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Dr. David Tee Goes on a Rant About Transgender Women — Part One

david thiessen
David Thiessen is the tall man in the back

Over the weekend, Fundamentalist preacher Dr. David Tee, whose real name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen, unleashed a rant about transgender women. I will leave it to readers to respond to his homophobic rant.

Here’s what Thiessen had to say in a post titled Let’s Cut the Bull [I can’t believe Thiessen cursed] :

Why are feminists, who fought for equal rights for decades, not saying anything? This is one of the major comments we see when we read the comment section under different articles about transgender activity in women’s athletics and other events.

Maybe like those women whose rights have been trampled by the rush to support mentally ill transgender its [catch that? “its], they are afraid to speak out against a minute minority because of the harmful backlash that occurs.

What has brought us [me] to this point of being so blunt? This article – Transwoman model wins Miss Universe Netherlands in historic moment: ‘I DID IT’

What is this ‘historic moment’ telling everyone else in the world? That the Netherlands beauty pageant officials feel that the prettiest woman in their country is a man disguised as a woman [yes, and Thiessen is an asshole disguised as a Christian].

If we [I] were women [a woman], we [I] would be highly insulted by this decision as well as protesting the win. Yet, we [I] have not read or heard any woman’s group speaking out against this travesty. It is their competition and their prizes that are being taken by this IT and those that support it.

Are these women groups so flabbergasted that they cannot speak? The audacity of this decision to let a man win a woman’s competition deserves more vocal outrage than what we have seen.

This is not a new insult. In the article, it has been recorded as happening in other countries and at least one state in America. Those decisions came a few years ago giving the women’s groups ample opportunity to frame their arguments and build a strong protest against these moves.

Allowing a transgender to compete is NOT loving your neighbor because only 1 neighbor seems to be loved while the many other contestants and all the women of the world are harmed.

If you want to love your transgender neighbor, then get them mental health counseling and refuse to enroll them in different sports and events reserved for real women. [I agree, Derrick. PLEASE get professional help.]

There will be supporters of the transgender crowd that will talk about the rights of the transgendered person. However, the transgendered person already had rights under their biological birth gender.

This is called special rights because it is allowing men to pretend to be women and gives them access to rewards and benefits many real women get access to. This is like the same-sex marriage issue.

People were saying that lesbian and male homosexuals have a right to marry the person they love. They already had that right to marry but the LG part of the LGBTQ community refused to follow the rules and demanded special rights [what special rights? Justice and equal protection under the law is the standard].

No, transgenders do not have the right to participate in women’s athletics or events. They are NOT women. To allow them to participate in such activities or even dress in women’s changing rooms, use women’s bathrooms, etc., is not only special rights but is also wrong.

We cannot afford to allow the unbelieving world to wipe out the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, moral and immorality. The latter they have been doing for decades as well by accepting adultery and pre-marital sex as normal behavior [says a man who has a few secrets in his closet].


This is the excuse and one of the verses many sympathizers to the LGBTQ community use to support these perverted sexual practices. They use a few other verses as well. But they are misapplying and misunderstanding what those verses mean.

Loving your neighbor does not mean you trample the rights and privacy of the majority in favor of the minute minority or other wrongdoers. Loving your neighbor is not allowing perversions to enter the marriage institute, the church, or women’s events. [Derrick, how do transgender women harm you in any way? None that I can think of.]

Loving your neighbor is not affirming, accepting, or supporting that which is wrong. [Jesus said it was, Derrick. Read the Sermon on the Mount.] True loving your neighbor would be to stand firm and not let the boundaries between right and wrong, etc., be wiped out.

It means getting the proper help to the parents of and the actual child who thinks they are not the gender they were born as. Loving your neighbor means stopping people from sinning by their accepting, affirming, supporting, and encouraging sinful behavior. [Who the fuck are you, Derrick, to stop anyone from “sinning?” Mind your own damn business.]

Loving your neighbor does not mean leading people to sin and then calling it good. Loving your neighbor does not allow pretend men and women to expose themselves to those of the gender they pretend to be.

Loving your neighbor means protecting all your neighbors, not a select few who refuse to accept who they are and take great strides to lose themselves in the deception that plagues them.

If you want to help these people, get them to the right therapists [says a man who desperately needs therapy] who will not encourage this deception and seek to cure it. These people do have rights but it is not the rights they think they have. The rights they have belong to their biological gender not the mentally ill perception they have of themselves. [According to Thiessen, transgender are mentally ill.]


Intersex is not an indication that there are more than 2 genders [Yes, it is]. Genesis reminds us that there are only 2 genders when it says that God made them MALE & FEMALE [It also reminds us that there are multiple gods. Checkmate]. No mistakes were made at birth, and no misassignment was done at birth.

It is up to the person to accept who they were born as and fight off the deception used on people to confuse them about their gender. Let’s get this straight as well. DO NOT blame God for this condition or for your assumed gender identity. [God is sovereign, is he not?]

