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One Million Moms Wages War Against LGBTQ People

christians attack lgbt people

One Million Moms is a ministry of the American Family Association. OMM is virulently anti-LGBTQ. What follows is a list of their recent boycott campaigns.

North Face

The North Face is currently using a drag queen to help push its gay pride clothing line. This line includes a couple of items for children, and these pieces furtively advocate for the LGBTQ lifestyle. The North Face ad begins, ”Hi, it’s me, Pattie Gonia, a real-life homosexual. I’m here with The North Face.”

But that’s just the beginning! The North Face’s new rainbow-themed clothes and accessories, including a rainbow jacket and a blanket for children, are part of its gay pride collection and marketing campaign. And this particular ad features a drag queen spokesperson actually saying, “COME OUT,” as a double entendre. He continues in a high, screeching voice, “We are here to invite you to COME OUT … in nature with us!”

The advertisement includes an invitation to their summer tour called “Summer of Pride,” held in select cities: “This tour has everything. There will be hiking, community, art, lesbians, and lesbians making art! Last year, we gay sashayed across the nation and celebrated pride with hundreds of you.”

The ad also features the male spokesman in full drag, wearing a rainbow mini-dress, matching rainbow leg warmers, heels, a wig, a rainbow headband, makeup, eyelash extensions, and huge hoop earrings. Nothing about this get-up promotes the great outdoors. The commercial ends with him stating, “That’s pretty gay!”


People across the nation are outraged over the Adidas Pride 2023 collection, particularly after the company chose a biological male to model a woman’s one-piece swimsuit. The ad shows a hairy chest and crotch bulge to get the campaign’s point across.

Adidas is also taking heat because it is extremely offensive to women for the company to pay a biological male to model a woman’s swimsuit. In truth, Adidas is pushing an agenda of sexual confusion instead of just selling athletic clothing and swimwear.

The brand’s Pride campaign has been promoted by British Olympic diver Tom Daley, but he is not seen wearing the woman’s swimsuit.

As part of the Adidas campaign, Daley has written a “Love Letter to Sport” that said, in part, “No matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, whatever it is. Every single athlete should be free to love you while loving whoever they want; and most importantly, being true to whoever they are.”

This unnatural behavior is portrayed as a normal occurrence as Adidas embraces the LGBTQ community and glorifies the transgender lifestyle in its most recent ad.

But 1MM finds it extremely dangerous to share lies and deceit while propagating what God calls an abomination, camouflaged as kindness, love, and inclusivity. Yes, we are instructed to love one another, but we must also hold others accountable and speak out against sin.


The Target boycott continues!

Target is currently selling gay pride clothing and accessories for infants and children, specifically transgender and gender-neutral items, furtively advocating for the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Target’s rainbow-themed T-shirts for children and onesies for babies are part of its gay pride marketing campaign.

The children’s T-shirt imprints include logos such as “It Takes All Kinds” and “Always Proud.” The infant items include “Bien Proud” designs, along with other rainbow skirts and accessories for children, preschool age and younger.

Please sign our petition and let Target know their decision to engage in corporate promotion and financial support of homosexuality is a bad idea, especially considering the number of mothers currently shopping for graduation gifts, college essentials, summer merchandise, and upcoming vacation items.


Maybelline is facing serious backlash due to its paid partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. The trans social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney is known for pushing his sinful lifestyle onto impressionable teens who see the influencer glamorize his lifestyle on TikTok. During one TikTok video, he applies several Maybelline products to play up his gender-dysphoric identity as a trans woman.

Maybelline paying Dylan to model its makeup has sparked outrage with conservative consumers. Maybelline is also taking heat because this is extremely offensive to women to pay a biological male to model its makeup brand in its recent ad. In truth, Maybelline is pushing an agenda of sexual confusion instead of just selling makeup.

This perverted behavior is portrayed as a normal occurrence as Maybelline embraces the LGBTQ community by glorifying the transgender lifestyle in its most recent partnership.

But 1MM finds it extremely dangerous to share lies and deceit while propagating what God calls an abomination, camouflaged as kindness, love, and inclusivity. Yes, we are instructed to love one another, but we must also hold others accountable and speak out against sin.

M A C Cosmetics

Parents should be aware that M·A·C· Cosmetics has a dedicated VIVA GLAM line that financially supports the LGBTQ lifestyle. M·A·C· uses transgenders, drag queens, and particularly, trans social media influencers to push this lifestyle onto impressionable teens who see the influencers glamorize their lifestyle. In truth, M·A·C· is pushing an agenda of sexual confusion instead of just selling makeup.

This perverted behavior is portrayed as a normal occurrence as M·A·C· embraces the LGBTQ community by glorifying the transgender and drag lifestyle even though it is an unhealthy lifestyle. M·A·C· camouflages their agenda as good by calling themselves Mactivists.

The official M·A·C· Cosmetics website states: “27 years of giving a glam! Since 1994, M·A·C VIVA GLAM has raised OVER $500,000,000 globally – and counting! – to support healthy futures and equal rights for all. That’s over 9,713 grants given to 1,818 organizations in 92 countries. And over 19,000,000 lives changed around the world.”

