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Bruce’s Ten Hot Takes for August 2, 2023

hot takes

Joe Biden got on the phone with his son, Hunter’s, business partners, but didn’t talk “business” with them? Sure, and I have a bridge to sell you.

Many Republicans think the indictments against Trump are political payback. Many Democrats, wink, wink, think the indictments are all about the rule of law.

There’s no doubt that Donald Trump is a mob boss, albeit a cartoonish one. That said, he could murder our republic if he is not stopped.

Am I the only one who is tired of the theatrics on MSNBC: waving indictment papers, showing the ass-end of defendants walking into court, showing largely empty press rooms, and reporters chasing after Trump loyalists, asking them stupid questions? How about reporting the damn news! All I hear on MSNBC is Trump 24/7.

I miss Walter Cronkite — a true news reporter. Thirty minutes of no-nonsense news. Today? Most news programs seem long on opinion and short on factual reporting.

I live in a world of spin; a fast-spinning merry-go-round, from which I’m hanging my head and vomiting. I’m sick of spin.

There seems to be little correlation between the price of oil and the cost of gasoline at the pump.

If Ohio Issue 1 passes next Tuesday, it will put an end to successful voter-driven constitutional amendments and initiatives. This is exactly what Republicans want.

I see you Fall, sneaking up on the upper Midwest. I love ❤️ you, but I sure do hate your deranged sister Winter.

Apple buying the streaming rights to PAC-12 football 🏈 and putting it behind a paywall is a bad idea. What about poorer fans who can’t afford to pay an exorbitant fee to watch games on Saturdays?

Bonus: Strong-handed left-handers face greater adversity and obstacles than right-handers. They are at greater risk for injury and accidents due to being forced to live in a right-handed world.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar
    George J DeVos

    True that Bruce. The media is the driving force behind the division going on. It’s beyond obvious that Trump got enough support to become President thanks to Twitter and TV news that slavishly reported his every tweet and utterance, however utterly bizarre. Of course the more preposterous his utterance, the more it was repeated. I also miss Cronkite. His day was before news became profit driven entertainment. Now it’s politics reported in the same way as team sports.

  2. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Trump’s cartoonishness is exactly the reason why even some who would eventually vote for him didn’t take him seriously in 2015.They didn’t think someone like him could be elected and…guess what?

    I was just listening to “On Point.”’One of the guests was an historian—I didn’t catch her name—who studies authoritarian regimes and has written a book about Mussolini. She discussed the commonalities between “Il Duce,” Hitler, Orbam, Erdogan, Netanyahu and other dictators. She made the case that Trump
    Is following the “playbooks” of these rulers to a tee.

    I hate the great herd of rulers
    But I despise even more
    The genius who takes their side.

    —Friedrich Holderlin

    • Avatar
      John S.

      Hi MJ- I agree with the historian about Trump- he actually reminds me of a cross between Mussolini and Joseph Stalin..he has the cartoonish buffonery (not sure if this is a real word?) of Mussolini but also the “memory” and vindictiveness of Stalin. If he is elected President again he will probably rule in manner similar to both.

  3. Avatar

    I doubt Hunter brought up his business with his father. For the same reason I doubt he brought up the hookers and blow. Parlaying the Biden name to get a paycheck from international players isn’t something Hunter would be proud of. My understanding is the Biden family had an intervention because of Hunter’s drug problems. There was a lot of shit he wasn’t telling daddy.

    I agree about Walter, really the first news guy I remember. My 4th grade teacher encouraged us to watch the news and we talked about the news. In hindsight though, I think it is a TAD arrogant to finish your broadcast with “That’s the way it is.” But back then we all believed it.

    • Avatar

      I admit to using FIFA Women’s World Cup coverage as an excuse not to keep abreast of what the prattling idiots on Fox or the arrogant pontificating hosts on MSNBC are feeding to their audiences each day. My mental health is better watching World class athletes battling it out on the pitch.

      People have been benefiting from their family’s connections since the proverbial Hector was a pup. Hunter Biden is no different.

      Trump is definitely following the authoritarian playbook, as is DeSantis. I will look for that podcast MJ mentioned as this is up my alley….

      • Avatar

        The “dog that doesn’t bark” here is why are we hearing about Hunter Biden? Republicans have a slim majority in the House, and they are going on a fishing expedition to insinuate that there is a “Biden Crime family” As Kentucky Rep James Comer puts it, “where thars smoke thars fire!” It’s part misdirection from Trump’s vile criminal behavior and part get Biden! MAGA heads don’t get it, they act all smart and self assured when a Hunter Biden story comes out every time a Trump indictment is announced. Look they’re distracting from Hunter Biden! Hyuk! Hyuk! Just maybe it’s the opposite? Or maybe they’re always talking about Hunter Biden so it was a certainty.
        I’d like to tell Kentucky Rep James Comer that in Michigan if we want to insult a city for being backwards and redneck we take the city name and add “tucky” to it (Taylortucky for example). (I’m looking at Rand Paul as well)

        • Avatar
          MJ Lisbeth

          Troy—I forget who said that Kentucky is the only place in the world that acts as if it lost a war that it won. While you can see as many Confederate flags in the Bluegrass State as you’ll find in Alabama, Mississippi or Florida outside of Miami and Orlando, and many Kentuckians fought for the Confederacy, five times as many—including thousands of former slaves—fought for the Union, I’m with which Kentucky aligned itself.

  4. Avatar

    Am I the only one who is tired of the theatrics on MSNBC:… No, not the only one Bruce. Sure, I enjoy the occasional informative opinion show (Joy Reed, Chris Hayes) but increasingly, if I want actual world news, I open the al jazeera english app on my phone and read.

  5. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Bob—I don’t even have a TV anymore. NPR is better than other news sources. But, like you, I rely on al-Jazeera (online) and the BBC, which cover US politics (not to mention the rest of the world) more incisively than most American outlets. I also read the Guardian and Le Monde (which has the added benefit of helping me keep up my French).

  6. Avatar

    I like Matt Taibbi, Glen Greenwald, sometimes I watch Democracy Now, and Al-Jazeera

    Corporate news lies by omission. There’s a lot going on in the world, but the big cable news channels only harp on the same one or two stories all day long and ignore everything else.

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