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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Uvalde School Shooting All Part of God’s Perfect Plan

uvalde shooting
Cartoon by Nick Anderson

If I lost one of my children I’d be pretty devastated, especially in a way that is so senseless and seemingly has no purpose. I think … I would just have to say, if I had the opportunity to talk to the people I’d have to say, look, there’s always a plan. I believe God always has a plan. Life is short no matter what it is. And certainly, we’re not going to make sense of, you know, a young child being shot and killed way before their life expectancy.

They’re not following murder laws, they’re not gonna follow gun laws. So this idea that somehow if you ban guns from law-abiding citizens, somehow these people that kill people, they’re gonna follow the gun law, but they won’t follow the murder laws, is somewhat ridiculous.

— Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, The Houston Chronicle, ‘Life is short’: Ken Paxton faces backlash for suggesting Uvalde massacre was part of God’s plan, June 16, 2022

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    Mmhmm. Then why have any laws at all?

    Texas can pass anti trans hate laws, against people who are harming no one, and just living their lives, but they all turn their backs and whistle loudly, staring at the sky, doing nothing to protect the innocent kids they claim to care about.

    Texas has become a Christian taliban state and the people there are staying silent while their government officials strive to become the most racist, anti LGBTQ, white washed, and bigoted state in the nation.

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        I think this ended up on the wrong comment?

        The name Robin Self made me thing of robbing self, as in one is robbing themselves with these narrow minded self righteous beliefs

        • Avatar

          If there really was a god and his plan involved the slaughter of 19 grade school children then fuck him and anyone who stood up for his plan

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            Dave-Exactly! I can attest, as a Texan, that I am embarrassed by my idiot government of this state. They do not represent me or my beliefs and I can tell you, Ken Paxton is a looney, much like our Governor, Greg Abbott.

            Texas is the wild, wild west with fundemental twists and turns and lots of bigotry, mysogeny, racism and everything in between.

            Not all of us like how things have turned. Not all of us agree and keep silent about the state of affairs, but those of us who are outspoken are sorely outnumbered and ostrasized.

            I can’t wait to get out of this state before it implodes, so please don’t hate the Texan leaving the Texas Taliban. One day, I will be searching for my tribe because it sure ain’t here.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Look, if God has a plan, then so the does the bullet have a plan. Guns are just that simple fact! The bullet has a plan. The automatic weapon has a plan and fearful men loading their mags have a plan. Lots of plans. The young will express their pain, will expose the environment in which they suffer, just as the human body will continue to bring each of the issues that are our own peculiar need. But the idea that we should just say, oh shucks, God has a plan, is kinda emotionally and intellectually shallow. Hey Texas, look around…. you can do better.

  3. Avatar

    Translation: “NRA money to fund my political career is more important than keeping little children alive. You know, it’s God’s will that I get re-elected, and God’s will that little children at school get murdered.”

  4. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Obstacle–That’s the thing about right-wing autocrats. They all conflate their ambitions and desires with God’s will, or with supernatural fate of some sort. And they see anyone who’s harmed by it as collateral damage or, er, “the price we have to pay for freedom.”

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Bruce Gerencser