do some internet searching and found out the answer why.

Mr. Mitchell is as big an unbeliever as BG is. Mystery solved. Even though we are not fans of kent Hovind, we did not like what was being said in the documentary. Even though Mr. Mitchell said the documentary was not about an ad hominem attack, etc., on Mr. Hovind, the documentary was everything he said it wasn’t.

But those were not the biggest issues we had with this film. One of the things that bothered us was the accusation that Mr. Hovind plagiarized and parroted the words of other Christian speakers.

But those accusations only show how little the atheist knows about the truth and Christians. Once a Christian learns the truth, he or she is going to say the exact same thing as every other believer who has the truth and speaks out or writes about it.

It is not plagiarism or parroting. it is passing on what one has learned to be the truth to others. You are not going to be original because believers cannot speak anything but the truth. The Bible tells us that the unbelieving world can do nothing against the truth.

The only way for the unbeliever to attack the Christian is to create fictitious arguments and accusations. The unbeliever creates different strawman arguments against what a believer says or writes, then proceeds to attack their strawman argument even though it is far from reality and the truth.

This is what is happening in that documentary. While we do not really care for Mr. Hovind’s style of ministry and his weak content, we do not think he deserves this type of treatment.

Mr. Mitchell states in the documentary that he is trying to be a voice for Mr. Hovind’s victims but what can a film do that the law has not already done or can do if Mr. Hovind actually did something illegal.

Who is Mr. Mitchell that he needs to do anything to Mr. Hovind on his own or other people’s behalf? This is only part one of a multi-part series and we probably will watch the other parts to see what Mr. Mitchell has to say. I doubt that we will be impressed just as we were unimpressed with his website.

He had no about page, 3 posts, and not much else on it. We can only surmise that he is using this documentary to advance his career and harm someone who has done nothing to him. We have known about Mr. Hovind since about 2004 or 5 when we briefly studied at an IBF seminary and took his creation seminar as a credited course.

That did not end well for us [I wonder why? Enlighten us.] but that is water under the bridge. While we liked some of the content of that seminar but mostly we learned over the years that there are better sources for that issue [yes, me]. Yes, we are being very polite on this topic and we will leave it at that.

With that said, Mr. Hovind does not deserve to be treated in this manner. We already know that the filmmaker is not being honest and his anti-God bias shines through which proves our point. Objectivity is missing as well and so far there is no attempt to present Mr. Hovind’s side. [Yet, you provide no evidence for your claims.]

That may be because Mr. Hovind and his friends will not talk to Mr. Mitchell. You can watch the video on YouTube if you want and hopefully, the next parts will show up soon. We would like to hear what Mr; Mitchell has to say so we can talk intelligently on his point of view on Mr. Hovind.

Tee is obsessed, it seems, with defending rapists, child molesters, abusers, and other Evangelical miscreants. Why is that? Why does he always defend victimizers, but never victims?

McKinnon doesn’t need me to defend him. He’s more than capable of standing his own ground. McKinnon left the following comments on Tee’s posts:

Comment One

Well, hey, I’m always here to talk if you’d like 😉

You can email me at to set up an conversation.

You made a few claims that I think are very unfair, especially in regards to your assumption of my anti-god bias (which is very untrue) but I am perfectly willing to discuss this with you.

Have a good day!

Comment Two

Well, you publicly made accusations, so it only seems fair to publicly discuss this together (perhaps in a zoom discussion?)

I can send you a list of the issues (though it’s not a long list, this was a short article of course), but I’d like to at least ensure you’re criticizing me accurately. Also, just to be clear, I’m not mad, or being hostile towards you, if you’re not comfortable with a zoom discussion, I completely understand, but I genuinely just think you got the wrong idea about me, and the project is all.

In classic Fake Dr. Tee fashion, Tee responded:

I do not know why you have a problem with being publically outed. You did the same thing to Kent Hovind and did not, so far, give him the opportunity to refute your charges. Even if he refused, you still went ahead with your allegations without real evidence fueled by your biased point of view.