God did NOT create this condition. He may know who was going to be intersex or think that they were assigned the wrong gender at birth. If you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at evil who DID cause this problem. [Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.]

God HAS provided a cure but a lot of the time the cure is lost due to the unbelief of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and other adults or the unbelief of the parents. We cannot fail to mention those Christians who listen to unbelievers on this issue.


Your gender and gender identity are decided from the moment of conception. The DNA inside the fertilized egg creates the baby that is to be born. There is nothing in the reproduction process that manipulates the DNA and changes the gender from a male to a female or vice versa. [Thiessen doesn’t understand the difference between sex and gender.]

Since God does not make mistakes [yet he drowned millions of mistakes in the flood], you were given the gender [sex] at birth you are supposed to be. While humans have free choice [not according to the Bible], that does not mean that their gender choices are free from being sinful and that includes gender identity.

Changing your gender or gender identity is not a biblical choice. It is a failure to accept who you truly are and exposes your rejection of that identity and desire to be something else [says a man who moved from the United States/Canada to South Korea/Philippines to be someone else]. Unfortunately, you cannot change your gender or gender identity [exactly, and that’s why some people are transgender].

You are either a male or a female and the serenity prayer [egads! Extra-Biblical source!] helps you understand what you are to do- accept the things you cannot change. The Bible is there to help you see the truth and help you accept who you are [slave owner and polygamist].


We bring this theory [evolution] into the conversation because it is important to know something about it. If you are honest in your studies of this theory, you will notice one very glaring omission in all the lessons taught about this ‘life development process.’

There is no mechanism or source in the theory of evolution for gender development. There is also no source for corruption to take place if evolution were true. In other words, the existence of intersex, transgender thinking, etc., proves evolution false.

There is no source for corruption, death, illness, and other issues in the theory of evolution. No scientist has identified the origin location for these issues either. In other words, these things should not exist if evolution were true.

If evolution were true, there would be no sin or evil and we would be living with Noah and Moses right now with no fear of dying. An evolutionary scientist may claim that these issues came from animals but where did the animals get it?

There is absolutely no source for these issues in an evolutionary developed world. Evolution does not explain anything about this world. [These five paragraphs are the stupidest things Thiessen has ever written.]


Men, we are charged with looking after women [you might want to ask women if they want looking after] and if the real women of this world are too afraid to speak out [something tells me Thiessen will learn that women are not afraid to respond to his nonsense] against this travesty and violation of their rights, etc., then we must do it for them [thank you, Derrick, for helping these poor, helpless women out].

We must lead the way and build strong arguments, and find real solutions to protect the women we love. We cannot place this ball in their court and have them go it alone. [Oh my, women would be helpless without men.] It is time, especially for Christian men, for men to stand up and do something about this attack on women. [Do what, Derrick? Come on, speak what is really on your mind. Tell us what you really want to do to transgender people. Arrest? Incarceration? Execution? Own your vile beliefs, Derrick. You know the Bible says fornicators, adulterers, and homosexuals should be executed. Oh wait, that means you would be executed too.]


We cannot sit on the sidelines on this issue as they are hurting you if they hurt your wife or your female children [please provide empirical evidence for the claim that transgender women are materially hurting heterosexual women and girls], even in letting fake women ruin women’s athletics and other events. Take the leadership in this so that women do not lose their freedoms, their rights, and their identity. Make sure to lead them in the right way to go. [Yes, put bridles on these fillies and lead them in paths of righteousness. Let me know if you get kicked in the head.]

— end of quote —

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. This should be fun! 🙂

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar
    Karuna Gal

    Bruce, your comments on “Doctor Tee’s” tirade made me laugh out loud. 😄 Thank you for doing this masterly mocking of that popinjay T.

  2. Avatar

    Methink the lady doth protest too much.

    Still, I learnt a lot about evolution from his post. I’m only sorry we’re not living with the genocidal Moses and the Noah who exposed himself to his son. Dr T. missed out Lot, who got drunk and had sex with his daughters. He certainly knew how to take care of the weaker sex. You gotta love those Men of God of old, who’d still be around today if it weren’t for evolution.

  3. Avatar


    He was trying to be humorous, right?

    No?? 🤔🤔

    I admit that I skimmed a lot of this because he does tend to drown on ad nauseam But basically what I got from this was:

    1) Feminists need to stand up and and speak out. But make sure they know their place and don’t try to supersede the masculine men

    2) David hates trans women women. He really hates trans women. He really really hates trans women. But he loves them because of god, but really really really hates them. Curious, no mention of trans men. Or non binary people. Hmmm.

    3) David does not let extreme and obvious ignorance stop him. IHis general process seems to be “I am ignorant of feminist issues. I am ignorant of anything related to trans people. I am ignorant of all of the gospels. I am ignorant about human biology.I am ignorant of simple social constructs in the world. I think I will create a long, mind numbing screed about all of these things after I have studied in google”

    4) If we wish to use we as to refer to ourselves, be sure to keep the singular in our writing. Therefor it would be “if we were a woman”. I know, it’s petty, but I say it in love. 🙄🙄🙄

    5) women need masculine manly men to protect them and guide them and educate them and control them.

