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I Will Be Speaking for the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie on Tuesday

I will be speaking at the monthly meeting of the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie this coming Tuesday, April 19, at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Sanger Branch of the Toledo Public Library (near Central and Secor).

If you live in the Toledo area, I hope you will attend the meeting.


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    Revival Fires, dead people can’t save anyone. Furthermore, I do not consent to anyone dying in my place, especially not for the non-crime of simply being human and doing normal human things.

    Finally, if Jesus had actually been resurrected, it would negate the sacrifice (and thereby negate salvation as well). Real sacrifices have the good manners to stay dead.

    May the “gospel of Jesus Christ” create a hundred times more doubt than joy in your life, until your beliefs are just a fading and vaguely distasteful memory.

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    Bruce Gerencser

    Over the past twelve months how many times have you personally verbalized the gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners? How many sinners have you personally won to saving faith in Jesus Christ? How many new converts have you personally and regularly discipled? What meaningful difference have you made in the lives of saints and sinners? What would your fellow church members say about you? What would your spouse/children say? Do they know about your behavior on the Internet? If you had a Chick tract, “This Was Your Life” exposure for all the world to see, what would we learn about you? What secret sins are you hiding?

    Or are you just a troll, someone who gets off on shitting in the the comment section of this blog?

    My money is on the latter.

    Your behavior brings reproach to the name of Christ. It also causes unbelievers to think unkindly of your religion. I seriously doubt you have ever won one person to Jesus through your actions on blogs like this one. I suspect you are a sociopath who gets off on offending non-Christians. You have a martyrs complex, that when atheists negatively respond to you, this feeds into a need to view yourself as a martyr for Jesus.

    You say you are a Bible believer, someone who follows its teachings. Yet, you are in direct disobedience to numerous commands. Based on your behavior, it’s clear to me that you are not a Christian. “By their fruits you shall know them,” and you, Revival Fires, are a rotting pile of fruit, giving off a putrid, vile stench.

    I’ve concluded that all you really care about is yourself. You are a blaring trumpet and crashing cymbals, a whited sepulcher, just another Pharisee, whom Jesus loudly condemned.

    Christians are supposed emulate Jesus before the world. In thought, word, and deed, their lives should be Christ-like. You, Revival Fires, are anything but.

    I call on you to repent of your vile, wicked behavior. We will know that you have repented when you make a public apology to me and the readers of this blog. What you do next will tell us all we need to do about you.

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Bruce Gerencser