What I will do, is ask you to make a list, present your defense and I will post it unedited. Then I will respond. Keep in mind that when I used the bias, I took that from the very words you used. Those words exposed your unobjective attitude.

I do not have a wrong idea about you. You left the faith and do not have the truth.

McKinnon is unfamiliar with Tee and his nefarious tactics. I’ve been dealing with the man for several years now, so much so that I am now Dr. Bruce Gerencser, having a doctorate in Teeology. 🙂 Tee believes that once a person deconverts they no longer have anything of value to say. Evidently, knowledge learned immediately disappears the moment you tell Jesus to take a hike. This is why Tee specializes in character assassination and attacking motives. He rarely, if ever, responds to content. Instead, of interacting with the message, he goes after the messenger. In Tee’s world, unbelievers have nothing of value to offer the human race. Everything must be filtered through the inspired, inerrant, infallible Protestant Christian Bible for it to be correct and have meaning. Tee’s mind is enslaved to the Bible. Unable to see things as they are, he lashes out at anyone who doesn’t align with his peculiar view of the world.

Tee will never appear on video. He wants to control the narrative, so he will never agree to an open discussion about Hovind or anything else for that matter.

I apologized to McKinnon for putting him on Tee’s radar. Hopefully, Tee will quickly lose interest in McKinnon and return to his obsession with my bowel movements. Yuck, David, mind your own shit.


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar
    Dr. David Tee

    [I wonder why? Enlighten us.]

    I asked questions. The response i got was ‘ we are busy answering 500 phone calls a day and establishing seminaries in different cities, etc. etc., we do not have time for your questions

    To which I replied “if you are answering 500 phone calls a day you do not have any time left to run or establish anything (paraphrased at the end). After that comment I was booted out.

    You should have seen one of the textbooks. The author complained that he was criticized on another book he wrote for having too few references and footnotes. So in the work I had to read, he put a footnote almost every phrase.

    I sent the book to a Baptist friend of mine who said that something evil was behind that work.

  2. Avatar

    Wow, I absolutely love the balancing act that plays out in tewsnbn’s original post. Lets not say anything bad about Hovind, while also not really saying anything good either (there isn’t anything good to say about Hovind except for how he is creating more nones through his hypocrisy) while also painting unbelievers as terrible people. Now how many of the regular commenters have had 3 wives and abused them or gone to jail for tax fraud? Hovind is indefensible and tewsnbn trying to defend him speaks volumes more about him than anything else. Hovind has not done anything to prove he should be trusted and his continues to be nothing more than a grifter who makes money off of the sheeple who visit his “ministry” in alabama.

  3. Avatar

    Drew McCoy, Genetically Modified Skeptic, did a superb takedown of Hovind on his YouTube channel

    Hovind comes over as a pompous and ignorant jackass who demeans himself every time he opens his mouth, whilst Drew is politeness sand restraint personified.

  4. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Anyone who defends rapists, child molesters, bigots or anyone else who hates or exploits others more vulnerable than him- or her-self is not worthy of my, or anyone else’s, brain cells. I say that whatever else the defender professes to believe, or not believe.

    • Avatar

      Well, MJ, male-female sex relationships are what matters to them. So what’s a little non-consensual or statutory rape, as long as there is a cisgender male with a dick? Although we know many of them are watching porn with women having sex with women. My theory is that men see that and think if they get to insert (ahem!) themselves into the picture it’s a win-win, they get 2 women, and 2 women get their precious masculinity. Ugh.

  5. Avatar
    Ben Berwick

    It’s interesting that so much of David’s responses are double-speak and filled with attempts to needle his opponent, considering how polite he claims to be. Style-over-substance much?

  6. Avatar

    Best comment on the video: “The interview with Santa Claus had what to do with Kent Hovind?” Ha ha ha.

    Dr Tee’s defense reminds me of when a Shia Muslim still defends a Shiite Muslim.

    I’d put in my 2 cents (and I haven’t seen the full video yet) is that Hovind is also interesting because he is a true believer. His family understands the grift, but Hovind would rather go to prison rather than pay his employee’s social security contribution and file the form to be a church.

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