Yes, M·A·C· has donated 100% of the VIVA GLAM lipstick selling price of $19 each to help the LGBTQ community and people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Ironically, M·A·C· claims to support healthy futures when it is proven the LGBTQ lifestyle is unhealthy.

The M·A·C· website also brags, “Our founding credo – All Ages, All Races, All Genders – remains more integral to who we are now than ever before, as we fight for the rights and freedoms of all our friends and fans around the world.”

M·A·C·’s website clearly celebrates pride all year long, and the cosmetic retailer is proud to celebrate what they call beauty without gender boundaries.

But 1MM finds it extremely dangerous to share lies and deceit while propagating what God calls an abomination, camouflaged as kindness, love, and inclusivity. Yes, we are instructed to love one another, but we must also hold others accountable and speak out against sin.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    This makes me want to adorn myself head to toe in rainbow attire! 🌈 😁

    1MM, you can’t pretend that LGBTQ people don’t exist. They’re everywhere, even people you may know. Sure, some people you know may not feel comfortable being themselves around you bigots, but they’re there.

  2. Avatar

    I wonder is any of there people are aware that cis gender men, even straight men, wear makeup? Since when did makeup become the exclusive product of women, and at what point did it become “extremely offensive”? They better let those pretty boys behind the pulpits on your fancy video church shows know this is something god hates.

    I doubt the cosmetic companies care what this group thinks. They know that some Christian women are told makeup is the spawn of Satan. I don’t recall many advertisements targeting good Christian women. They clearly know who wears makeup and helps drive their sales.

    North Face has done the right thing by saying they support all people and all people use the outdoors. They will not bow to hateful fear-mongering religious idiots. Good for them. They truly support LGBTQIA+ people.

    Target truly turned their back on the entire LGBTQIA+ community and clearly told this LGBTQIA+ employees that they prefer to drop or hide anything pertaining to them. They claim it is for safety and security. Instead of standing up with their employees, particularly their LGBTQIA+ employees, and telling these hateful troglodytes that they will not be tolerated, and will be banned from stores and prosecuted fully, they back down, tail between their legs, and order their employees to remove products or hide them in the back of the store. What message should we take from this?

    What will Target do if these asshats now get angry if a non binary person like myself is accosted for shopping in the wrong department, or just existing in a store? Does that mean I should be sent to the back of the store or kicked out? What will they do,when these fascist drones confront or object to LGBTQIA+ employees? Do they get fired?

    Woe unto any brain cell starved zealot who dares confront me in a store, or confront any LGBTQIA+ employee in my presence. It will not go the way they anticipate.😈🤬🔥

    I have spoken to leaders in my company, asking them how they plan to support their LGBTQIA+ employees and family members in a world where employees in many states are seeing health care removed by law, and families forced to make hard decisions. Leaders need to be made aware of these issues and held accountable for making plans to deal with problems that may occur in their facilities and be ready if these haters come to their doorstep. They claim to support and have made their support clear. I plan to continue dialogue to make sure they are aware of challenges we face and push them to show true support.

    The best way to deal with this is to exist so others see us. If you are an ally, support your friends so they can exist and be seen, being active in your own small world and those you encounter is the only way to end this bigotry


  3. Avatar
    MJ LIsbeth

    Whenever I see “Family,” “Moms” or “Dads” in an organization’s name, I expect its emissions to be laden with Christian hate, I mean love, for the sinner, I mean, anyone whom they don’t approve.

    Good on North Face, Maybelline, Target and all of the other companies who recognize it. The North Face campaign is especially gratifying to me because when I was starting my gender affirmation process, I wondered whether I could continue cycling, hiking or enjoying other outdoor activities I love. Thankfully, they have become more diverse.

    Also, as Sage points out, “good Christian women” don’t wear makeup and most Evangelicals (at least the older ones) don’t engage in outdoor sports. Some might’ve shopped at Target, but they’re not a “growth market” for the retailer. On the other hand, I would say the LGBTQ population skews younger just because more young people feel free to “come out” at an earlier age than people in my generation could.

    • Avatar

      MJ, you’re right, it’s hard for transwomen who are active to know what to wear or where to get good gear. There’s so much more available now than there was 10-15 years ago! So many good brands of sports bras, leggings, shorts, that are comfortable, durable, stylish, and functional. I am very picky about my athletic gear!

  4. Avatar
    Ministry leader

    It is pretty obvious why Bruce walked away from Jesus! Closeted 😭🤮 as much support this demonic deception is getting.

    • Avatar

      Ok, ok, ok. I admit it. We used the agenda to rip Bruce from you gods grasp and drag him away from Christianity. Your god just wasn’t powerful enough to keep him away from us. And I, Sage, am attempting to fulfill my god given role as an abomination to take Bruce as deeply as I can.

      My ultimate goal for Bruce, which will trap him forever, involves a stripper pole and Santa. You wonder who will be dancing and who will be watching?? Hmmm 🤔, I suppose that could go either way and I would be happy. But you can feel free to build that fantasy however your like.

      🙄😇🥰😏🌈🌈. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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Bruce Gerencser