    6) David wants to insult by using terms like “it” but seriously, you have to really do better than he did in this post. I mean, for a self professed manly man, that is just pathetic. But what else should we expect from a spineless twaddle brained knuckle dragging Neanderthal who hides in a foreign country because he is afraid to face his alleged issues. Much easier to hide in his closet and lob posts across the internet.

    7) David appears to use the new and improved, highly condensed, New Micro Bible (NMB) which makes christianity easier by removing those pesky, annoying, demanding verses. Especially all of those red words. It emphasizes those verses about how others behaves, and removes any thing that may be personal or hurtful.introspection is hard! Who needs that in a religion??

    8) David hates gay people and same sexual marriage. He hates evolution too. It was important to include a diatribe against both in a diatribe against trans women

    9) God’s golden door is getting a lot of dents from the number of times god bangs their head against the door when god see’s David posting yet again. No one needs Holy Spirit guidance to comprehend that this theology is waaayyyy of the track.

    But no matter, he can rant all he wants.

    Trans people are here. They always have been here. They always will be here. They have existed in all societies, in all years, throughout the existence of humanity. They will exist as long as humans exist.


  4. Avatar

    If Dr T thinks that no feminists are transphobic, then he has never hung out on the Radical Feminist Collective FB page. I had to leave the page because their transphobia. It was sickening.

  5. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    I haven’t used marijuana, cocaine,LSD, ‘shrooms or any other intoxicant besides alcohol since 1986. Turns out, I don’t need such things to see an alternative reality, if you will: I just have to read stuff like Derrick’s post.

    It got really weird (which is saying something when talking about Derrick’s diatribes) for me when, after denying the existence of transgenders and intersex people, he used them to “disprove” evolution.

    I am not an evolutionary biologist, anthropologist or expert on gender development (except my own). That said,’it makes sense to me that evolutionary theory wouldn’t include gender development: It seems that evolutionary theory focuses on the development of species rather than the traits of their members (except insofar as they affect the development of their species).

    Derrick’s posts confirm something I’ve learned: People cling to myths and lies,’or vilify a group of people, when they’re hiding, or hiding from, someone or something. If Derrick and folks like him didn’t have their Bible—or more precisely their interpretations of it—they would be left with nothing more than their own hate. Oh, and if he couldn’t vilify or objectify people like me, and impute sexual crimes to us, he would have to deal honestly with his own sexual (and other kinds of) misconduct.

  6. Avatar
    ... Zoe ~

    MJ Lisbeth: “Derrick’s posts confirm something I’ve learned: People cling to myths and lies,’or vilify a group of people, when they’re hiding, or hiding from, someone or something.”

    Zoe: Agree

  7. Avatar

    calling him a Neanderthal is an insult to those ancient people who survived through the Ice Ages in Europe. According to modern biologists people of European ancestry have a tiny percentage of Neanderthal DNA in their genes. thus he is insulting his own distant ancestors. (they were tough, of necessity. If he was any less tough he’d be a puddle on the floor.)

  8. Avatar
    amy b

    I was briefly in nursing school. One teacher talked about how we need to respect patients’ religious beliefs, then talked about how some doctors who go to other countries to perform cleft palate surgery have to convince parents to let them operate on their children, because the parents believe God that created those children with cleft palates and it would be against God’s will to repair them. When people talk about how there’s no such thing as gender dysphoria and God doesn’t make mistakes, I think about the parents who didn’t want to repair their children’s cleft palates.

  9. Avatar

    From my perspective as someone born with female reproductive organs (I didn’t get an option to choose my reproductive organs) who doesn’t identify with a gender identity (I am just a person), what drives me nuts is how there are people who argue so vociferously FOR a sex and gender binary seemingly so they can treat and characterize the other sex or gender identity as different. I actually don’t want different treatment (except in medical situations where my specific reproductive organs need treatment), but because traditionally those with my reproductive organs have been treated as lesser, that means I do need to have the label of “woman” so that I can say “stop treating me as lesser, you misogynistic jackass”. I feel that I am not able to articulate thos notion very well, but I just want humans to be treated equally, regardless of their organs, their identity, their sexuality, their pigmentation, or any other aspect about them. Period stop. But much of the world seems to operate around dividing humans into categories to treat differently – usually badly – based on characteristics beyond that person’s control.

    So when people like Mr Tee say that I should be outraged that a person who he refers to as “It” won an event that she entered, he is basically saying that I should recognize and accept my “otherness” and work to climb to the top of that “other” group and insist on excluding people from the “other” group. I don’t want that. I want this beauty pageant winner to be happy that she won. I want kids to see her and think, she’s OK, maybe I can be ok too. I just want to be treated as an equal – as a human.

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